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Possibly Fry Implants

There is a coronal mass ejection expected on the fifth. I plan on being outside when it hits. A CME could possibly fry my microchip implants if it is strong enough. I reccomend you do the same. This might work or may not. Something worth trying. .This is where you can check for updates on solar activity.

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I have become wirelessly and non-consensually connected to the human computerized control and enslavement system which has recently become known as the wireless internet of things. The wireless link which I am connected to the system by is a two way energy link which sends and receives data to and from my brain and body to said computerized control and enslavement system on a continual basis. The data which I receive through said link is composed of sound, images inside my field of vision and my minds eye, both sensations and pain in various parts of my body, partial disablement of one of my limbs for a short space of time, external interference with my intestines, external control of some of my facial muscles and external control of my vocal cords to the extent that I can be forced to speak words and phrases which do not originate from my own brain against my will, among many other types of brain and body interferences.
Recently each morning before I wake up, pain signals are sent to my right knee and to my right thigh which then wake me up. I scream out in pain because of these externally induced pains. The neuro staff who control the computerized control and enslavement system which I am wirelessly linked to have informed me that they can and they will administer wirelessly induced pain signals by external means to the whole of Ireland if the Irish people refuse to be obedient to their rule at any time in the future. The only way to avoid this type of wireless enslavement of Ireland through advanced technology in my opinion is to have all wireless enabling capabilities disassembled and banned outright. If anybody has more knowledge of the matter of how we can protect ourselves from wireless enslavement in Ireland and throughout the whole world they should contribute their information to this forum as a matter of urgency. I have already become wirelessly enslaved. You must stop this happening to you and to your family.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My facebook page is called My website which I alone own and control is called I have never and I never would in the future accept payment for anything I write on this forum. I am simply attempting to raise awareness of the extreme danger to the freedom of most of the human race at the hands of a dark cabal of individuals who own and control extremely advanced wireless weapons.

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We are currently living through a secret war which is being fought for the most part by wireless weapons. Many people throughout the world have been secretly placed on a wirelessly enabled control system known as Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation. Nano technology has found its way into all of our brains and bodies through inhalation and ingestion. In a selection of people this internal nano technology is being connected wirelessly to supercomputers by two way links. These two way links allow unknown neuro operatives to upload sounds, voices, moving images, sensations, and even pain signals to the brain of the targeted individual. These neuro operatives can even send information to the body of the victim in order to force the victims own limbs to move against their own will, or even to make the victim unwell. Remote neural murder to direct neuro link is also possible and has happened. These two way links are also used by the neuro operatives to collect all electrical signals which the human brain and body constantly generated. This electrical activity is downloaded from the brain and body of the targeted individual to the supercomputer where it is data analysed. All of the thoughts, memories, words and actions can be made known to the neuro operatives by this method. The targeted individual can have no mental privacy from then on.
Secondary to remote neural monitoring wireless microwave weapons are also being used to place whole populations under electronic mind control using frequencies which entrain the brains of people into states of unquestioning trust in leaders who are either knowingly or unknowingly leading us into wireless enslavement.
Targeting human beings and wirelessly tethering them to supercomputers against their wills and without their permission is an act of war. We are now at war against the dark new world order criminal cartel who wish to have more and more power in fewer and fewer hands, their own hands. We the rest of the human race can easily win this war provided we act now.
We must tear down all microwave transmitters which are being used for both remote neural monitoring of a large selection of targeted individuals as well as electronic mind control over large populations. All adults should and must carry microwave readers with them at all times which can be used to detect if microwave beams are being transmitted from vehicles which might be parked near schools or housing estates or indeed anywhere.
We must stop using mobile phones also known as cell phones because they are miniaturized microwave weapons and they are responsible for entraining the brains of the users into artificial states where they are being manipulated into high levels of mind control.
The main stream media is for the most part owned and controlled by the dark new world order criminal cartel to the extent that any and all information about remote neural monitoring and electronic mind control is being censored from it.
We must decentralise political power as a matter of urgency. It is a rule of thumb that the more centralized power becomes the less freedom the ordinary people have, and the more decentralised power becomes the more freedom people have. We must dismantle the European Union and we must have very limited government inside our own countries. No government at all, simply a system of rules without rulers would be even better. This system is known as anarchy. It is a linear based self regulating system.

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Mass electronic mind control via microwave transmitters is being used for the purposes of subliminal persuasion of selected individuals as well as of entire civilion populations to act against their own best interests .  We must disallow all man made laws that have been enacted since the advent of mass mind control many decades ago.   The outcomes of public elections are being arrived at by the use of secret mind control technology and secret mind control techniques.  Further to that, mind control is being used on unsuspecting members of the public before they make their wills in order to persuade them to leave all of their worldly  goods to privately controlled charities and organised religions. Much of the worlds money is now in privately owned hands. We must stem the flow of money and power into fewer and fewer privately owned hands mainly by disassembling and outlawing microwave transmitters which are being used for the twin purposes of electronic mind control and remote neural monitoring.

The new world order super-rich dark occultists wish to take everything we own and they wish to subjugate us.   Fight for the freedom of your country now while you still can.   Disable and outlaw  all microwave transmitters and related mind control and remote neural monitoring  paraphernalia urgently. 

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In  Pt. 2 of youtube footages, Dr Michael Persinger actually said the mind control technology is able to do mass mind control i.e. satellites, tv & radio, and it might have already happened.

Discovery Channel Ultrascience Mind Control    Pt.1/2 Pt.2/2  (in the finishing part, it said mass mind control might have already happened)

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