Targeting is Perpetrated by the Affluent (Cabals)

I started out thinking my targeting was a result of just my activism.  But I wasn’t THAT active!  I signed petitions online, and went to one rally to stop subsidies for big oil.  I also suspected it was ONE wealthy family in Spokane WA that I’d insulted (I exchanged personal ads with a man named Michael F – I think his last name is Finley).  But a recent find on makes me suspect it isn’t just one family of rich people that want to keep all the money.  Rather, it’s a cabal of affluent families whose interests are such that any change in the way business is run globally, i.e., changes to laws governing emissions, fuel efficient cars, hydrogen powered engines, banking, real estate mortgages, etc. could severely restrict their cash-flow.  THESE are the people responsible for targeting.  They’ve set up forums/informational and support websites to misdirect TI’s and feed them full of BS.   THIS site is one of them.  So is FFCHS.  Both have become overrun with perps that misdirect, misinform, and confuse real TI’s with time-wasting propaganda. Here's the link to the blog that hits the nail on the head.

I'm going to try and find out who invented the game cabal4 (or whatever it's called), along with inventors of technology that could change the status quo. 

My advice to all who are really targeted is to be true to yourself.  You don't deserve what's happening to you.  Study psychology, and how it can be used to manipulate a person.  This is how they're doing it.  Learn, recognize, overcome, and live your own life.  If you have been a church going person, keep going.  If you haven't, going now won't change a thing.  Know that the harassment will continue no matter what you do.  You've angered someone that has money.  Period.

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