My fight is not only for myself, please send , share as soon as possible.

I am "waiting for", and we are all "waiting for " Prime Minister of Canada, and Canadian government to download what they already received regarding ongoing terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra in Ontario, Canada. Regarding
MK Ultra and how serious and brutal it is , several years ago all Canadian media reported it.

Should Canada be responsible for what happened and what is still happening in Canada for nearly 20 years?




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  • We are in the same boat and experiencing the same thing.  I do not know what UN is doing to stop them from doing these.

    You can contact Glenn Greenwald who was contacted by Snowden in 2013 and helped Snowden in 2013 published the secrets of NSA/CIA in the news.  Glenn is a journalist, author, writer, activist, and a lawyer.  If you would watch the documentary film of Snowden, Glenn Greenwald is included in his documentary film and had a big role.  What I know is Glenn Greenwald wrote to UN during that time in relation to the issues of Snowden's revelations about NSA and CIA.  I think NSA and CIA did not stop and have continued to this time, and in cajut with other governments and medias.


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  • I live in South Africa & suffer technological torture - psychotronic psychophysical torture artificial telepathy mind control. Most of my life. I have sought help by writing to the European court of human rights, ESP.Cenet, STOPEG, MCmail team - i have not found a way to stop this suffering. I hear things externally that sound like people in pain in - maybe also my family. It is the 2nd time in my life that i hear this external noises. The 2nd time for 5 years long. I think it's another world of pain. The oriental people put pictures in my head, voices too, including Solie Mavis, with the purpose of saving my life & my family's lives. They did this in March - don't know how often or if longer.
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  • Hi Robin,

    I look forward to the next activity.

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  • hi
    I don't know if you realize the seriousness of the situation, but the CIA is located a few meters from me and controls everything : the net, my parents, the phone and my thoughts. The Internet is processed with Pegasus. So I can only help you if you share my story. I promise. My story will make the world a better one for all slaves and outlaws. My messages via mail do not arrive. I have sent over a thousand which is why I chose this platform. With this billion dollar story(!) we will do a deadly damage to the CIA. Thus your story will be heard. Believe me and trust me. Share this story as best you can.

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