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BEAM FORMING is the ability to narrowly transmit or focus beams carrying data to a particular targeted individual without allowing that data to be expanded to other nearby individuals. For instance, a targeted individual, while standing inside a large group of people can be communicated with by means of beam forming without others in the group being able to hear the message that the targeted individual has received. BEAM FORMING is being used in bio-medicine. BEAM FORMING is being used to torture individuals while they are inside their own homes sitting talking to their families. Because energy weapons are invisible, silent and leave no trace, those who are not able to think outside the cocoon which has been created for them by those who control the main stream media are unable to act on information which they receive about wireless torture which is being carried out by means of beam forming. Because they are refusing to believe in wireless torture, their own children will possibly be wirelessly enslaved and tortured in the future. This is the price that they will possibly pay for their inaction in this area.

Modern Weapons are mostly invisible and silent and they leave no trace and the person standing beside you could be attacked by them without you being able to detect it.
Some modern weapons use directed energy and some modern weapons are known as acoustic weapons, neurological weapons, frequency weapons and various other types of weapons, most of which are classified. Because they are invisible and silent and leave no trace some people wrongly believe that they don't exist. Those people have been lulled into a false sense of security.
You are possibly already wirelessly linked to complicated weapons systems from micro or nano material which is inside your body and brain, which would have been introduced into your body mostly by means of vaccinations, and other types of injections. Modern microwave transmitters and smart street lighting link to the micro and nano material inside your body and brain by means of beam forming. Beam forming means that they energy which comes from the transmitters close to you separates into individual beams for each person in the area of those transmitters, enabling others to transmit individual messages and other data into your brain and body without others close to you being able to detect it.
A system is being set up worldwide where an Alexa type artificial voice will speak directly to you and will issue orders into your brain ordering you about all day long, each and every day, micro-managing your life in ways that are unbearable, and if you fail to obey those orders then pain or electric shocks will be transmitted into your body, or you will become paralyzed or your eyes will be externally controlled to remain shut until you obey the artificially generated voice coming from inside your head.
I know about this system because I have been partially under such a system for nearly twenty years. Medical professionals, psychiatrists, the police, the military and government officials may be under such a system while remaining unaware of it because they appear to be receiving subliminal messages to ignore all information about it which comes from those who have already become targeted by it on a full time basis.
Some solutions may be One to take down the infrastructure which allows this system, Two, to find a way of detoxifying our bodies from the nano technology which has been injected into us, Three to identify and arrest those who are responsible for setting up this system and force them to let us know how to protect ourselves from it, and Four, to stop all chemtrailing of the skies over our heads with nano materials and which has gone on for at least twenty years.
Unelected globalists working through the World Economic forum, the World Health Organisation, the International Monitary Fund and many other organisations which have almost nothing to do with national governments have attempted worldwide takeover.
Using a hoaxed pandemic they persuaded us to allow ourselves to be injected with several substances including Hydrogel which is a smart technology which uses bio-synthesis to create an intra-body nano-network inside our bodies. This intra-body nano-network and other injectable technology would allow them to connect us by wireless means to a control system known as the internet of bodies which in turn would allow them to harvest biological, physiological and psychological data from our brains and bodies and which would also allow them to download data to our brains and bodies such as voice hearing, moving images, still images, sensations, electric shock, pain, forced muscle movement, immobilization of muscles, feeling too hot or feeling too cold, subliminal suggestions, mood changes, and many other experiences.
This is an enslavement system which is meant for us but we must focus only on ways to stop them enslaving us, such as taking down the infrastructure which allows them to transmit and receive information from our bodies and brains and also detoxifying our brains and bodies so that we become free of the intra-body nano network and also to have them arrested and detained until they reveal methods which allow us to free ourselves from this enslavement system. I believe that some of our elected representatives and senior police and military have been partially lobotimized by means of brain weapon technology to the extent that they appear grateful to the would-be enslavers for gradually and incrementally taking away our freedom and abundance. They appear to have been subliminally programmed to publicly grovel to the would-be enslavers whenever they are in view. Do something today to help return us to full freedom.

Remote Neural Monitoring is a means for torturing victims invisibly and silently without leaving any evidence and it is achieved by means of directed energy weapons, neurological weapons, acoustic weapons and holographic projections among many other types of classified and other weapons.
Terrorist operatives isolate a victim and beam radio signals and holographic projections into their home. Gang-stalkers are employed to follow the victim around and to break in and sabotage a small number of the victim's belongings while they are out of their home, but not enough to make it a police matter. Satellite derived extra low frequencies and other means are used to communicate with the victim, and the victim is forced to hear those communications coming from inside their own heads and they have no way of blocking such communications. The communications are often death threats and physical torture threats.
The victim goes to the police and reports the matter and the police refuse to believe them and instead of investigating their claims, the police instead force them to attend for psychiatric evaluation, where they are often then transferred to a psychiatric hospital where they lose all of their freedom and their right to bodily integrity.
This situation is widespread throughout the world and those who refuse to take our claims seriously will find themselves and their children under attack from these aformentioned weapons, due to their complacency and their refusal to trust the public who report these crimes.
I am a victim of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for nearly twenty years in the Republic of Ireland. I know of many other Irish men and women who are also being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation. We no longer report the matter to the Gardai because of our extreme fear of psychiatric intervention and forced medication with toxic substances. I experience voices being broadcast into my head from unknown remote locations by anonymous cowards and I also experience tactile sensations on my arms and legs and also on my nether regions and rear end and all over my body. I also experience forced muscle movement, especially of the muscles around my face. I can be forced to laugh at the will of those who use directed energy weapons and brain to brain interface capabilities on me.
On 1st December, 2022, at 14.23 which is twenty three minutes past two pm, G.M.T. which is also known as Irish Time I was in a store called Tesco in Claremorris, Co. Mayo, in the Republic of Ireland where I purchased a coat. I went up to the check out in Tesco and while I was waiting in line unknown operatives broadcast energy into my rear end which I felt as strong sensations in my rear end. They do that to me on a regular basis no matter where I am. They broadcast sensations to my rear end while I am in bed at night and they often do this up to ten times during the night. They broadcast sensations to my front bottom area during the night also. I am a single woman and I live alone and I am celebate. I find all of this very difficult to take and I sometimes scream when they attack me with energy in my nether regions when I am trying to sleep at night. Last night, I was made to scream almost continuously for half an hour because one of the unknown terrorist operatives who uses directed energy weapons and neurological weapons against me from an unknown remote location would not leave me alone and was persistently attacking my front bottom area with energy which I can strongly feel and which I experience as extremely invasive and humiliating. I live alone in a rural area a good distance away from my nearest neighbours so nobody can hear me scream at night.
I have the receipt for the coat which I purchased in Tesco, Claremorris, today and the reason that I mention the receipt is because the time I purchased the coat is on the receipt and that is the same time as I was being attacked by directed energy weapons which was 23 minutes past 2 pm Irish time while I was at the checkout.
My name is Gretta Fahey and the name on the birth certificate which is associated with my birth is Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. This is also the address where my mother gave birth to me. My date of birth is 3rd February, 1960. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901. My email address is I have a bitchute channel under the name grettafahey where I have two hundred and fifty videos published, most but not all of which are about what I am experiencing by means of no-touch torture by means of directed energy weapons, neurological weapons, acoustic weapons and other types of invisible and silent energy weapons which leave no trace.
If the above control and torture system is not stopped there will be no future for anyone. Please raise awarness of this system and canvas your political representative to have it stopped. Many senior politicians, police, military and others are receiving subliminal messages to disbelieve targeted individuals and to resist any and all information we provide to the Irish government on the matter.
For further information on the current capabilities of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons please read the information on a website called and

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