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now there telling people to rape my wife and use a rubber and stuff these people should be shot. trying to act like she wants to do something and stuff trying to get her to say stuff thinking if they can use mind controal they can get out of the rape charges. to try to get her to do something and make it look like she did it on her own. years ago they tryed to make jennifer look like a Becky S. some woman that was chiped a scum trying to make it look like my wife did things years ago acting like no one could find out about t then doing stuff to people telling them it's myself John n and my wife jennifer then they tryed to use our names and voices. acting like we want people to do stuff to us and things to this effect these people are a waste of human life. there hopeing they can use a chip to get someone to do something rape them and act like they agreed to do it, if they use a chip it's still rape forced sex with mind controal. someone should kill these people. all of them should die maybe some TI's would like to investagate New Englans and Ney York also then spread the word. these people are no good and have used my name and my wifes name to do stuff to others. hopeing i will repeat what they say to others to make it look a sertin way so they can get away with it all. they try all sorts of stuff and some are married and i want there famileys to know what they did to others. it took them years to setup this stuff and do things now there afraid there going to be cought. in sure they feel secure and think they will never get busted. but every thing is revealed in the end. people always find out.

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ok I know some police departments are useing the weapons and government also regular citizens in different places. They need to call there government and talk to them. so they can clean the mess up my problems stem from Rhode Island and Massachuets in the USA mostly. see the problem they need to ban DEW weapons and our governments are not responding to help us. see there are people in different states and countrys blaiming evey one else. to get out of it all. so one attacks one and another then they give out a name or 2. there using computers and voice synthers to hide there identiry and every one wants to act like a robot or program and it's 2 chips or a few people and how many have the capability ?

so if there are 2,000 people ivolved in this then how many are 2 ?

see they try to keep people from talking to others then talk to a third party a few listens then tell others
then other people go talk to make it all a lie and get out of there involvment. there are alot of loosers involved in this one.

see alot of people from other states attacked each other and then they blaim other people. see these people hide between others some you know but they lie to you. then they cut up words and names and tell people stuff. some are police they figure the will never be cought others are afraid of what they will learn who is involved in this stuff. so you have people giveing others names lieing there way out of it so they can hide some are there becouse they hate you. or becouse there rapist hiding who they are lieing about others to get them killed to hide what they did. some of them are gangstalkers. this been going on for year and they do not want there machines captured or themself.

see the Police here will not admit to the chips in most states it's the same and they were spose to take my chip and my chip out for 5 years atleast i want mine and my wifes removed and they refuse to do so. so the governments and people are responsable. s they will not disconnect from out chips and do stuff to hide themself thus everyone is a program with a lieing voice...

see the police first had the idea of the 2020 Neural Chip and wanted Violent offenders and stuff but the cops now are afraid to get cought. they say it's a myth there hideing it.

so how did the drug dealers and public get chips the government will not say.

so every one invilved in this is there own fault. each has a level of involvment and the governments of the world know so they talk no action. you need to call the human rights alot and the government also. but they will probly deny it all as people die

everyone one wants a fake name and wants to be someone else to pass on the blaim.

i told my friends the police were watching me 5 years ago when i learned about the implant and they refused to remove the implants and i have been harassed for 5 years every day. this is what they do and others got involved and there afraid to get cought like i said it got to be 2 people if a 2,000 are involved.

they double talk to lie and change your words so who is safe the government and police or is everyone passing the buck to try to get out of there involvment.

see first they stick you in a mental hospital and give you a diognosis then they act like your crazy and are talking to yourself all day long. then they got others on here that are not cops that are plain assholes so they try to act like it's all in your head. i do not have thousands of people just in my head they wil not remove my implant and my wifes implant also we have been chipped for 5 years so it proves others do not want to get cought. 2 people is easy for the government to remove the chips with no harm 2,000 idiots are another problem.

Assholes are sayng im doing this to myself becouse they told me to stop thinking. who the hell do you stop thinking. i think they should disconnect me and my wife from the equipment and remove the implants they refused to remove and keep lieing about and acting like they have no involvment

2,000 people can not be 2
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Ok Now we get into hacking. seems like everyone is talking about anubis right and jennifer here is how thy did it. there useing a Voice Masknig to change a voice like a Voice synthasizer and then using fake technologie. here is a way they been doing this the guys that claim to be Jennifer And Anubis there are many people on here i figured i would reveal it today. ok people used other voices and to lie about who they are see they set it up to be on 3 frequencies this is Underhand a older Mac Hack. see chips or Frequencie A, B, C. ok nchips use frequencies and stuff so if yo got someone here on frequencie A and there talking to frequencie B then you are on C. A talks to B talks C talks to so you hear A then you never see C becoue B relays the info to A. then they cut up words and stuff and try to connect to people then disconnect. people stay in tune with chis to make it look like there others so some people thought they were talking to there family and they lied to them they cut up names. useing fake names and saying they were people this technologie is dangerous some people used this to lie for years and hide themself then they try t act like there your familey.

this is illegal and could be how people ubducted children and girls. trying to make it look a certian way like there familey and try to get them picked up it's how they tryed to cut me off from talking to people for years and tryed to setup my wife and myself see they been useing a technologie to conect to people and hide there real voices and try t act like there a computer program.

this is why some of you think there are others you know and they are not they cut up words and use voices then they try to pretend your someone. this guy thought it was his familey doing stuff o him and it could have been another. people been useing this in the USA for a long time it's what the rapist do to pretend there someone else. see they want you to think they are someone they are not and change what you say.

they try to pretend there other people and i have not hears more then 20 voices in 5 or 6 years and there are so many storys about Anubis. there are places i have never been ans people that have never talked to me and this is how people say there others

see some people are rapist and stuff and drug smuglers this is one teqniuqe they used to try to get into position to compermise one. they lie and say there other people they been useing this for years to try to setup people.

this is why it's hard to find people becouse radios are used with chips to turn them on and off and some have edited computers and chips with Mods

some chips also use hacks for illousions of seeing people it's a holutionation.

so they are alive and they need a antivirus to empty the chips

look up a Nurale chip 2020. this is a police correctional officers chip

and check out DNA Chips it's an injection. this is why they claim there are robots and dead there useing Mods.

i figured i would release this im a hacker and am trying to destroy the software. there are rapist useing names and this tequnique to hide themsef they try to use holutionatoins with a DNA chip
to connect to it and use a chip image to lie about who they are. i started to hack in 2005 and people stole software. all the chips are no good and they need to be destroyed. they need to be removed and DNA chis have a DNA chip Removal Kit your Governement should have one. they drug addicts and rapist do not want people to know about it and they need to be found show this to your government.

they also have a Coccine buy with a chip attached in the Coccien and there are also Verichips. there are also radioes connected to computers and and DEW weapons invoved chips are easy to hack but i can proove 50 or more people wanted to stay connected to me and my wife and lie all day and will not disconect. and lieing about how they are and have been useing this for years and do not want to get cought. look into the Verichip hack. they need to be banned.
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