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Derrick RobinsonDelores Hall

Jeff Hedlun Says: The board got what it wanted, there was no reason to flame Derrick in the Newsletter but they did, so, Derrick’s side of the story:

Peace & Reconciliation Community Conference Call – Monday, November 16, 2015

Greetings, everyone.

There is a group in our community that has been meeting privately who are very concerned about the events that happened which culminated in my being let go as president of FFCHS. Many in the community are disturbed by the total injustice of the situation and are trying to adjust to what they see as a hostile takeover of the organization. I concur that it was a takeover that was hostile – and I feel orchestrated by the perps – as witnessed by the conference call on Halloween night.

There were accusations of embezzlement of funds even though no evidence was brought forth supporting these claims. Because of the hostility of that evening, I was not afforded the opportunity to present my case to the community due to constant interruptions by the new treasurer which led to shouting.

Therefore, this coming Monday, the community will be able to hear my side of these events uninterrupted and have an informed discussion afterwards. Here are the call details:

Peace & Reconciliation Community Conference Call
Monday, November 16, 2015
Time: 9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/ 7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-In Number: 1-724-444-7444
Call ID: 115863
Pin Number: 1#

For your reference, I’m enclosing an earlier (although updated) email which served as my defense:
—————————— —————————— ———————
I’m sending this message to many in the community. At present I don’t have access to my usual list so please forward.

The past couple of months have been absolutely surreal on the FFCHS board. It all started with the election of the new treasurer. All manner of chaos has been the state of affairs since then to the present day.

I intend to respond to all of the allegations contained in the recent FFCHS “Halloween Newsletter.”

First of all, I would like to state for the record that there is no embezzlement of funds on my part, there never has been and the board has not brought forth a single piece of evidence to support any of Delores’ claims. These wild claims of hers have been pulled out of the air with absolutely no basis in fact.

The FFCHS Board, in their “Halloween Newsletter,” stated that because of my resistance to Delores Hall as Treasurer, I became impossible to work with which resulted in the decision that they were “reluctant” to make.

For those of you who witnessed Delores Hall Saturday night, October 31, will know who was really impossible to work with and may have an idea of why I resisted this decision of the board’s and why I tried to convince them to reverse this decision.

My resistance to Delores was based on her disruptive, inflammatory, libelous and slanderous conduct AND on her blatant dishonesty. These were strenuous conditions which the FFCHS Board chose to ignore. I simply could not work with a person whose total lack of professionalism, callousness, and relentless aggression for bringing down the presidency were so detrimental to the usual harmony of the board and the community.

She even refused to communicate with me via email or telephone further complicating the transition process.

Due to the constant conflict that Delores brought to board meetings and board emails, I found that I was often alone in trying to resolve brute aggression that was aimed at me with no intervention whatsoever from other board members.

The following allegations are being made by Delores Hall and others during the Saturday night, October 31 conference call and at other times:

1. That I intercepted all of the funds in the FFCHS Paypal account.
Total absurdity! Bank records show otherwise. Ethically, this board had the responsibility to present me with their suspicions and I could have easily addressed their concerns. However, the board chose to hoard their findings and did not afford me the opportunity to offer a proper explanation.

2. That people who had memberships were not properly credited for being a member.
Because the Membership volunteer, did not receive some peoples’ donation amounts, they were not listed. The obvious thing to do when the Treasurer noticed this oversight would have been for the Treasurer to ask the Membership Chairperson about it. However, that’s not the way this Treasurer does things. And also since the Treasurer is not on good terms with the Membership Chair either, (wonder why) this was not done. Instead the Treasurer made the non-sensical assumption that the money was not placed in the Treasury!

3. That I was involved in criminal activity due to not listing FFCHS as a business rather than a non-profit with the bank. When I first opened the FFCHS bank account in 2006, we were not yet a 501 c3 non-profit. That happened a couple years later in 2008. The Treasurer was trying to create an embezzlement case because our account was not re-listed as a non-profit account at the bank upon our 501 c3 designation.
This technicality is not even a legal issue. Please review this link for details:
Can a Nonprofit Have a Regular Bank Account?
http://yourbusiness.azcentral. com/can-nonprofit-regular- bank-account-7766.html

4. That I refused to change the checking account and the credit card to FFCHS’ name rather than my own.
Because the checking account was closing and the Treasurer was opening a new one, I saw no need to rush and make any changes. The bank even stated that to me.
As for the credit card, the board and the Treasurer insisted that I send them the card issued to me jointly in my name and FFCHS. What for? They could not use a card issued in my name. And whatever happens to that card, the liability remains with me if it’s in my name. What they would do with it, who knows? I was not willing to find out.

5. That I had not paid for a Washington Post ad and had instead pocketed the money.
It was stated during the Saturday night call that the donor for that ad, which cost $3000 thought it was going to be published in the main Washington Post paper, not the trendy, free entertainment weekly that the Post publishes. Obviously, Delores did not know that the donor would have had to come up with at least $97,000 more to even think about getting an ad published in the main paper. Plus, there are witnesses who saw the ad when it ran online and also TI’s in the area who went and got free copies of the paper and saw the ad (including myself) after it was published. So the ad did indeed run. I also still have the receipt if anyone would like to view it. This accusation can be easily proven false.

6. There was mention of a “dba t-shirt company.”
This is one of our online stores which is allegedly bringing in $4000/month — another unsubstantiated, false claim. We actually just received our second sales commission after nearly 5 years with this online company for the amount of $190.00

7. That I had absconded with $40,000 bequeathed to me from Harlan Girard — shown by more than one person to be a false claim. Harlan had no Will and no such bequeathals were made. Easily disproven.

8. That I had helped someone to commit suicide who had come to me for money and I said I didn’t have any — another completely unsubstantiated claim.

9. That I had forgotten who Aaron Alexis was two weeks after his initial contact with FFCHS.
I receive many requests for advice and assistance daily from people I do not know. Unless that person makes repeated contact with me (or with most people), there’s no way I or most others would remember their name after two weeks.

10. That I was responsible for the Myron May incident.
I did try to reach out to Myron, however, he did not receive the message I left for him and by the time we established email contact, he had made up his mind what he wanted to do — which he didn’t share with me – and I didn’t get the chance to assist him.

Many witnessed Delores’ behavior during Saturday night’s podcast and were able to see firsthand how she conducted herself during the Board meetings which should suffice to explain why I simply could not work with her. I sometimes had to mute her so we could conduct board meetings without having to hear her shouting.

I implored the board for another person to be brought in as Treasurer that I could work with. This is why I was so resistant to handing over documents and the group’s treasury. I simply did not trust this person as Treasurer who was out to get me and seemed mentally unstable. My requests went unheeded by the board.

In other issues:
— the original board did receive and review copies of the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws from the company that created them for us.
— I assumed the role of President with the full consent of the community and the board at the time.
— As for our books, they were kept by an accountant that we’ve had for several years. We have even posted our annual financial report at our website.
— The charter is not in my name as a proprietorship as reported. My signature on the Articles of Incorporation lists me as an “authorized representative.” I can send any interested party copies of this document if they wish to see it.
— the only resistance I had to the Treasury was Delores Hall in the position of Treasurer. I had recommended other treasury candidates to the board during this period as a way to re-establish the peace. However, all these attempts were rejected by the board.

Thanks to so many of you that have lent your support at this time. God willing, we will survive and re-build.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see this message until it was too late – apparently I’m the only one left doing any moderating at Mind Control Research Forum, but with over 800 members, frankly, there’s more action taking place here than there. Maybe that will change if Derrick becomes involved again.

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ICAACT/warning disguised as lawsuit

 considering in the beginning , greg gamache aka governmentalienrobotgod aka Darth Vador avatar was using their names without their permission this link might be useful to some looking for some answers http://icaact.org/articles-warning-against-soliciation-of-funds-disguised-as-law-suit-federation.html#.UN5nJqxbddh
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This theory of 911 assumes that media electronic trickery and militaryholographic airliner images were used to create the images of the 911airliner Twin Tower crashes. The 911 false flag operation of the TwinTowers necessitated the use of electronic deception in the media and airtraffic to complete their mission. The four civilian passenger planesmost likely were diverted to a secluded area of the Atlantic Ocean andcrashed and sank quickly with all hands in the deepest part of the oceanor more likely just off the coast of New York. The major Navy trainingoperations which were conducted on the same day of 911 off the New Yorkcoast were most likely a cover for the clearing of this secluded area ofspace in the Atlantic Ocean where the four planes were to be crashedand sank. And most people have forgotten that there was a majorhurricane off the coast of New York on 9/11 which also blocked all airand ship traffic to and from Europe. So few if any eyes were presentoff the Atlantic coast on 911.

This area of exploration in theAtlantic for remote viewers and salvage ships might one day locate andrecover these four 911 airplane crash sites to begin the trueinvestigation of 911 and the criminal acts of terrorism by our owngovernment officials.

The first Twin Tower plane crash was anelectronic ghost airplane or media doctored footage which covered anolder USAF circular drone UFO craft loaded with explosives as was thesecond plane to hit the second Twin Tower. These holographic airplaneimages are painted over the circular drone UFO crafts and can be seen inthe 911 footage as the unknown circular appendages on the airlinerimages which crashed into the Towers. See the Richard D. Hall footageon the internet -- http://www.richplanet.net/911.php
The Pentagon was most likely hit by a missile fired point blank from amissile installation under the Pentagon's own helicopter pad. Andlastly, the Pennsylvania airplane crash sight was probably multiple USAFairplane missile strikes to the ground to make it look like an aircrash sight.

I doubt that the 911 government and militaryconspirators would bother with flying the four 911 airplanes to adistant location to imprison the 400 or 500 airline passengers. Theycould not risk the possible truth coming out if anyone escaped or thehundreds of jailers who might talked about the 911 passengers that wereimprisoned. So most likely they were all killed in one area of the ofthe Atlantic Ocean on 9/11. This will probably be the way that 911 iseventually revealed and truly disclosed -- with the physical Atlanticairliner crash sites discovered and salvaged underwater.

Lastly,a fifth major airliner was downed just off the coast of New York a fewweeks later than 911 with possible fuel tank problems. But this wasalso likely an intentional downing of an aircraft to cover any wreckagethat might one day come to shore from the four previously downedairliners in the Atlantic. If any airliner wreckage washed up onbeaches then it can be said to be from this latest airliner crashwreckage.

So perhaps the four airliners may not reside in thedeepest parts of the Atlantic's Laurentian Trench off of the Canadiancoast but much more close by just off the coast of New York. Why elsewould a fifth airliner be sacrificed so quickly to mask possibleairliner wreckage coming ashore. With remote viewing or the Titanic typelocator technology perhaps one day the truth of 911 will be known tothe world.

This and all of my 100 plus articles on the internet can be re-posted anywhere without permission. -- J.E. Ante

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