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The biggest concern I have about the decades in which hundreds of thousands of people are victims of harassment and crimes psycotronic , is compared to a  penalizing the perpetrators of such crimes as possible in less time than justice and committed to Nazi dictators . How long did it to punish some of those who committed heinous crimes against humanity . And the worst is that , amidst this false democracy, " that justice ," the psicotronia was already implemented around of torture , most human beings being tortured as a vicious , endless circle ... This infinity which scientists and theists aims to overthrow the infinitde a true God to whom do not accept . The acceptance and adherence of family , friends , mostly of Christian Churches fact becomes obvious and see gonhoso , either by act or omission prática.Mais shameful action is manipulated around the religiosity and attendance at churches because dominant element is the spiritual weakness , in order that Psyche It is having the ALMA.Alarmante amidst society , in full compliance which means " selectivity " of victims but health professionals , psychiatry , psychology, social work , and as collaborators Units I answered - Psychological ment implemented by the Federal Government , making selection possible through the patient's PROFILE you that sometimes being patient with mild schizophrenia , can undergo artificial induction of schizophrenia a study of how to conduct such a high degree of mental instability and the ways in which such a patient can be "used" in experiments and curiosities scientistic or infirm person without ethics or impediments , and more , without co - nition of família.Como well ? Obvious that the "story " that count for families does not match the true facts . Obvious that people do not know the "truth " about the real practices of psychotronic system. Obvious that psychiatrists take advantage of the innocence of their relatives' information to distort completely the profile of the patient , eg , sadness at the absence of a loved one , without further ado transformed into high degree of depression with electroshock possible indicator to help the patient to react. In this situation of example , if the patient has cardio problems can be tricky because they do not use do more than an electrocardiogram , echocardiogram and only can give with complete accuracy problems and real gravity .Por but are more expensive and are less viabilisados ​​more slowly .           We have seen through the testimony of victims of torture methods that are merged into content and application , such as sleep deprivation , found in MKULTRA and such practice also occurs through the sistem American KUBARK we find references to CIA AND FBI in such practices , but do not believe such practices , today , are applied by such international bodies , but by doctors , police and under funding the Brazilian business . According to Olsson , U.S. , victim of such practices and activist , synthetic telepathy , Vk -2 are police practices and physicians , scientistic , say , where is the respect for international treaties and resolution 217 A Human Rights ? And practice with this type of monitoring to be terrorists , not ordinary citizens , or treatments mental health problems , or other resource to not have to cut a patient and submit it to laparotomy exploratory .O greatest crime is to transform ordinary citizens into spies and terrorists that are without , or " degenerate fools" , and without measuring refinements of cruelty , within this framework we have weddings des - made , broken families , and a lot of violence sexual.Em contrast, a Law Maria da Penha , which should protect women from violence , but does not reach women victims of psychotronic crimes .             All minds and psyches of the victims are very tenuous , their nervous systems shaken , and really we have specialized information to classify mensurarmos and all damages , but surely , We can verify reports of deaths , hospitalizations , illnesses arising as a result of the process , cancer and degenerative diseases , and call everyone's attention to the " evolved as studies to discoveries cures for these diseases . " So as not deduce the facts which related publications such dis- coveries with the inevitable consequence that the number of people suffering this disease will increase incon - trolavelmente a result of psychotronic torture practices of this century. Surely take hold of the victims : 1st time as psychotronic experiments ; 2nd time as the experiments that manipulate medication for healing the diseases they even produced . And the Federal Governments around the world, surely due to " GLOBALIZATION " close your eyes and practice LAW MONKEY . For victims , I believe , unbearable harassment of acquaintances and family that at certain times are placed to communicate with them, making a " theatrical performance " at this time there are people , authorities to witness the "fact." Farce to disprove the statements written and recorded victims . Within the communication system , people supposedly known , or that mimic the voices , and make the Marginal Project becomes a Family Project , almost a therapy familiar.E victims feel hope. This feeling is necessary, because then the processes of torture return more strongly . And on the other hand, those who are watching leaves satisfied with " well they are doing to families ." Fraud, deceit , crime . A system indutor.A more clearly crafted to induce suicide which I've heard or studied . Other times , they call the name of the victim , strong and audible. No one who is in the same room listening to someone admits to calling the victim by nome.Esse proce - dure occurs at least once a day, while the victim alone or not. Certain times , represent groups of religiosity , repeat phrases like : - " The peace of the Lord ! " In others, speak phrases known to the victim will be located in other religions , such as the " this priest ." They talk a lot with one of the torturers calling FATHER .           Acutely has many cruel moments , any time completely happy , anxiety and anger , commonly , as well as any negative feelings that may cause disease and impairments of every order. And hope that " all victims " have the same behavior , be docile and accept the harassment . One of the most cruel tortures , both men and women , is when they ritimam the movement sex the syllabification of words and formations frases.Após hours of mental torture , where victims suffer wear all order, they raise the level of torture to raise weak and injured so satisfactory , they speak slowly , to the rhythm of speech with sexual drive , not - esque cendo that there is no pleasure, but physical , organic and psychic pain , with occurrences of redness and bleeding Anal . The imposition of torturers during intercourse is extremely disgusting , violent , psychopathic foolproof . The coldness , the need satisfaction , the instrumental resources for such practices are inonimáveis ​​. One aim in scientistic literature , the character of such practices , the tools they use, sometimes something like a pen , which amounts to a speed, producing much pain , and the more you feel incomodade the victim , becomes greater and the speed they speak , there is no content in consistent lines with normal sexual practices , but every word is to endorse the act being committed. NEEDLES - is a widely used instrument , as of acumputura , sometimes applications on belly , legs , arms , more time consuming in the buttocks , and other for two weeks , every day in the head . They have a sequence that justifies the overall efficiency of the crime of torture and injury neuro - cerebral.Há a map . There is a control . Sure, they must have an organization , so when in the presence of the judge , the statements made by Psychopaths are around " SCIENTIFIC JUSTIFICATION ." Every action of the band will come a argumento.E the worst ... sure , will cling to every word spoken by the family , former employers and friends of the victim . These marginal medicine and the business loses no time in checking that speak the familiar and very unless the victim but throw both hands to justify their experiences and torture to try to dis- izing or mitigate the trial, if conducted and unconfigure the charges . And the number of stakeholders increases every dia.Essa is another tactic the group of psychopaths , hiding behind closer and interested persons , the number of people is small , they provoke situations in the lives of victims to increase that number , whether in family, neighborhood, church, work , wherever for.Não exis - bounds for these psychopaths . Naly Leite de Araujo

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Today I woke up to remembering the shock of when this group revealed itself with electronic trauma presenting it like Theatre of horror and present day realization and slowly gathering the facts relating to the professions organisations of some of them involved.Betrayal so cold rigid I cried at the ever present denial contempt of human life damage done.

1. Prank then consolidated Hate Crime with mind control technology.

Like you at first the initial trauma was the utter betrayal of those involved and logically thought this is a prank they will stop it treat me like equal explain.

2.The trauma was constant enforced isolation by violent audio input and no recognition sexual degradation hitting on core identity violent illegal intrusion delivered by people in adjacent houses whom have turned out this is third year to be the "controlling narks thugs of the neighbourhood" with council links [political social services and union].

3. The external other person involved whom could be the tip of the triangle with the council- a shrink psychoanalyst links to Tavistock Institute and still the immense horror shock having come to realise through tracking links to tavistock/global thinking input into councils - mind control programmes and the aim to strip personal identity through brain patterning and culling. 

4.Their priorities aims of their criminal surveillance are to hit smash everything "reality of the individual" belief systems "they kill dominate by vocal cover- all personal connections communications even in prayer meditation art friendship families all thought processes and total democratic freedom domestic and externally. This lot kill God nature natural life want all focus on them only as GODS. The shrink said it awhile ago he wants to kill all of my belief systems and effectively replace all daily contact by enforced vocal audio entrapment.

5The Neighbourhood Narks Controllers of the input of the systemic abuse systems.

Constant referral in a militia troll rote of the narks names and threats/giult/disbelief as if they are the only centre of one's life and hammering it in THE CONTROL FACTOR AND DENIAL OF REALITY

.examples daily repetitive maronic electronic tweets

"You miss Chris" [the shrink's christian name]

"You miss Kevin" nieghbour narl council links.

domination by another neighbour like a banshee wailer always crying 'Mummy Mummy"

the other thread sexual subjugation Libido drive is to perpetuate control of the violence of actual men locally a NETWORK OF THEM.

.Perversely also the aim is for people to be in awe of the perprators they seem to want to be idolised and deliver brain damaging audio and control of the neighbourhood people. 




The real Dread is that this will never cease without evidence witnesses left in the midst of criminal mind controlling harassment Their Obsession and never ending Legacy

6. The worst aspect is reality and how to gain recognition from authorities to stop this illegal situation and deliberate damage for everybody's good and selfishly myself -the right to survivial and recognition of the truth. To kill recognition is the most destructive aspect human rights intelligence equality of the laws-

TO Harm one person you harm everyone -

To criminally deconstruct Individual contribution endeavour personalities to be controlled we will be robots this also is Dangerous they perpetrate purposely agitate to coldness and mindless violence. No cohesion to reality laws that are there for a good reason to protect against external violence crimes against the person. Our children our present our future ourselves society to be forever dominated by specific neighbourhood electronic spies the narks controllers that are unregulated illegally installed.

To think the flagship enterprize figurehead shrink involved whom literally wouldn't leave me alone and conned me out of not only money but life itself with the duo corporate corruption -the empty bermuda triangle.

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