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Message from Lim C

"Peacepink acknowledge the fact of possible I'll intent information sharing here due to it's objective & open policy of helping victims of MC experimentation openly on the Internet with free information flow. Secondly, due to high tech and highly secretive nature of MC experiments, efforts are in place where managers would try their level best to screen all postings on site without sacrificing it's objective in mustering valuable info."


Message from Annie Svensson

Now I will write something that probable will upset some of you. But, this community is important in making progress for recognizion and belief in both media and among people that are not victims.

I send posts to newspaper and so on, and then advise them to go in to this community and have a look for them self, that so many worlwide are victims of this horror. Still, there are a lot of posts here that do not have anything to do at all with mind control and electronic harassments.


If we are gonna be heard and taken seriously, it is important to only put in posts that are serious and are not rubbish. Otherwise we will be suspected to be really "crazy" and that is the least thing we need right now.

So pls everebody, if you have something one your mind-and I know for sure,the perps can play with us, so that you don´t know what´s reality and what´s imagination in the end-send messages to eachother instead, do not post it as a blogpost or a discussion. Otherwise we can not advise people, relatives, media etc. to go in here and read. So that they believe this is really happening in this world 2010 to people that are NOT mentally ill and NOT crazy, just had the very bad luck to be a victim of this science cruelty that is going on worldwide.

I hope I don´t upset someone too much by this post, but this is important to remember

Our website is getting popular. Would you like to find out: "How popular is"? (Just for fun)


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  • I'd like to recommend a more professional colour scheme and header/logo, as Annie Svensson (is she still here?) mentioned we need to be heard and taken seriously, whch means a less "cartoon-y" logo, and lettering, at least in my humble opinion. I'd also like to note with thanks the creators of the website for all their hard work to bring this site to life.

    On another note, can we add a "flag" button in order to flag spammers/obnoxious individuals to have them removed from the website? Thank you.

    I hope we can make a better world together and help support one anotther, we, the real victims on here, need to help support one another. 


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