An Announcement to the Whole World by Chinese Victims

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all,please permit us to introduce ourselves to you. We are some of the Chinese victims from dozens of regions and cities across China, who have been cruelly harassed ,tortured and persecuted in a covert way by the means of secret remote control on human body & brain. Among us, there are corporate employees,teachers,students, retirees and other intellectual workers and physical workers. Our suffering period ranges from several months till over 30 years.

Thanks to Internet that builds a bridge for us to know each other, and it is same sufferings bring us to work together.

A group of secret criminals who abuse their powers, arbitrarily use “the means of secret remote control on human body & brain”, illegally manipulate our bodies and brains covertly, and also cruelly torture and harass us psychologically and physically and persecute us days and nights so that a lot of victims live a very miserable and horrible life.

Secret criminals utilize the weapons of “secret remote control on human body & brain” and remotely influence us, and consequently our bodies suffer from “physiological diseases and physiological behaviors” caused artificially from their weapons such as aching, itching, coldness, hotness, trembling, unwell feeling and unhappiness, and so that our brains suffer harrassments and tortures from “acoasma and hallucination”. Besides, criminals do all they could to shamelessly steal and indecently spread our privacy in our brains in a abnormal psychology,and crazily do all they could to intimidate and humiliate victims. All these vices do a great harm us psychologically and physically. Therefore , some innocent victims was forced to hospitals especially for being forced to accept mental treatment, some innocent victims were forced to suicide because of intolerable secret tortures and insults, and others died of “strange fatal diseases” yielded by criminals secretly in a special trap.

Such secret crimes as the wide abuse of their powers, the illegal use of “the means of secret remote control on human body & brain” and illegal violation of fundamental human rights, have resulted horribly in atrocity or the unprecedented anti-human catastrophe of human rights technically. These crimes not only challenge severely Chinese constitution and laws, but also human conscience, the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is NOT permitted by all the human beings at all!

Owing to the above-mentioned cases, Chinese victims jointly lodged “a collective complaint to Chinese President Hu Jintao” (please see attachment 1) on 3rd Dec. 2007, and emailed it to the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, every ministries of the State Council, major news media and the legal community who we asked to deliver the complaints to Chinese President.

Subsequently, we jointly announced " An Open Letter to the Head of Chinese Secret Institution" on 5th May 2008.(Please see attachment 2)

Chinese Goverment has the undisputed responsibility to take an immediate investigation into the secret criminals who abuse their power, and to sternly punish them according to the clause of "the State respect and protect citizens'human rights" set out by Constitution of PRC China. However, unfortunately,so far we have not received any response on the issue.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN General Assembly passed and published Resolution 217A (III) on 10th December 1948) stipulates in the following relevant clauses that:

Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

China is one of the creators of the United Nations, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a member of UN Human Right Council and one of the signers of UN Covenant on Human Rights. Therefore, China should seriously observe and enforce the relevant rules of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At present, the quantity of victims are increasingly rising around the globe. Thousands of victims strongly demand for an investigation into the sinful Hi-tech crimes which covertly violate human rights worldwide. A large quantity of the stated facts reveal that these secret fascist criminals are the common enemies of all the human beings who use Hi-tech means to arbitrarily secretly violate human dignity and fundamental human rights. The crazy secret Hi-tech crimes heavily threat and violate the fundamental rights of human livings in the world.

Challenged by the unprecedented worldwide catastrophe of human rights and the severe crimes of damaging human beings, we urge an immediate actions in union and bravely fight against the gangs of secret fascist criminals! We must disclose the horrible crimes which are covertly damaging human beings, and put them into the Judge Courtroom in International Criminal Court!!

Journalist and elites worldwide have the responsibility to provide supports for victims, the lawyers worldwide have the responsibility to stand by and offer a legal aid to victims.UN Human Right Council has the responsibility to safeguard human rights and to protect thinking right, sleeping right, health right and living right of all the human beings. International Criminal Court at Hague has the responsibility to carry out an investigation into the crimes denounced by victims, and to charge these secret fascist,the criminals who severely violate fundamental human rights with the Hi-tech Crime and the Antihuman Crime through and according to the relevant legal proceedings.

We, Chinese victims, support resolutely the global campaign of " Ban the abuse and torture of secret MIND CONTROL/PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS/Remote Human manipulation" through our practical actions. We strongly appeal for the United Nations to immediately stop the abuse of the means of the secret remote control on human body & brain which are used to cruelly harass and torture and persecute covertly common citizens.

We strongly urge the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to do his solemn duty to protect fundamental human rights of the whole world, and hold a urgent international conference on the ban of abusing “the means of secret remote control on human body & brain" so as to protect the validity of the UN Charter and UN Declaration & Covenant on Human Rights. Also, we demand for European Commission for Human Right to immediately put Article 27 of A40005/1999 into practice.

We strongly urge global news media to stand out to support justice, and to take a deep careful investigation into the secret Hi-tech crimes, and to expose truly the sinful facts of secret fascist criminals to the global people.

We strongly urge global legal community to stand out to offer a legal aid to all the victims and support justice based on the UN Charter and UN Declaration & Covenant on Human Rights.

We strongly urge UN Human Right Council to take an urgent investigation into these secret fascist criminals who arbitrarily use “the means of secret remote control on human body & brain” which have been crazily violating fundamental human rights.

We strongly urge International Criminal Court to take an immediate investigation into our complaints, and to charge these secret fascist criminals who heavily violate fundamental human rights with the Hi-tech Crime and the Antihuman Crime, and to make a historic great contribution to guarantee the fundamental human rights of all the human beings!!

With best regards,

Yours truly

Chinese victims' signatures as follows:
Nanjing Xin Zhongqing
13776686557 (
Yunnan Wang Ronghai 15008719951
Hunan Li Chunze 13435768567
Dandong Gao Xiaowei 13898510756
Shanghai Yu Rongjian 13120847702
Xiangfan Yu Feng 13995768279
Guilin Yi Shenglin 13978302663
Beijing Zhang Lei 13691103510
Hubei Liu Wei 13597878369
Shanghai Yu Lingbo 13321981271
Shandong Qi Changling 15154602071
Guangzhou Jiang Jin 13535358871
Hunan Guo Ruquan 15974413876
Jiangsu Sun Wei 13917698052
Sichuan Zheng Yun 13559949568
Zhejiang Cao Shijie 0576-86814070
Fujian Gan Zhiheng (0596)2302076
Liaoning Shi Yu 0410-2828530
Hebei Li Guanping 0310-2326981
Zhengzhou Zhao Feng 13903863768
Hunan Fan Li 13646218013
Guangxi Qiu Yongjin 0778-2565332
Zhuhai Zhang Lu 15812708601
Yantai Sun Bo 15064528015
Anqing Zhou Lianhong 13685568645
Jiangxi Lai Qixing 13712207193
Zhumadian Yuan Yuan 13525333332
Sicuan Chen Xiaoyi 15982732725
Hubei Long Wei 13469765313
Xuzhou Pei Weichuan 13033539006
Heilongjiang sky 13634601784
Nanning Huang Shanbing
Germany Wenxiu Zhou +49 162 7550 955
Jingzhou Zhang Sihai 15927724461
Yichang Wang Yang 13307203797
Qinhuangdao Ma Xinlan 13230383403
Jiangxi Xiong Lu 0795-7032879/7585069
Xuzhou Bai Lu 13685161290
Fujian Lin Zhen
Li Xuanwang
Kunming Ma Chao
Anhui Peng Yishan 13275779355
Nanjing Chen Shiwei 13211355448
Shanghai Liu Huamingzhi 13818051167
Hubei Zhang Chengzhu 13545372812
Hunan Zhu Zhuoxiong 13187326593
Guizhou Xin Yu
Hubei Ren Danting 13872825547
Hebei Di Manqi
Gilin Wang Iacing 13894726370
Liaoning Liu Wei 13842729284
7th Sep.2008

Attachment 1: A Collective Complaint to Chinese President Hu Jintao(

(Summary: More than 70 Chinese victims jointly lodge a "collective complaint" to Chinese President on the basis of the facts that they have been living in the long-term nightmare of the electronic harassments & tortures by "the means of secret remote control on human body (brain) ". They strongly appeal to PRC Chinese Government for justice and legal rights so that the Chinese authority will severely punishes these secret fascist criminals who abuse their powers and arbitrarily violate the human rights of common citizens across China .)

Attachment 2: An Open Letter to the Head of Chinese Secret Institution

(Summary:Dozens of Chinese victims jointly stated through their own experience that a band of secret agents illegally abuse their powers and use the Hi-tech means in the Chinese Secret Institutions. The secret spies savagely infringe on the Chinese Constitution, arbitrarily violate human rights of common citizens, and covertly monitor, harass, torture and persecute us via a special method day and night. It is the secret spies who are the secret murderers of all the horrible cases!)

Attachment 3: No-war Victory? US and Russia Accused of Researching Mind-Control Weapon
(An article from Website Homepage in Xinhua News Agency)

(Summary: Chinese official media, Xinhua Net homepage, reported that Russian mind-control victims lodged a collective complaint to UN Human Rights Council. The report described the military prospect of the secret Mind-control Weapons. The report demonstrates that Chinese official media begin to admit the widely-concerned facts that the technology of "secret remote control on human body & brain" does exist.)





长期以来, 一帮滥用特权的秘密罪犯,肆无忌惮地使用“秘密遥控人体和大脑(精神)技术”,非法秘密控制我们的身体和大脑(精神),日夜不停地实施种种惨无人道的精神骚扰和肉体折磨迫害、阴谋暗害,致使许多受害者每天生活在无比痛苦的、生不如死的恐怖状况中。

他们使用“秘密遥控人体和大脑(精神)技术” ,遥控制造我们受害者身体内日夜交替出现:痛、痒、冷、热、颤抖、难受等人为的“生理疾病和生理行为”痛苦;遥控制造我们受害者的大脑(精神)日夜出现所谓的“幻听、幻觉”骚扰折磨痛苦。他们还竭尽无耻、卑鄙、下流的变态伎俩,窃取传播受害者大脑思维的隐私信息,并且,疯狂地对受害者进行秘密恐吓和种种人格侮辱。所有这一切,都给我们受害者的肉体和精神带来了无与伦比的巨大创痛,身心遭到极度的摧残和伤害。其中,有一些无辜受害者被诬陷并送进“精神病院”;另一些因无法忍受秘密折磨凌辱的痛苦而“自杀”;还有一些则被他们秘密制造身体内出现各种莫名其妙的“绝症怪病”而阴谋暗害,含冤死亡。


为此,我们中国受害者于2007年12月3日,联名写了一封“致胡锦涛主席的集体控诉信” ( 见“附件一” ),并用电子邮件发送给了中共中央和中国国务院各部门,以及全国新闻媒体和法律界人士等,要求转呈给中国国家主席。

接着,在2008年5月5日,又联名发出了一封《致中国“秘密机构”头头的公开信》( 见“附件二” )。


《世界人权宣言》(联合国大会 一九四八年十二月十日 第217A(III)号决议通过并颁布) 的有关条款规定:







我们强烈要求联合国秘书长 潘基文 先生从维护“联合国宪章”及有关“人权宣言和公约”的尊严出发,履行自己维护全世界人民基本人权的神圣职责,紧急召开“禁止使用秘密遥控人体(大脑)技术武器”的国际会议。我们要求欧盟人权委员会立即开展其A40005/1999第27款的工作!





南京 忻中庆 13776686557

云南 王荣海 15008719951

湖南 李春泽 13435768567

丹东 高晓维 13898510756

上海 郁荣建 13120847702

襄樊 喻峰 13995768279

桂林 易胜林 13978302663

北京 张蕾 13691103510

湖北 刘炜 13597878369

上海 余灵波 13321981271

山东 祁昌玲 15154602071

广州 蒋进 13535358871

湖南 郭汝泉 15974413876

江苏 孙玮 13917698052

四川 郑芸 13559949568

浙江 曹世杰 0576-86814070

福建 甘志恒 (0596)2302076

辽宁 石宇 0410-2828530

河北 李冠萍 0310-2326981

郑州 赵枫 13903863768.

湖南 范丽 13646218013

广西 邱勇进 0778-2565332

珠海 张路 15812708601

烟台 孙波 15064528015

安庆 周连宏 13685568645

江西 赖启星 13712207193

驻马店 沅元 13525333332

四川 陈小意 15982732725

湖北 龙伟 13469765313

徐州 裴维传 13033539006

黑龙江 天空 13634601784

南宁 黄鄯兵

Germany Wenxiu Zhou +49 162 7550 955

荆州 张四海 15927724461

宜昌 王洋 13307203797

秦皇岛 马欣岚 13230383403

江西 熊璐 0795-7032879/7585069

徐州 白露 13685161290

福建 林振


昆明 马超

安徽 彭宜杉 13275779355

南京 壹码揽球 13211355448

上海 刘华茗之 13818051167

湖北 张承柱 13545372812

湖南 朱卓雄 13187326593

贵州 心语

湖北 任丹婷 13872825547

河北 狄曼琦

吉林 王雅清 13894726370

福建 陈媚 0595-87058567

辽宁 刘威 13842729284

附件(一): 《致胡锦涛主席的集体控诉信》(


附件(二): 《致中国“秘密机构”头头的公开信》(


附件(三): 《不战而屈人之兵?美俄被指研究“脑控武器”》(新华网主页文章  )



"American Millitary Practice On Net-Psychological War"美军网络中心战的理论与实践:有九大核心系统

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  • Hi,I’m a Chinese female and 29 years old from China,I noticed voices talking to me within not auditory from January,but kind of like thought-stream.They have different accents and genres,sometimes they humiliate me,and sometimes they blow me out of…they also says:’’we are angel, we really want to help you with your mission,buddha or ghost, please don't drive us away, we're scared of you doing this, you humans are so funny, we're not what you think."Then they would speak to me in my dialect, but only in aggressive, inflected patterns,like repetitive robotic speech. Whenever I think of English, they communicate with me in the English I know, and they even make me nod my head, shake my head and do things like pouting, so that I can tell who is speaking, but it's really confusing, and they say your brain controlled by us. Even they can help me did yoga,draw(but I don’t know what those draw meant)and meditations,controled my actions,make my brain so heavy painful everyday,always make me vivid dreams,recently always about scary police dreams,it’s kind of so creepy😭But they often tell me what to do. I can’t normal life,I'm just really scared.I really need help,so how can I get treatment?please help me😭😭😭

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