i've had a Nasal electronic implant for 15 years. yesterday my perp Mr. Marty Buss 68005 has now tried to kill me with this equipment. I am HIV negative-until now? had Oral sex with a Call Boy. Before he came Mr.Buss started to burn my mouth and tongue with Focused Microwave Radiation. i had semen in my mouth when Mr. Buss turned up equip-blistered side of mouth and tongue. i have always heard and read that even though there is a risk, usually it doesn't get in blood. he got to the point of causing the actual semen to burn my mouth and any virus to easily get through to blood by raw tissue. This is ATTEMPTED MURDER. When will someone get the equip away from this worthless MAGGOT? Whoever gave him this trusted him and now look at what he has tried to do with it. He thinks he is Untouchable doing this. Runs a 34 year DRUG HOUSE, has multitudes of his addict friends over to get loaded and burn me, even to the point of them handling this equip. i know it is TOP SECRET EQUIP, but whatever the purpose is, he has discovered he could actually kill and no one could prove it. I KEEP QUIET about this equip, when will someone get it away from him?

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