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Looking for info on More Parasights i think i got a type of worm i may have more than one implant not sure could have 3 all togather. This was setup by a Pawtucket Cop in Rhode Island. I would like to tell my story lease read. read this alot of Swareing and anger over the years. i chose sweeden to post it in a safe place so the USA can not touch it and the sweedish secret police as there called may have read it already... I been contacting Goverments and Human rights people and need some input. im still looking for this cop and these people that started it you may hear me name Anubis and have a problem with that but i was lied to and was forced to protect my Wife Jennifer for year this cop and his scum friends set me up. with these people.

I need some info on who to contact about support groups and reporting stuff this page i made has most of the info on it ya i have some hostility issues with other people that art chipped and have been looking for some of them you may not like some of the words i have used but it has not pervoked them enough to walk up to me yet. these people are cowards. some of them talk alot and never shut up everything i say is turned into a lie by them and they think no one will ever find out i can name 3 basic locations of these people New England, New York and Florida. these are the first 3 regions they would most likely use my name or my voice. I learned the word ( T.I. ) Targed Indevidual not long ago. and never was able to talk to anyone other then this group of cowards. There all on a New England Frequencie.

This Cop I have been looking for is somewhere out there maybe he chipped more people maybe the ones I seek to find. There were a few cops and I go the police report on my web page with all the facts I was never convicted and i was chipped anyway. I never knew they just chipped people to be assholes. I was told it was Becouse of the Situation but i guess that was just an Excuse.
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now there telling people to rape my wife and use a rubber and stuff these people should be shot. trying to act like she wants to do something and stuff trying to get her to say stuff thinking if they can use mind controal they can get out of the rape charges. to try to get her to do something and make it look like she did it on her own. years ago they tryed to make jennifer look like a Becky S. some woman that was chiped a scum trying to make it look like my wife did things years ago acting like no one could find out about t then doing stuff to people telling them it's myself John n and my wife jennifer then they tryed to use our names and voices. acting like we want people to do stuff to us and things to this effect these people are a waste of human life. there hopeing they can use a chip to get someone to do something rape them and act like they agreed to do it, if they use a chip it's still rape forced sex with mind controal. someone should kill these people. all of them should die maybe some TI's would like to investagate New Englans and Ney York also then spread the word. these people are no good and have used my name and my wifes name to do stuff to others. hopeing i will repeat what they say to others to make it look a sertin way so they can get away with it all. they try all sorts of stuff and some are married and i want there famileys to know what they did to others. it took them years to setup this stuff and do things now there afraid there going to be cought. in sure they feel secure and think they will never get busted. but every thing is revealed in the end. people always find out.

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I was on the phone with my wife someone just tryed to lie about her and tryed to say she was saying something and tryed makeing it look like she said something and she did't say it when i asked ans there on 2 frequncies with 2 radios or whatever lieing to people saying she wants to do stuff the dose not she said she never said it ans there all lieing about shit trying to act like she wants to be a hooker so they can get away with what they did. she is not even wanting to talk to them they keep claiming there her familey these people are lowlife scum. they should get there self handed to the human rights people im working on that. they are trying to do this to try to get out of that they already did to us.
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half of the pawtucket people are loosers starting fights and making people look a certin way ya pawtucket RI and the others communities are mad becouse of there drug problem you should tell them to keep there drugs to themsef trying to push there drugs on people that don't want them like my wife. trying to make her look bad becouse of there drug dealers. people do not want your drugs so stop pushing them on people. you drug offenders need to leave people alone you are the problem. there are people that do not want the drugs and leave them alone the down town buildings are the problem and there frequent drug trafficers and there people that want to use thing to make girls want sex. these people are discusting and the other citys are the same.

just the other month 4 providance cops were busted for a drug ring late more centralfalls cops were busted where is law and order these day. deffanitly not in Rhode Island
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This is what out government dose to us My wife maybe yours and your children here is picture of what they detail found it and i want to see if there is anything thing other countrys can do about it.

This is America others say it's there neighbors and other people alot of it's your own government.

maybe we can get support here

Please Help The US Stop Our Government

this is what they been trying to d to my wife it's rape through mind controal they try to do it in the real world too and force people...

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Ok, People Tryed To Do Things To My Wife Last Night They Been Trying This For A While trying to make her do stuff some are Rapest and others are lowlifes they been trying this for years these people should be killed they started this years ago lieing to people trying to act like there me. they thought they were cool trying to make me and her look bad the Goverment of the united states thinks there funny thing is the mentality of America. You wonder why they leave the country and people want to kill them ? It's because of the way they are no one in other Countrys likes the Americans. People in america want to start a problem hide like cowards and bother my Wife. This look good dose it not people in Johnston and Pawtucket are Involved.

So this is america and there filthy ways people say go to america it will be great in other countrys if you do come here and are chipped you will probly just want to kill the americans. most of the americans will say right out. this country sucks. these poeple act like it's a great place to be. America is nothing but a predetermined image and a lie. the freedom in the united states is not real. Is it's a free country ? NO
only for those that are stupid enough to belive the lies.

These others in this web sight are proof enough. the government is currupt the people are no good and this is how they treat the people. harassment invasion of privacy and messing with others wives they have no buisness doing. i got Marryed so they thing there going to go rape my wife or use there equipment to ave her go have sex with someone and come home and tell me about it. these people deserve to die.

Maybe another country will take action against America one day. or the human rights people will wake up and do something about it. untill them these people with there chips will harass people and try to enslave others as they think they will.

what great chipped people. the kindest there are americans. now you know why they sipt on flags and burned them in other countrys. You should also.

The American flag is not fit to wipe my ass with.

If you have any diganty you should shun the american show them no tust. cast them out from your Forigen homes and send them back to whence they came.

head the warrning this and is not free and the government prays on it's own people..

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