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I am a non-consenting victim of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation which is being conducted by unknown criminals who work from unknown remote locations and this situation has been happening to me continuously for more than seventeen years. By now I have endured so much remote neural manipulation that the unknown operatives who both remote neural monitor and remote neural manipulate my brain and central nervous system can cause most of the muscles of my body to move against my will. The aforementioned unknown criminals have informed me via brain to brain interfacing that they have now enabled a situation where they could get me to perform acts against my will by manipulating both my brain and central nervous system from an unknown remote location while I am in any public arena. They have also informed me via the same communication method that they will influence me to give one of their operatives the keys to my home on an occasion where they would influence me to meet one of their agents in public. If that occurred and I publicly handed over the keys to my home to one of their agents while under remote influencing capability they would then acknowledge to the world that I had given them the keys to my home of my own free will. They have informed me that others in their group have pulled that exact scam on a vulnerable individual while that vulnerable induvidual was being remotely influenced by brain to brain interacing capabilities and by several other means.
I now plan to leave the keys of my home in the care of someone I trust  whenever I leave home in future. If you are a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation please be aware of this type of manipulation and act to protect yourself from it. My website which I alone own and control is called My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.

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We have reached a point in human history when we can no longer tell the difference between a human being and a robot which has been entirely manufactured from synthetic material because the capability exists and is in common use where by both the physical workings of robots and the software of robots can be wirelessly and invisibly interfaced to a human being who is remotely located from the robot and who can operate the robot as easily as he or she can govern their own brain and body.
If the robot is being viewed through a digital media screen and if their faces have face make up applied to them and if they have eye glasses over their eyes absolutely nobody could then tell the difference between the real human being and a robot. Therefore high profile men and women can now be murdered and then replaced by a robot for the benefit of public performances in order to fool the general public into following their dictates.
What should the general public do in order to stop those in positions of responsibility in the world from fooling the aforementioned general public by this and many other technological means? Please leave a comment.
This trickery may have already been attempted by using a robot made in the image of Prince Charles who is also known as the Prince of Wales because there exists youtube vidoes purporting to be him which look unlike him.
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