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  1. 本週六起, 變態賤人持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛, 據說娛樂圈有賤人無品,吸毒, 養不起自已之余又想學人做大佬, 故腦控一批智障人士遙控電子武器攻擊受害者賺錢, 同時又利用這批智障人士同社會精英併芯片, 以此廢人武功, 減少競爭力. 賤人計有吳鎮宇, 林家棟, 馬鼎盛,何守信. 據吳鎮宇講是他大佬曾志偉指使. 但據資料披露, 資金由吳君如所得, 部份用於支助港獨”.賣國賊!


  1. 本週腦控空間集結一批吸毒者, 當受害者食粉麵時, 將受害者同正在吸毒者併在一起, 令人以為食粉麵者正在吸毒, 大部份受害者都在不自覺的情況下被陷害.


  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將我同小眼睛者併芯片, 將我眼睛扯到變形, 同時令我眼睛沒法張開. 另外又將遠視同近視者同我併芯片, 令我眼睛沒法聚焦.


  1. 變態控芯片賤人又有賤招, 當有受害者行街, 遠足時, 將逆行者同受害者併芯片, 令受害者舉步維艱.


  1. 變態腦控賤人另一賤招, 控制受害者眨眼頻率, 當受害者正在面試或者重要演講時, 變態控芯片賤人控制受害者眨眼頻率, 減低受害者印象分和可信性. 個人經驗, 當我宣傳反腦控時, 賤人令我不自覺地貶眼.


  1. 變態控芯片賤人為影響我社交生活, 老化我儀容, 將我同曾經是性工作者的控芯片賤人母親併芯片, 令我肌肉鬆弛, 手按有如棉花感覺, 故我將她命名為棉花雞”.


  1. 腦控空間傳說. 賤人以腦控方式控制家境富裕的長者, 離間他同兒媳關係, 排斥兒媳令其遷出, 再安排腦控內鬼以男看護的身份入駐長者家, 討好長者,以腦控方式揮霍長者金錢. 幾年後, 長者在不知不覺中被清空所有積蓄, 將資金的去向完全忘記, 最後變成老人痴呆症. 望受害者小心防範, 引以為鑑.


Mind control space news this week (November 26 to December 2, 2018)


  1. Since this Saturday, the metamorphosis perp continued to control the electronic weapons caused me headaches. It is said that someone want becoming a big brother in entertainment industry, but without money, without integrity, also got drug addict, so someone control a group of mental retarded people, remote electronic weapons attacked the victims to make money, and at the same time used this group of Idiots within chip with social elites in difference fields, in order to make them professional knowledge went up in flames and reduce competitiveness. The metamorphosis perps have Francis Ng, Gordon Lam, Ma Dingsheng and Ivan Ho. According to Francis Ng’s information, he was took direction from Eric Tsang. However, according to the information disclosed, the funds were obtained by Sandra Ng, and part of were used to support Hong Kong independence. They are behavior such traitors!
    2. This week, the brain control space gathers a group of drug addicts. When the victims eat noodles or Vermicelli, the metamorphosis chip controller within their chips with the drug addicts, misled the stalker that the victims are taking drugs instead of noodles or vermicelli, all happened are without victims awareness. Consciously framed.
    3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with someone who got small eyes, which caused my eyes to the deformation, made my eyes unable to open. Also within my chip with difference persons who got myopia or hyperopia, such made me cannot taking focus.
    4. The mind control perp used cheap tricky. When the victims walking on the street or hiking, the metamorphosis chip controller within their chip with someone walk in opposite position to struggling the victims for fun.


  1. There is another control for frequency of blinking eyes. When the victim is interviewing or giving an important speech, the metamorphosis perps used to controls the victim's blinking frequency, such cheap tricky used to lower victim’s impression and credibility. My experience, every time when I have speech against mind control, the perp will make me blink unconsciously, sometimes when I taking video for travelling, they also attack me by blinking eyes for fun.
    6. The metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with elderly for aging my appearance to reduced my social abilities, this week the chip controller within my chip with his mom who has been a sex worker before, which made my muscles slack, and when I press the skin like cotton, so I named her “Cotton chicken".
    7. The legend from mind control space. The perps used to mind control the rich elderly, tear up elders ‘family, separate the family members to move out, and then control the elder individual, arranged a male guards to take care elder for thief . After a few years, the elders are unknowingly emptied all their savings, and completely forgetting the whereabouts of the funds, and finally becoming Alzheimer's disease. So sad! The victims should take it as a warning for precautions.


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