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For the last 3 years, I have been being tortured and harassed with microwave frequencies by the Canadian government. I am not the only one who is being targeted. Many Canadians are being targeted, including women and their children. They also target my family members. They are zapping my three year old niece, a little white girl. She keeps saying “who’s tuning me”? This is what they are going to use to control all of you, it’s mind control through frequencies. These people need to be stopped. They are worse than the Communists. Using frequencies for mind control, torture, and murder. These buildings that they are working out of need to be destroyed. They need to be burned to the ground. All of the people working inside those buildings are criminals and the enemies or freedom and the Canadian people. Canadian Forces Station Leitrim is the actual building that they work out of to control the satellites and cell towers used to mind control and torture people. The Communications Security Establishment is the management and leaders who call the shots. All of you need to write down the addresses of these two buildings. This is the New World Order. Mind control of the whole population. This is going to affect all of you. Burn these two buildings to the ground. Canadian Forces Station Leitrim 3545 Leitrim Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1A-0K2, Canada. The Communications Security Establishment 1929 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1J-0B9 Canada. In the United States, it’s the NSA doing it to the Americans. This is how they do it. Here is a list of Signals Intelligence bases around the world. These are coordinates from google maps. This information is extremely important. Copy it. This is how they are going to attack everyone. SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE BASE Location Coordinates CFS Leitrim Canada 45.336722, -75.588218 Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station -28.695030, 114.841339 RAF Menwith Hill Air Force Harrogate UK 54.008062, -1.686797 Misawa Air Base, Japan 40.720217, 141.322364 GCHQ Bude UK 50.887269, -4.552008 Pine Gap Australia -23.798348, 133.736232 NSA Sugar Grove Station West Virginia 38.517519, -79.280030 Yakima Training Center Washington state 46.682101, -120.358549 Waihopai Station New Zealand -41.576075, 173.738991 GCSB Tangimoana Station New Zealand -40.314912, 175.250237 Ayios Nikolaos Station Cyprus British Owned 35.083054, 33.898150 Gibraltar. UK 36.143064, -5.342744 Diego Garcia UK -7.270016, 72.370040 -7.278494, 72.363867 -7.266121, 72.363179 Bad Aibling Station, Mangfall Barracks, Germany 47.879446, 11.984715 Buckley Space Force Base 39.717011, -104.777205 39.713954, -104.747993 39.692129, -104.737745 Fort Gordon - Georgia USA 33.417696, -82.159355 CFB Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, Elephant Cage 48.951179, -54.525128 CFS Leitrim Masset, B.C. Canada, Elephant Cage 54.028883, -132.065267 Guam 13.615018, 144.855984 13.578512, 144.845155 13.583766, 144.849887 13.583732, 144.833896 13.583503, 144.841001 13.587474, 144.840786 13.591386, 144.840099 Hawaii Cryptologic Center NSA, NCTAMS PAC Quarterdeck 21.518959, -157.996078 Lackland Air Force Base 29.447176, -98.641354 Unit 8200 ISNU Israel 31.308541, 34.545518 The NSA shares intelligence on its own citizens with Israeli intelligence.

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Frequency modulated electromagnetic frequencies are being transmitted via directed energy weapons to the central nervous systems of non-consenting human beings in order to eventually render them immobile of they fail to obey the dictates of the would-be dictators of the world. Emerging advances in neuro-science demand the enactment of neuro specific human rights laws.         

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Posted on September 16, 2019 by gretta fahey
I am a non-consensual targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation. The electromagnetic frequencies which are being generated by my brain and body are being collected wirelessly and translated into everything I think, do, say, feel, how often I eat, how often I visit the toilet, and how much exercise I take on a constant basis among other things. Electromagnetic frequencies are also being sent to my brain and body in order to force me to hear voice commands, feel electric shocks, feel pain signals, see visions, see pictures, be deprived of sleep, be artificially made to feel extremely cold, be artificially made to feel extremely hot, and have my own muscles move against my will among a number of other things. I have been placed on this program because I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the so called world management team wish to create a policy where individuals who are in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome can have their lives controlled by government agents and government laws. I hear the voices of the criminals who terrorise me all day long every day of my life. They threaten my life, they insult me and demean me on a constant basis. I often post online some of what they say to me in order to prepare other targeted individuals of these programs for what they might experience in the future themselves if these programs are not stopped by banning all transmitters and wireless enabling capabilities. Here is some of what the perpetrators of this technological enslavement program have said to me today as follows:-
“Showing your arse to the men.” (I was alone in my yard and I bent down in order to free out a water channel that had become blocked.)
“We will take you down with that action, you stupid cunt.” ( I was alone in my yard and I held my hand behind my back in order to stop the perpetrators from place swirling energy around my nether regions which they often do because they wish to establish if I have any bladder or bowel problems which I am claiming disability allowance for.)
“My staff need to get readings of bowel anomalies so that we can verify that you have irritable bowel syndrome.”
“Put a marker on this system.”
“She shouldn’t be living alone for one thing. Should she?”
“Put an end to her life. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Well done. We have now got a system in place where we can now monitor her from inside for the rest of her life.”
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My website is called

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The human brain and body and the environmnet all work off electromagnetic frequencies. The television, radio, internet, mobile phone, RFID chips etc all work off electromagentic frequencies. When the human brain thinks a thought it produces an electromagnetic frequency which can be measured by wireless means from a distance and automatically translated into what the human subject has just thought about.
In order to measure the electromagnetic frequencies of the human brain, an electroencephalogram is used. It is also known as an EEG machine.
In the 1970s at Stanford University, United States, Dr Pennial put electrodes on the scalp of human subjects and gave them cards to look at. He captured the electromagnetic frequency for each though and emotion of each human subject while that human subject looked at pictures and words on those cards.
Dr Pennial compiled a dictionary of the differnet brain patterns and electromagnetic frequency measurements which corresponded with each picture or word. He then computerized his dictionary to the extent that each brain pattern and electomagnetic frequency measurement would automatically be translated into whatever picture or word that it corresponded with.
When this automatic translation capability was fully completed Dr Pennial could then use it to read the thoughts of human subjects by having a long series of their brain patterns automatically translated into what they were thinking about by using the computerized automatic translating capability to do so.
By using this method Dr Pennial could also determine the emotional state of each human subject he studied.
If you take the electromagnetic frequency for ice cream and send it to the brain of a human being who is not hungry and who has not been thinking of eating ice cream you can manipulate them to then eat ice cream.
If you take the electromagnetic frequency for any possible human emotion and if you send it by wireless means to the brain of an individual you can change their mood instantly in any way you wish. You can use the electromagnetic grid to send the electromagnetic frequency of any human emotion to a whole household or to a whole city.
60 hertz electric wires are to be found in every home and work place. The 60 hertz electric wires in our walls or in our electronic devices have a dual purpose. Ultrasonic wave form pulses ride on top of the sixty hertz power lines and are being used for mind control purposes. This wave form is called the lilly wave after the inventor John Lilly. This wave form is being used to bypass the resistance of the human mind and program the brain. The signature for any emotional state can be placed in this mind controlling wave form. It can be used to create civil unrest or it can be used to create a state of happy apathy in individuals whose freedom is being taken away from them which is currently the case unless we find a way to stop it.
Patent Number US 5123899 which was filed in 1992 can stimulate your brain in order to alter your state of consciousness. You can be put to sleep or rendered uncouscious. You could then be raped. Many women have reported that they have woken up from sleep to find that their clothes are on backwards and they are in a state of disarray but they have no memory of what occurred while they were asleep or unconscious. It is no longer safe for women to travel alone.

Dr Robert G Malech created a frequency modulator machine. A frequency modulator machine is used to play back the electromagnetic frequency of a particular emotion to a human being or a selection of human beings.
A frequency modulator can be used to take frequencies from the human brain and mix them with other incoming frequencies so that the incoming frequencies over ride the original brain frequencies and in this way you can effect the thoughts and emotions of a human being, thereby modifying their behaviour, even without their knowledge. A frequency modulator can be used to modify the behaviour of a law court judge and jury so as to manipulate them to find a defendent guilty or not guilty. It can be used to sports men and women to change the outcome of a football match. It can be used to change the outcome of an election. It can be used on senior politicians to change their decisions. It is being used on psychiatrists to make them wrongly believe that individuals who are being remote neural manipulated are mentally insane. It can be used to turn followers of any organised religion into fanatics which I believe is currently allowed to occur.
The individuals who currently have access to mind reading systems and frequency modulators are the military industrial complex and the medical industrial complex among others.
Most human beings no have nano sized neural dust inside their brains and spinal cords which allow neuro scientists and others to remote neural monitor and remote neural manipulate them at will. We have been turned into antennas. We currently have no defence against remote neural monitoring or remote neural manipulation. This technology has become so advanced that in a selection of cases neuro scientists can access the visual cortex of our brain and translate the evoked potentials of said visual cortex in order to show them what we are currently looking at. They can translate the evoked potentials of the auditory cortex of a human being into what that human being is hearing. They can manipulate the motor cortex of a human being in order to control their movements or in order to curtail their movements or in order to temporary or permanently paralyse them and they can do all of this by wireless means while working from a remote location.
Because a number of the police are under mind control themselves they are wrongly being led to believe that all who complain of wireless electronic harassment and torture are insane. Most of the targeted individuals who are being wirelessly electronically harassed and tortured are anti-authoritarians and dissidents. They are then be taken away, locked up and drugged without due process. This is why their complaints never get dealt with.

I obtained some but not all of the above information from a youtube channel called Sherry's Research and Reviews.

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I am a subject of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  The neuro staff who reproduce their voices inside my head by wireless means have been of late attempting to present me in a false positive light.  I wish to present myself in an authentic, honest manner and I am uncomfortable with what I believe they are attempting to do.  Why are they attempting to present me in a false positive light?   I believe that I am equal to everyone in the world.  I would never look up to anyone and I would never look down on anyone.    I am an introvert and have no wish to ever be in the public arena.  I wonder what is going on?

Further to that I believe that the electronic harassment that most targeted individuals undergo is about leading us to a stage when we will no longer react no matter how much they continue to harass us.  If or when targeted individuals reached a stage when they became passive and indifferent to all kinds of electronic harassment and gang stalking, the neuro operatives would then take a reading of the brain wave frequencies in our brains and then they would transmit those frequencies  of passivity and indifference via transmitters and smart street lighting  into the brains of the rest of humanity.  I believe that they are already doing that because targeted individuals are finding it difficult to wake up some other members of the human race to the reality of human technological enslavement.

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Mind control frequencies were used against the African Hutus by the American Military in order to drive them into a rage so that they eventually were mind controlled to butcher their neighbouring tribe the Tutsis to death. This was known by the American military as Operation Crimson Mist according to well known researcher and activist Deborah Traveras. Mind control frequencies are now being used against many people throughout the world so that they do not question the activities of their governments at a time when we are on the very edge of enslavement and culling. You must be strong enough to rise about the mind control frequencies being continually directed at you long enough to organise the people to disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia in order to return as a human race to thinking clearly and logically.

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Many  human beings have secretly been wirelessly tethered to a computer network by both their brains and spinal cords in the last ten years.  This has come about through spraying the environment with copious amounts of nano technology which we later inhale and ingest and which then lodges inside us.  This nano technology links us by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to computer technology which is being both monitored and manipulated by a selection of  personnel  within some government departments, at a high level,  namely the secret police, and  the military..   These criminal military and intelligence  personnel are now able to remotely monitor and measure all of the electromagnetic activity in both the brains and bodies of all human beings and all other living things on a continuous basis throughout each day.     These high level personnel  fuse their data  with personnel  in similar positions throughout the world.  The offices where worldwide data is fused  are sometimes known as fusion centres.

All high lever criminal personnel who have access to mass remote human and animal  manipulation technology can now   kill anybody they wish on a whim, provided that person uses a digital media screen on a regular basis and provided these high level criminals have obtained a record of the targeted individuals unique brain signature.  They can also force sounds, visions, voices, pain signals, as well as  neuro manipulation inside the heads and bodies of any targeted individual.   Whole groups of individuals can also be manipulated on a whim by these criminal neuro weapon operatives, simply by changing the vibrational frequency which is used in technology near each targeted individual.  This technology includes smart street lighting which has the capability of transmitting various vibrational frequencies to a whole town to render half of the towns people sleepy while the other half could be rendered aggressive or agitated, depending on the vibrational frequency being transmitted from all of the televisions, smart phones, advanced computers and street lighting in that part of the town.

Remote Manipulation weapons have been developed to mind control the minds of the general population into a state of happy apathy and into a state of  total and absolute trust in any information that comes through a government department.   Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the majority of civilians,  a selection of individuals have been selected for in-home psychological torture experimentation.  The majority of civilians refuse to believe their stories, and choose instead to believe that these targeted individuals  are mentally ill because their government tells them that this must be the case.

I myself am a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation. On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a woman coming from inside my cranium nagged and insulted me to a point where I reached a level of deep despair. When I asked why she was provoking me she informed me that she was being paid per insult so that a team of neuroscientists in the next room to where she worked could gauge and measure the reaction inside my brain every time she provoked me to react strongly to her insults. She further informed... me that she gets paid directly by cash so that she has no way of knowing who is paying her salary. Further to that conversation a voice who I believed to be a neuroscientist spoke to me from inside my head. He informed me that the neuroscientists and other technical experts were asked to accurately gauge the strength of my emotional feedback each time I was emotionally provoked by said technician. He informed me that the stronger each reading of my emotional reaction was the more unstable I was deemed to be. In such a case I would then be targeted and harassed even more until such a time as I learn to stabilise my emotions which means that I must eventually make my emotions totally quiet. This protocol is being enacted on all targeted individuals throughout the world in order to gain knowledge as to how to create a docile society in the far distant future. If we refuse to dismantled all mobile phone masts as previously discussed in the future artificial intelligence will be made to harass and taunt all children until such a time as they learn to dampen down their emotions and become mindless drones for the rest of their lives. In my case they were having no success whatsoever. We learn very valuable lessons from our ability to feel emotions.

In recent years, many young healthy celebrities have died suddenly in mysterious circumstances.  They normally die on a Saturday night so that their deaths can be announced on the Sunday morning newspapers.  Whenver this happens, neuro weapons research teams would be on duty to monitor the brains of the population in order to measure the emotional reaction of the population of each country concerned with the death.  It is in the interest of the would-be enslavers of the human race if we failed to exhibit any emotional reaction to shocking news.  In that way we would be much easier to control.

We aught to urgently ask our political representatives to outlaw all microwave transmitters, 5G millimetre wave transmitters, telephone towers and all related paraphernalia that is currently enabling this wireless mind control combined with wireless in-home physical torture before we are all permanently enslaved.  Please do so urgently.




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                                     "FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY" ;


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* Radio Frequencies produce Knocking, buzzing (like a bee), clicking or hissing  noises when in range, creaking noises if radio frequencies are low,  (Proven).

* The part of your brain that detects the RF fields is the temporal lobe area, (Proven).

* Aluminum Fly Screen "blocks" RF fields, (Proven).

* The RF sounds will actually increase in decibels if you wear ear plugs, (No kidding, (Proven).

* A sequence of short pulsed radio frequencies are heard as "chirps", to where separate radio pulses with pauses in between are heard as auditory "clicks", (Proven).

* Longer pulses w/lower pitch, (>100 ms), creates a creaking noise, like that of a wooden rocker, rocking, (Proven).

* Auditory effects are dependent on the amount of energy that goes out in a "single pulse", (40mJ/cmx2 per pulse), not the power density.

* Single radio pulses of 40mj/cmx2 increases tissue temperature by about 5 x 10-6 C .

* Not everyone can hear pulsed radio frequencies.  A person has to have the right "physical attributes" to be able to hear audio frequencies above 5kHz, (Proven).

* The auditory sounds you hear, "can be recorded" by placing electrodes on the neuron auditory pathways, (Proven).

* Auditory responses from pulsed radio waves are heard by a persons normal auditory pathways, the ear, (believe it or not), via your "cochlea".  This goes for accustic, microwave and pulsed radio waves, (Proven),

"Taylor and Ashleman [1974] and Guy et al. [1975] showed the importance of the cochlea by finding that
destruction of the cochlea abolished RF evoked potentials recorded at higher levels in the auditory pathway.These results indicated that the locus of the initial interaction of pulse-modulated microwave energy with the auditory system is within or peripheral to the cochlea", (Taylor, Ashleman, Guy [1975]. 

To be Continued; egy :)


Auditory Response to Pulsed

Radiofrequency Energy
J.A. Elder* and C.K. Chou
Motorola Florida Research Laboratories, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA


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