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Message from Lim C

"Peacepink acknowledge the fact of possible I'll intent information sharing here due to it's objective & open policy of helping victims of MC experimentation openly on the Internet with free information flow. Secondly, due to high tech and highly secretive nature of MC experiments, efforts are in place where managers would try their level best to screen all postings on site without sacrificing it's objective in mustering valuable info."


Message from Annie Svensson

Now I will write something that probable will upset some of you. But, this community is important in making progress for recognizion and belief in both media and among people that are not victims.

I send posts to newspaper and so on, and then advise them to go in to this community and have a look for them self, that so many worlwide are victims of this horror. Still, there are a lot of posts here that do not have anything to do at all with mind control and electronic harassments.


If we are gonna be heard and taken seriously, it is important to only put in posts that are serious and are not rubbish. Otherwise we will be suspected to be really "crazy" and that is the least thing we need right now.

So pls everebody, if you have something one your mind-and I know for sure,the perps can play with us, so that you don´t know what´s reality and what´s imagination in the end-send messages to eachother instead, do not post it as a blogpost or a discussion. Otherwise we can not advise people, relatives, media etc. to go in here and read. So that they believe this is really happening in this world 2010 to people that are NOT mentally ill and NOT crazy, just had the very bad luck to be a victim of this science cruelty that is going on worldwide.

I hope I don´t upset someone too much by this post, but this is important to remember

Our website is getting popular. Would you like to find out: "How popular is"? (Just for fun)


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    • SMH, you are something else Douglas. Look up the meaning of the word 'spamming' because I think that you are a bit confused. I didn't send the Bitcoin comment to multiple users , I just sent the comment to YOU sir. That isn't spamming. How was I obnoxious to you? I may have used the F word and if that is what is bothering you then you need to grow a thicker skin! And "REAL VICTIMS" on here need to help one another? Well you are alienating me so I take it that you think that I am not a REAL VICTIM?

      • Could someone please block Stephen O'Neill? I'm not here for a long time, but I'm already noticing that he keeps rehashing the same text wherever Douglas posts something. 

        • What are you on about Jan?And who do you think you are? My only real problem with Douglas is he accused be of being a scammer as I had advised T.I's to buy BITCOIN. But as far as I am concerned we had made things right and I at least said we sould start afresh. Could someone please block Stephen O'Neill? Who do you think you are? All a target has are other targets and alienating someone in the community isn't cool.

          • Ok, i apologize if I was too rash. I do not want to alienate anyone in the community, we shouldn't be at war with each other. But then I will hold you to the same standard you proposed.

            I think, you reply with the above comment everywhere where Douglas writes something. and the tone sounds insulting (at least to me). And it's completely off-topic (this thread is about the professional look and feel of peacepink, no?). Do you understand why it looked like spam to me?

            by the way: do you have any ideas about improving this website?

            cheers, Jan

            • Any time I commented on Douglas's comments was when he was talking about me, regardless of if it was off topic or not. We (Douglas and I) got off on the wrong foot from the start as he had accused me of being a scammer and because of that I had said he was a sex tourist because he was situated in Thailand, but then he told me that he was studying there and that was the reason for him being there. And I told him that I was sorry for passing judgement on him on that occasion . And all of this happened three or so months ago Jan so why are you bringing it all back to life again? I told Douglas that we should give each other a  chance and start afresh (to which he didn't reply by the way). As far as I am concerned Doublas and I are ok now, he hasn't talked about me in three or so months so I haven't had to defend myself. And I must say that Douglas is old enough and big enough to talk for himself Jan and if he wants to talk to me about any issue then he knows where to find me. I.E we don't need you getting involved.

              And how can we better this website? Well if it ain't broken then don't fix it is what I say, it is just fine the way it is. There are no moderators sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and that is just great!

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