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Esse vídeo é longo. EU ENTRO NO TEMPO 54M48S AOS 54 MINUTOS E 48 SEGUNDOS
Mas, quero que vocês ouçam, traduzam para entender os momentos que antecederam o tempo que a mim foi concedido pela Câmara dos Vereadores da cidade de Sorocaba.
Se você tiver condições de traduzir, pegue papel e caneta e anote todas as pautas que foram apresentadas antes da minha fala.
Prestem atenção aos assuntos que representantes políticos discutem concede tempo, enquanto que, aos Direitos Humanos, crimes psicotronicos, apresentação da vítima, me foram concedidos 10 minutos.
Solicitei ampliação do tempo, mas inutilmente, nem mais um minuto me foi concedido, apesar do assunto ser gravíssimo.
Antes da minha fala, houve discussões a direitos dos animais, inclusive, assunto em pauta ao qual dedicam total atenção e interesse.
É o menoscabo com nossa causa e vítimas de crimes de torturas psicotronicas que tentam fazer de conta que "não existem e são fantasias das vítimas a descrição das dores, humilhações e perseguições que sofrem, além dos estupros eletrônicos".
Se tiverem pessoa confiável que traduza minha fala, peçam para traduzir, mas se "for tradutor confiável", e a transcrição não é confiável, sempre tem erros de concordância e sentidos muito graves.
Até hoje, 2020. não consegui Audiência Pública solicitada em 2016.
Isso é um menoscabo muito grande e desinteresse, provando alienação hipnótica e indução em massa no Brasil.
Naly de Araújo Leite - Sorocaba City - São Paulo State - Brasil

This video is long. I ENTER IN TIME 54H48M    -   54 MINUTS AND 48 SECONDS
But, I want you to listen, translate to understand the moments that preceded the time that was granted to me by the City Council of Sorocaba.
If you are able to translate, take paper and pen and write down all the guidelines that were presented before my speech.
Pay attention to the subjects that political representatives discuss grants time, while, for Human Rights, psychotronic crimes, presentation of the victim, I was granted 10 minutes.
I requested an extension of time, but to no avail, I was not granted another minute, despite the fact that the subject was very serious.
Before my speech, there were discussions on animal rights, including a subject on the agenda to which they dedicate full attention and interest.
It is the least thing with our cause and victims of crimes of psychotronic torture that try to pretend that "the victims do not exist and are fantasies describing the pains, humiliations and persecutions they suffer, in addition to electronic rapes".
If you have a reliable person who translates my speech, ask to translate, but if "you are a reliable translator", and the transcription is not reliable, there are always errors of agreement and very serious meanings.
Until today, 2020. I did not get a Public Hearing requested in 2016.
This is a very big minuscule and disinterest, proving hypnotic alienation and mass induction in Brazil.
Naly de Araújo Leite - Sorocaba City - São Paulo State - Brazil

Cette vidéo est longue. J'ENTRE DANS LE TEMPS 54M48S 54 MINUTES ET 48 SECONDES
Mais, je veux que vous écoutiez, traduisez pour comprendre les moments qui ont précédé le temps qui m'a été accordé par la Mairie de Sorocaba.
Si vous êtes capable de traduire, prenez du papier et un stylo et notez toutes les directives qui ont été présentées avant mon discours.
Faites attention aux sujets que les représentants politiques discutent accordent du temps, tandis que, pour les droits de l'homme, les délits psychotroniques, la présentation de la victime, j'ai eu 10 minutes.
J'ai demandé une prorogation de délai, mais en vain, on ne m'a pas accordé une autre minute, malgré le fait que le sujet était très sérieux.
Avant mon discours, il y a eu des discussions sur les droits des animaux, y compris un sujet à l'ordre du jour auquel ils accordent toute leur attention et leur intérêt.
C'est la moindre chose avec notre cause et les victimes de crimes de torture psychotronique qui essaient de prétendre que "les victimes n'existent pas et sont des fantasmes décrivant les douleurs, les humiliations et les persécutions qu'elles subissent, en plus des viols électroniques".
Si vous avez une personne fiable qui traduit mon discours, demandez à traduire, mais si "vous êtes un traducteur fiable" et que la transcription n'est pas fiable, il y a toujours des erreurs d'accord et des significations très graves.
Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, 2020. Je n'ai pas obtenu d'audience publique demandée en 2016.
C'est un très gros minuscule et un désintérêt, prouvant l'aliénation hypnotique et l'induction de masse au Brésil.
Naly de Araújo Leite - Ville de Sorocaba - État de São Paulo - Brésil

Outros canais nos quais fui publicada em tempo real de minha exposição.

Autres chaînes dans lesquelles j'ai été publié en temps réel pour mon exposition.

Other channels in which I was published in real time for my exhibition.

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There is a silent war being waged against the majority of the human race with invisible weapons.   This is commonly known as a war of attrition.   Wireless weapons are being used to torture and murder individuals while they appear to be safely inside their own homes.   Wireless weapons are being used to burn down homes and this is being achieved from a remote location.  Wireless technology is being used to electronically mind control most of humanity into a state of confusion and apathy.   I myself have been implanted with technology which has become wirelessly linked to a network of computers by a two way link.   Teams of researchers who work in total secrecy in front of computer screens in large office buildings throughout the world have the ability to upload  information into my brain and body and to download information from my brain and body.   Their aim is to  some day be able to wirelessly remote control me like a puppet.   They are already half way there.   These teams of researchers speak to me via the two way wireless link.  I hear their voices coming from inside my head.   I keep a daily blog which I upload to several social media sites outlining what these neuro operatives say to me.   Here is some of what they said to me as well as about me in the past twenty four hours:-

"She was bursting at the seams with food but she still ate some more."

"Only a lunatic would repeat back the awful stuff we say about her for all to hear."

  I was asked the following by  one of the neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head,  as follows  "Where did your cooking skills come from?"   I replied as follows  "I just picked them up from watching my mother cook when I was a child."   The reply I received from the inner voice of the neuro operative was as follows  "We wish to have hegemony on exactly how all things are carried out across the whole planet earth.  We dislike people picking things up for themselves.  We demand you do a course in anything you wish to pursue in the future including how to cook your dinner."    My response to that is the dark new world order would-be enslavers wish to micro manage our lives to such an extent that they would squeeze all of the joy out of all of our actions. 

"Every time we say something about her she swings it back to is in her blog the following day."

"House control has been activated on this lady.  We are not letting anything else she writes out to the public."

"She is coarse when speaking to us.  She has to express her displeasure in some way.  However, she is never coarse when she is speaking to her friends and neighbours.  She is friendly and upbeat."

"Did she ever have group sex."   "No.  We have nothing on her there."

"The whole human family will go up in smoke if this is allowed to continue."

"There is a disaster unfolding behind the scenes that only us and the individuals we target know about."

"What is wrong with you.  What do you want to eat food for already.   It is no length of time since your dinner."

"She is bounding around her home without a bra.  I got the distinct impression that she was not wearing a bra when I was brain to brain linked with her earlier."

"Princess Eugenie or her family, the British Royal Family to not belong to our organization.   The fact that Princess Eugenie was allowed to have surgery for scoliosis means that she could not belong to our organization because we forbid all surgery among our organization.  We have further advanced our health capabilities to the extent that we no longer use surgery or medication."  (I was watching an online video about Princess Eugenie of Great Britain and I was surmising about her when the inner voice gave me this information.  

"You are stuffing your mouth with food".   My response to that was as follows   "How would you like it if somebody else counted every bite of food you put into your mouth."   I then heard a further inner voice reply as follows  "No, but it is my job to monitor your every word and action."   I then replied as follows " No, it is not your job to do so.  It is nobody's job to do so.  Who decided it was anybody's job to monitor every word and action of a good living woman by wireless remote means while she is in the privacy of her own home?  

"We are not here to make you feel comfortable.  We are here to terrify you beyond words."

"We are at an impasse here in Ireland.   Nobody does anything we ask of them.  They all realize now that we are attempting to lock them down in a state of enslavement."

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