Wherever there is enslavement each slave camp is kept to a small scale and is kept separate from all other slave camps so that if there is an uprising it can easily be contained in one small area without alerting the other slave camps.  Likewise, towns are now being bypassed by motorways which have a hidden duel purpose.  When some towns are bypassed in certain countries gates are then placed between the new motor way and all entrances into the town.   The towns people are then contained inside the gates.    The town is grid referenced so that each individual can be tracked where ever they travel inside the town.   All grid referencing has been cancelled within Irish shores because of this fear.   If human beings  were wirelessly linked via implants inside their brains and spinal cords to a computer network they could not go anywhere without permission.   I myself have been wirelessly tethered to a computer network for more than fifteen years and I can not break free.  I was born in Ireland, Europe and I have lived all my life in Ireland.  I have never committed a crime and yet I am being treated like a slave.  Still others have been electronically mind controlled.  Consider asking the government to stop the building of all motorways until we free outselves from our current enslavement by the new world order cabal who run the European Parliament from behind the scenes.  It is better to be frightened now while we still can act against the growing enslavement system rather that be frightened in twenty years time when we might have less options.  Everything happens by gradual and incremental means.  If people object, the new world order cabal pull back but again reemerge with a modified version of their plan about two years later.

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