Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus starting with the Yupie flu in the 1980s. Dr.Death took Juidth Currin life because she had Fibromyalgia syndrome and Chronic Fituge Immune Disfuntional Syndrome that the USA Downgraded and Belittled the diseases that they created. She was a targeted individual and being attacked with Microwave warfare like I was in the 1980s. She had two small children and her husband was a Phycairtist. I guess we know how she became a targeted individual. She was a Nurse and somebody put her on the Kill Program via Slow kill and Silent kill Weapons of mass destruction. Familys was put on this list to be completely destroyed and divided and made sick to torcherd the entire family's over 40 year's now and still going on today. I got their Biological Warfare diseases In 1974 44 year's ago i became a target for Elimination. I am the only survivor in my home today and live in a Faraday cage like a Animal and spend two hundred dollars a month on supplements just to Survive the Holocaust. Thanks and God Bless.

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The bathtub drain where the Smart Dust Chemical ate chunks of Metal out of my bathtub drain where they found my wife Curld up in a Fetal position Dead. When the police talked her into evicted me from my home in 2014 i explained to her that they would kill if she evicted me again. And warned her not to sleep in the bed because of the Black Smart Dust on the Mattress. That it could eat her from the inside out but she evicted me anyway. But she was being attacked and torcherd like me and was very afraid of those people. I'm 2012 she said Richard you are going up against some Powerful people and again in 2013 my wife said Richard these people are more powerful than you know about. My response both times was Honey those people are just powerful with their positions and money, God Holds all Power Over Heaven and Earth. This was my Faith talking and I have much Faith like Job. Satan has no power over Death, all Satan can do is torcherd you and completely destroying your family and kill your family. But if you Faith as a Musterd Seed you can move Mountains. Thanks and God Bless.


My wife and six months old granddaughter did not survive the Holocaust. The heavy duty Faraday cage that I built after they torcherd and and Murdered my wife in March 29 2017. Survival Of The Fittist via Darwinism. But God poured a Blessing out for me in 1977 when the entire room filled with a loud deep voice and and God said Don't Worry Son You Will Be Alright. God knew that i would Suffer for over 40 year's by the hands of Man and Satanic and Demonic and Pure Evil people. Thanks and God Bless.


Human to Machine to Computer via Morgellons disease and Black Smart Dust via programmed nano bots on top of a dozen illegal microchips RFID and Microwire to spine and Brain and broken bones without my knowledge or Consent. If waged War with the Beast a long long time ago and that War is still going on today but i will overcome him using my Faith. It was written Beware Of Satan's Sneekyness and Trickery. Thanks and God Bless.


Knowledge and then you get Understanding and only then you get Wisdom and Courage to change these things.

Let no man add it take away from my words. Because I call my words Faithful And True. Knowledge in America is the

Very Dangerous. I hope and pray that i brought Knowledge and Understanding and Wisdom to the people today of the Crimes against humanity and Genocide around the world. Thanks and God Bless.

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