The basic knowledge of how Remote Neural Monitoring works which is provided within this post is from the online resource work of Bryan Tew who I do not know and who is a former United States department of defence contractor.

Remote Controlled Human Beings are currently being created all over the world by wireless means. These human beings are fully aware that they are slowly and incrementally being turned into bio-robots and they can not do anything to stop the bio-robotization process. They are frightened beyond words. After they become fully bio-robotized they may be used to kill other human beings. Please read here below how this human bio-robotization work is being achieved by slow and incremental means.

Many human beings throughout most of the world are now wirelessly tied to super-computers via nano technology which has been imbedded inside their brains and bodies, which they have both inhaled and ingested from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. The Remote Neural Monitoring super-computer monitors and manipulates all electrical activity in their brains on a constant basis throughout each day. It uses physical and psychological trauma to map out and reverse engineer the sensory and neural pathways of the brain and central nervous system of the victim of gradual bio-robotization in order to then build a cognotive model of that brain.

We all have nano technology inside our bodies and brains which we have inhaled and ingested from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. Particulates of this nano technology inside the body of the human being who has been selected for bio-robotization are wirelessly linked by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a large network of computers combined with a super computer. This process has come to be known as Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation. The nano technology speaks to and decodes the neuro transmitters of the human brain in a process called transcranial brain stimulation enabling the mind of the targeted individual to be read and replied to in real time . A team of data analysts download and catalogue all of the data from the brain and body of the targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring.

Another completely separate team of hidden operatives who are known as gang stalkers do everything in their power to discredit the targeted individual so that the targeted individual will not be believed. They use slander campaigns and false psychiatry to discredit these victims of gradual bio-robotization. In some situations these gang stalkers create a hostile environment everywhere the victim goes in order to isolate the victim so that there is no external interference which might dampen down the desired neuro programming.

A third team of individuals who are in essence neuro operatives are sometimes known as the hive mind team. They can introduce sound, voices, aromas, sensations, images, thoughts, and emotions into the brain of the targeted individual or on some occasions targeted group. The victim becomes a walking digital receiver. The hive mind team attempt to restrict the victim at will using remotely induced trauma and pain. They use bio-communication to project their voices inside the brain of the victim. They eventually are able to manipulate the visual cortex of the victim to introduce images into the victims field of vision. They introduce signals into the audio cortex of the victim to introduce sounds and voices. They manipulate the sensory cortex of the victim to introduce sensations or pain. They manipulate the motor cortex of the victim in order to cause movement to the muscles of the victim anywhere throughout the victims face or body. By modulation of the phase, frequency and amplitude of the stream of energy they can target any area of the human anatomy.

Over many years of laborious work, the neuro operatives who work by wireless means and from a remote location connect every sub group of muscles inside the body of the targeted individual who is destined for human bio-robotization from nano particulates which have been inhaled into the subjects body to a network of computers and a super computer. Each of these sub group of muscles is individually linked to the super-computer by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy until the day comes when all of the sub groups of muscles throughout the body of the victim is eventually linked to the super-computer. The super-computer co-ordinates all sub groups of muscles within the body of the victim to work in tandem with each other. The victim can then be wirelessly remote controlled by sadistic criminals to place one of their hands on a hot stove totally against their will or even to kill another human being against their will. The continuous two way streams of low frequency electromagnetic energy which link the victim to the super-computer is so strong that it can enable the victim to fight off ten strong men if necessary. The victim does not even need to be alive to achieve this. The victims body is totally remote controlled by a neuro operative or neuro operatives who may even be working by wireless means from thousands of miles away. The slow and incremental process of human bio-robotization is being co-ordinated as an act of war against the human race. It is part of an ongoing war of attrition that is being waged against us for dozens of years.

This process of human bio-robotization has already been achieved. I believe the following linked youtube video which is called MADNESS IN THE FAST LANE, SWEDISH SISTERS FULL VERSION is an example of two human beings who have been bio-robotized. There is no other explanation for their extreme strength and unusual capabilities even after one of them was seriously injured by a truck.

When the neuro operatives plan to take over the body of a human being they inform the human being in advance of the take over. When the psychopaths who currently run this planet have some plan for the human race they always inform the human race in advance through predictive programming in movies. Movies have been full of information about this human bio-robotization process for many decades.

Human beings who believe that they are being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized can easily be saved from whole body takeover simply by receiving a strong pulse of magnetic energy to their bodies which will destroy the nano technology inside them and set them free from their fate. However, they need electronically mind controlled government officials such as the police and psychiatrists to believe them, because magnetic pulse technology is beyond the reach of most targeted individuals. Police stations are being located directly under telephone towers in order to facilitate the electronic mind control process. We aught to ban microwave transmitters from all countries throughout the world immediately.


The dark occultists wish their fellow human beings to believe that they have more technological expertise than they currently have. This a basic military takeover tactic.

To that end they have falsely informed the human race through the grapevine that self-replicating nano technology when combined with a fungus type material will grow and self replicate inside targeted individuals , thereby allowing a selection of targeted individuals to be slowly and incrementally be consumed by an internal brain and body computer network. This internal computer network would then be used to wirelessly remote control us to either self-sabotage or to commit acts of extreme evil. However, sources close to myself have informed me that paid neuro staff are currently being used to laboriously link each sub group of human muscles of a large selection of targeted individuals to a network of computers by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy until such a time as the selected targeted individual has no further control over their own muscles unless they agree to be a neuro slave, and then go on to enslave others in a similar process. In that way, the number of neuro slaves throughout the world increases exponentially. The worldwide human community must immediately provide devices to the general public which can then be used to propel strong forces of magnetic energy at targeted individuals of neuro research in order to damage the nano technology inside their brains and bodies so that they can then be free from the cruel potential bio-robotization fate that now awaits them.



1. The would-be wireless enslavers blame a non-existent sentient artificial intelligence machine which they have supposedly lost control of for the current attempt at wirelessly enslaving the human race via nano technology which they have unknowingly inhaled and ingested.

2. They sometimes attempt to blame non-existent extra-terresterials for the wireless enslavement attempt. They have created elaborate psychological operations over the last number of decades in an attempt to create a belief in extra-terresterials, especially among the younger generation. These psychological operations used military intelligence, neuro weapons, staged film sets, hollywood makeup artestry and lies via their privately owned and controlled main stream media to pull this situation off. They have largely failed because we have online truth resources that they have failed to centralize and therefore were largely unable to control.

3. They have on occasion attempted to blame the supernatural for human possession by what is advanced military technology inside the human brain and body, which is being guided by wireless means from remote locations by organised assistants who were duped into signing blood contracts which they are unable to escape from.

4. They may also attempt to convince believers in a flat earth that tribes may have come in from outside the perimeter of the flat earth, which is believed to be the antarctic ice wall, in order to enslave us by technological means by wirelessly tethering us to computer networks via nano technology which is imbedded inside our brains and bodies. However, if the earth is indeed flat and if the perimeter walls are composed of the antarctic ice wall, the sun does not shine beyone a certain point. The further outside the antartic ice wall one would travel the colder and darker it would become to the extent that on life could possibly exist past a certain point. Nature would provide a natural barrier if we do live on a flat earth. However, nobody is allowed to visit the antarctic. Antarctic package tours that have been advertised appear to be bogus. When boats have sailed too close to the antarctic they have been blown out of the water.

The would-be enslavers of the human race attempt to render us passive in our attempts to disempower them by giving us messages which are especially designed to render us passive. They employ agents to generate false beliefs in online social media pages that it is now too late for humanity to save themselves from enslavement as everything is already in place to set the enslavement scenario in motion. They manipulate us from a young age to leave everything to so-called authority figures. They sometimes manipulate us to belive in saviours in many guises from supernatural saviours to extra-terresterial saviours, among others. They engrain in the minds of the masses that anybody who complains of hearing internal voices or who complain of electronic harassment or organised gang stalking is mentally ill. There are now private armies of privately paid gang stalkers in almost every country throughout the world who gang stalk and electronically harass anybody who does not fit in with the world wide control plan which is being drip fed to us from rigid heirarchical based chain of command which is due to become more rigid unless we disempower it.

The word anarchist is short for anti-heirarchicalist.  Anarchy is a linear based self-regulating system of rules without rulers. It is the system of organization which I favour. I hope to see it happen some day.

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