now there telling people to rape my wife and use a rubber and stuff these people should be shot. trying to act like she wants to do something and stuff trying to get her to say stuff thinking if they can use mind controal they can get out of the rape charges. to try to get her to do something and make it look like she did it on her own. years ago they tryed to make jennifer look like a Becky S. some woman that was chiped a scum trying to make it look like my wife did things years ago acting like no one could find out about t then doing stuff to people telling them it's myself John n and my wife jennifer then they tryed to use our names and voices. acting like we want people to do stuff to us and things to this effect these people are a waste of human life. there hopeing they can use a chip to get someone to do something rape them and act like they agreed to do it, if they use a chip it's still rape forced sex with mind controal. someone should kill these people. all of them should die maybe some TI's would like to investagate New Englans and Ney York also then spread the word. these people are no good and have used my name and my wifes name to do stuff to others. hopeing i will repeat what they say to others to make it look a sertin way so they can get away with it all. they try all sorts of stuff and some are married and i want there famileys to know what they did to others. it took them years to setup this stuff and do things now there afraid there going to be cought. in sure they feel secure and think they will never get busted. but every thing is revealed in the end. people always find out.

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