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The story of 911 and the murder of three thousand men and women.
I obtained the following information from the Shaun Attwood youtube channel. Shaun Attwood was interviewing David Icke in a video called 'The Royal Family: David I Part 2 True Crime Podcast 66 which is available at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SGtDdWfzy8
I also enclose my own assessment of this information.
Ultra Zionists belong to a secret network who are working towards total and absolute world domination and have been doing so for hundreds of years. They work as one unit but they sometimes appear to be enemies on the world stage in order to fool the public as to their activities. It was this network that caused 911 to happen as follows:-
In 1997, a document called 'The Project for The New American Century' was written and published which outlined the need for regieme changes in seven countries some of which were Iran, Iraq, The Lebanon, Syria, and Libia. That document was written by ultra zionists Richard Pearl, William Crystal and Robert Kagen. That same group later called for Saddam Husseun to be overthrown. The ultra zionists as a secret group wished to use the american military to invade those seven countries in order to facilitate a regeme change for the purpose of strengthening their own hold on world power. They said that they would need a new pearl harbour type terrorist attack on american soil in order to drum up permission from the american electroate to use the american military to invade those seven countries. That terrorist attack which they oversaw was the 911 twin tower new york terrorist attack.
The following are a list of ultra zionists who controlled what occurred before, during and after the aforementioned terrorist attack.
Ultra Zionist Dick Cheney was vice president during 911.
Ultra Zionist Donald Rumsfeld was defence secretary during 911.
Ultra Zionist Paul Wolfavitz was deputy during 911 but he was the real power in the Pentagon.
Ultra Zionist Dove Zachaim controlled the whole of the Pentagon budget during 911.
Ultra Zionist Rudolph Giuliana was mayor of New York city during 911.
Ultra Zionist Michael Shirtoff oversaw the 911 investigation. He was appointed as head of the criminal division of the Department of Justice before 911. Michael Shirtoff wrote and enforced the Patriot Act which took away basic freedoms from the American people under the false guise of protecting them from further terrorist attacks. Shortly after 911, 200 israeli spies were capturied on American Soil. Michael Shertoff had them released from captivity. Further to that Mossad Operatives who were believed to be connected to the 911 event were captured by the FBI and held in captivity for 71 days. Michael Shertoff had them released and he was supported in his decidion to have them released by other ultra zionists Chuck Scheumer and Alan Dershovitz.
Ultra Zionists Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowie purchased the lease to the Twin Towers several weeks before the 911 terrorist event took place. They then significantly increased the insurance on the Twin Towers in the event of a terrorist attack. They paid 14 million dollars for the insurance on the twin towers but after the terrorist attack on the twin towers they received an insurance pay out of 4.56 billion dollars. The Judge who oversaw the Larry Silverstein litigation which led to the 4.56 billion payout was Ultra Zionist Michael McCassie. Ultra Zionist Michael McCassie later became attorney general of the United States.
The Ultra Zionist Maurice Greenberg who is a good friend of Ultra Zionist Henry Kissenger did the deal for the insurance on the Twin Towers and then he immediately sold the insurance to approximately twenty four other insurance companies who later took the hit for the insurance pay out.
Ultra Zionist Ronald Lauder of the Este Lauder family had earlier recommended that the Twin Towers be privatized.
After the 911 terrorist attack the rubble was immediately removed from ground zero to a Zionist owned site in New Jersey leaving no time for it to be inspected for evidence as to why the towers came down. The rubble was then shipped to Asia for smelting.
One hundred families of the victims of 911 refused compensation because they wished to pursue a civil case against the terrorists. The compensation fund was overseen by an ultra zionist called Kenneth Feinberg. The civil litigation group was overseen by ultra zionist Judge Alvin Hellesteen who ran a war of attrition to block the one hundred families from ever getting to court. The one hundred families eventually pulled out of their civil litigation action in 2010. Judge Alvin Hellesteen's associates in the civil ligitation team were also ultra zionists.
Ultra Zionists Dick Cheney and George W Bush resited having an investigation into the biggest terrorist attack which ever took place on American soil but due to public pressure they were eventually forced to have an investigation. That investigation was initially headed by Ultra Zionist Henry Kissinger but he had to stand down due to a conflict of interests. Later, Ultra Zionist Philip Zelico was placed at the head of the 911 commission which the investigation was called. The 911 commission was a joke of a non-investigation.
In the same David Icke video presentation as where I obtained the above information, David Icke also stated the the Mujahadeen were paid mercenaries who later were used as Al Kieda and those same paid mercenaries were later used as ISIS. These various groups are artifically created enemies who are deliberately created in order to justify wars.
I the transcriber of the information from the video of Shaun Attwood interviewing David Icke am a long term targeted individual of remote neural monitoring. During that time which is now 18 years, I have researched information about the worldwide political control system in order to ascertain who has partially wirelessly enslaved me and who is about to do the same to all other non-ultra zionists if they are not stopped. I know that the ultra zionist bankers and corporate owners are behind my wireless torture and long term partial enslavement.

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This theory of 911 assumes that media electronic trickery and militaryholographic airliner images were used to create the images of the 911airliner Twin Tower crashes. The 911 false flag operation of the TwinTowers necessitated the use of electronic deception in the media and airtraffic to complete their mission. The four civilian passenger planesmost likely were diverted to a secluded area of the Atlantic Ocean andcrashed and sank quickly with all hands in the deepest part of the oceanor more likely just off the coast of New York. The major Navy trainingoperations which were conducted on the same day of 911 off the New Yorkcoast were most likely a cover for the clearing of this secluded area ofspace in the Atlantic Ocean where the four planes were to be crashedand sank. And most people have forgotten that there was a majorhurricane off the coast of New York on 9/11 which also blocked all airand ship traffic to and from Europe. So few if any eyes were presentoff the Atlantic coast on 911.

This area of exploration in theAtlantic for remote viewers and salvage ships might one day locate andrecover these four 911 airplane crash sites to begin the trueinvestigation of 911 and the criminal acts of terrorism by our owngovernment officials.

The first Twin Tower plane crash was anelectronic ghost airplane or media doctored footage which covered anolder USAF circular drone UFO craft loaded with explosives as was thesecond plane to hit the second Twin Tower. These holographic airplaneimages are painted over the circular drone UFO crafts and can be seen inthe 911 footage as the unknown circular appendages on the airlinerimages which crashed into the Towers. See the Richard D. Hall footageon the internet -- http://www.richplanet.net/911.php
The Pentagon was most likely hit by a missile fired point blank from amissile installation under the Pentagon's own helicopter pad. Andlastly, the Pennsylvania airplane crash sight was probably multiple USAFairplane missile strikes to the ground to make it look like an aircrash sight.

I doubt that the 911 government and militaryconspirators would bother with flying the four 911 airplanes to adistant location to imprison the 400 or 500 airline passengers. Theycould not risk the possible truth coming out if anyone escaped or thehundreds of jailers who might talked about the 911 passengers that wereimprisoned. So most likely they were all killed in one area of the ofthe Atlantic Ocean on 9/11. This will probably be the way that 911 iseventually revealed and truly disclosed -- with the physical Atlanticairliner crash sites discovered and salvaged underwater.

Lastly,a fifth major airliner was downed just off the coast of New York a fewweeks later than 911 with possible fuel tank problems. But this wasalso likely an intentional downing of an aircraft to cover any wreckagethat might one day come to shore from the four previously downedairliners in the Atlantic. If any airliner wreckage washed up onbeaches then it can be said to be from this latest airliner crashwreckage.

So perhaps the four airliners may not reside in thedeepest parts of the Atlantic's Laurentian Trench off of the Canadiancoast but much more close by just off the coast of New York. Why elsewould a fifth airliner be sacrificed so quickly to mask possibleairliner wreckage coming ashore. With remote viewing or the Titanic typelocator technology perhaps one day the truth of 911 will be known tothe world.

This and all of my 100 plus articles on the internet can be re-posted anywhere without permission. -- J.E. Ante

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