Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Physics Revealed - Part 3

This article adds a little background information, defines reduced figures for the system and improves upon the assessment made in the first article.

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  • In regards to creating an area free of neural signals transmission from satellites which I posted few days ago, what I really meant is a handy device like GPS jammers where incoming GPS signals from satellites are blocked from reaching GPS trekker.

    I didn't mean anything big scale to cover a zone like a city. My mistake if I didn't put it very clearly.
    GPS jammer, I bought one, actually is quite useful due to its mobile nature.

    I have another question here :
    can these neural signals from satellites be reflected or deflected by crystals ?

    Appreciate your comments.
  • Richard G,
    From my personal experience, TIs during the initial stage are likely to fall into this trap where they are tempted by intended misdirection to over analyse bits & bytes of details of harassment process. Time, resources & energy are wasted to look for answers to virtual signals but only find frustration & a bunch of disappointed family members and people you love. Websites like Peacepink does help a lot for new victims to bridge and to learn to come to term with reality.
  • Richard G,

    I can see you are desperate for an exit from the present situation. Everyone is.

    Knowledge is power. I saw Robert Duncan's comment : "They have given up on subjects once they know too much."

    I was like you, speculating I could be targetted by mafia or big corporation when the incident began 1.5 years ago. I tried various ways trying to find an impossible outcome, trying to deny the real problem i.e. which is out of my control. Thank God my mind & body are still together in one piece.

    "The Objective:
    During these mind control projects the handlers require a certain amount of ignorance about the topic to do their dirty work. More a person understands, the less influence they have. They have given up on subjects once they know too much. Humanity is undergoing a cataclysmic evolutionary event. Technology can be used for good or evil. These volumes of Project Soul Catcher hopes to force a technology transfer to the public sector for all its benefits by exposing the U.S.'s darkest secrets."

    "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."
  • You do realize that I am working in the middle east as a US contractor, and that this hell of an experience has actually followed me here from California?

    I wouldn't be surprised. The middle-east has no real access to satellite technology like this, so they'd be blind to it.

    How will living in China or Russia change anything? I realize you could just be sarcastic here, but I don't think the rest of the world is anywhere close to where we are with this crap.

    Its a signal, hence detectable. The US may be ahead in terms of the complete solution, but they should be able to detect signals in their backyard. I'm sure they would be concerned enough to deal with the threat. Given their anti-satellite capabilities, I do not see a reason for them to merely accept it.
  • "You paint a bleak picture for me, and I'm already depressed from this (actually I am programmed at this point to get depressed). You must understand how horrible it is to have people present around you 24/7."

    Keep in mind that you are not the only person on this system. As such, it is inevitable that they will target someone with the capacity to reverse engineer the entire system. That person would have the most current description and in-depth knowledge of the system outside of the NSA. In many respects, they would have a fuller picture of the capabilities and the knowledge of how to deal with it mentally. This knowledge will invariably end up in the wrongs hands as it is the only route left.

    What do they do then?

    "I disagree with you, and we will have to agree to disagree regarding AI vs real people. They are real. You are right that they never make mistakes, and that could be a clue, but I am convinced until otherwise proven."

    They're not making the mistakes that you are looking for. If you had a solid knowledge of artificial intelligence, logic and the differences between a human and an A.I., you could probe for weak points. There is a gulf between replicated functionality and human emotion. That and if you examine the constraints, you can roughly estimate where they had to cut corners.

    So, whilst I do not expect you to recognize this without some external proof, others would be able to prove it to themselves.

    "I agree. I have been fed hundreds of fabricated stories that were originally thoughts of my own intended to try and rationalize what was happening to me. That is a chief tactic used."

    As far as I can work out, its just the A.I. role playing around either your musings, or musings it has prepared itself.

    "There are more than enough reasons for me to be depressed about this, and I would appreciate any ideas you may have to end this."

    Outside of a shielded room, you really are at their mercy. You could always try moving to a nation where you could be Russia...or China.

    Ironic isn't it.
  • "Why do you believe that there is strictly one explanation for targeting?"

    There are a wide range of reasons for targetting. I suppose you really mean, why is it just he NSA and GCHQ.

    There are a number of reasons. The first is that it is a SIGINT issue. Thus, if the nation were under attack from a foreign government, such groups would make the public aware and call forward those that have been attacked. As they also have the most sophisiticated systems on the planet, there is no way someone could transmit such a signal and them not notice it.

    Finally, it comes down to capacity and security issues. There is a constellation with a finite amount of bandwidth. That means a finite amount of slots that can be allocated to people. Thus, this would be saturated with high profile targets and long term experiments.

    "I believe I am the victim of a small group of criminals that profit from patients admission to hospitals."

    I really would not expect you to be able to rationalize this at this point. If you are genuine, then lingering delusions would be expected.

    "What about global investment markets? I would bet my life there is insider trading happening on a scale never seen before, and our government is most likely an active participant, along with those that control it."

    There is already evidence of this, it is well known that the US is up to its neck in this:

    How do you think there economy manages to be disprroportionately large compared to the rest of the world?

    "Finally, what happens when someone like me realizes what might have happened to him, and then writes about it in a forum, knowing these people are watching closely?"

    They are powerless beyond the Synthetic Telepathy. Also, given the global interest in this technology, direct action would only have the effect of exposure.
  • "I will investigate the shielded room under the specs that you have provided and report back to you as I go. However, will they not be able to lock back on to me after I leave the room? Is it a temporary (how long I'm in there) solution? Do I need technicians to operate the room (I'll learn about this at the University in any case)?"

    I doubt if the room will be sufficiently shielded at low frequencies. I may be wrong though. The shielding effect will only remain as long as the room is sealed and just like a radio transmitter you will be picked up the instant the shield drops.

    "Is there any residue, imprint, or evidence left on the brain, heart, or body from this kind of prolonged abuse? Long term negative implications? Can I undergo some form of brain or heart scan and look for scarring or other damage?"

    Nothing that could not be attributed to other sources. DeepThought, in his latest article, shows that an MRI scan will reveal the lack of activity associated with Schizophrenia. If you are having a two-way conversation and your MRI scan appears normal, then its not the result of natural brain injury or disease. Whilst the system can push you into a psychosis for a limited period, it cannot maintain this without doing serious damage. Thus, MRI scans over a period of four-to-eight weeks should show the brain recovering even though the voice is still present.

    Other than that, lingering delusions, weight gain, feeling spaced out, muscle spasms, heart palpitations and lingering anxiety are the most common reports.

    The most important indicator is the individual's story. As an automated system, it has a clear hallmark or fingerprint that is inconsistent with any defined mental illness. You will find that the symptoms drift across a range of illnesses.

    In terms of longterm consequences, these will be on par with any prolonged period of intense stress. This will manifest in later life as heart problems, etc.

    I stand by what I somehow know to be true-this is not AI. I know you believe it is, but I have had very heartfelt conversations with this group.

    The A.I., in this scenario, would appear human. Forget everything you assume about an A.I. It can laugh, sympathize, make observations, provide its own opinion, etc. Its all an act and it is really quite good at it.

    You see, you're not the first to report this and certainly not the first to have spent a prolonged time on the system. Unless you had a solid background in I.T., programming and A.I. (especially Turing tests), there is no way I would expect you to tell the difference.

    I've gone through reports where it played the role of an entire team of people at GCHQ, each at a station dedicated to monitoring of particular output (such as motion, recognition, auditory). It falls apart because it is too damn quick and a team cannot coordinate that fast.

    Its not the only indicator, but it is one of the best.

    As for heartfelt conversations, it can do this really well. It can also rationalize its own existence and debate metaphysics quite comfortably even to a very advanced level.

    "Perhaps there are some down times when AI takes over, but I can assure you that real people were and still are involved."

    That's one of its sequences, it got busted doing this. It was introducing a machine whilst staff knocked-off for the evening and as a threat for non-compliance. Nobody expects the whole thing to be an A.I. roleplaying.

    "Is there something that you would do if you were in my situation that I have not thought of?"

    Study it like DeepThought, then sell it and your services to a foreign government. Any other way and you are flogging a dead horse, the A.I. will just keep chatting long after the cows have come home, gone to sleep and died of old age.

    If you have issues with this, consider what your own government has become and what needs to be done to restore law and order.

    Of course, they could try to stop you, but this would inevitably blow up in their faces.
  • To Symore Thanu,
    I like to highlight an aspect of human GI (gastrointestinal) neurons structure
    and its functions intertwinning with the brain in our emotions.

    The main decision making processes take place in the brain as your explanation

    As for GI neurons lining, it has number of neurons outnumber those inside the brain and spinal cord, does something that affects our emotions. Thus GI has been described as "second brain" by scientists.

    I guess the phrase "gut feeling" does have some basis of science.
    And I personally think it affects a person's EQ which basically decides if a person is happy or sad.
    Bad GI, bad mood. So on and so forth, right ?

    And EQ, is more or less, again my personal view, the main battlefield between TI and perps (V2K, hallucination). Do you agree ?

    So, in my opinion, taking care of the GI is just as important as fighting the battle in mind control.
    Hope you can comment and everybody can have a tinkle so people here while taking care of own bodies health can spare some thoughts for the guts cause it has feelings too, pal.


    THINK TWICE : How the Gut's "Second Brain" Influences Mood & Well-Being : The Second Brain : A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous
    Discorders of the St
  • Richard
    I too have experienced the raised heartbeat ploy and thought I was about to have a heart attack the first time it happened. However, I don’t experience many of the other symptoms that you do. Indeed, the psychological attacks are the least of my problems nowadays, since they started attacking my body round-the-clock. That almost finished me off after the tactic was first put into operation at the beginning of last year. I have since come to terms with it and developed counterstrategies of my own. If somebody had asked me a couple of years ago how long someone could cope with electromagnetic pulses fired into the groin area round the clock 24-7, I would have stated not very long. But I´m still here just coming up two years on.

    I have no idea who is responsible or why. But I did by accident discover that there is at least one other entity involved, either working with a government or independently. This is of course another interesting area that mostly gets ignored in TI discussions. It´s often taken for granted that only government or military agencies are behind it, as most of the information and even disinformation points to the likelihood. This too could be a smoke screen and a reason for all the confusion, contradiction, conflicting claims and bogus information.

    I worked for a large British defence security company in a military environment when it started, so assumed that either my employers or the military were responsible. However, as mentioned, I learned by chance that another independent entity was at least indirectly involved after returning to Europe. It´s extremely difficult to figure out the exact time mine started as it was extremely subtle, sophisticated and sporadic initially. That way, it doesn’t make such an impression on the mind and makes it more difficult for the memory to relate and record early experiences. It´s obviously a deliberate ploy to ultimately make investigation as difficult as possible and at the same time make the story still less credible if related to a friend, relative or doctor. It started as minor sound intrusion around the time of 9-11, which I thought I was genuinely hearing from adjoining areas within the defence company compound. I have an exceptionally keen ear and just didn’t believe there was anything strange afoot at the time. But the tempo and frequency of the intrusions gradually increased, and by the time I´d returned to Europe, these were quite frequent and prominent. They probably reached a climax around 2005, at which time I experienced things so incredible that I wouldn’t even attempt to relate them here. I experienced things that I can hardly believe myself on reflection, even although I was the victim experiencing them firsthand. Hence, you can understand there is no point in discrediting myself by relating these to others. I will just say though, that I did manage to get a perp on video, and this is one instance skeptics cannot claim a case of connecting unrelated events. The reason is that I caught him on a hidden camera inside my house!!!! He was a perp that pestered the living daylights out of me, and it took three long years to prove that he even existed, as everybody believed he was a figment of my imagination. There were no more than two perps involved in the whole harassment program during that three-year period, but that was the only occasion I got to actually clap eyes on one of them. They were totally invisible during the rest of the harassment campaign but still ever-present in my mind and the vicinity of my home, where I periodically discovered unfamiliar footprints in the dust or snow. It´s truly astounding the skills that must have been required to have been able to pull that off, considering I lived almost detached from civilization at the time. They´d have to be naturally gifted as well as really highly trained. What a waste! Anyway, it was around then that I became fully aware I really was of sound mind and there was definitely something sinister going on. The sound harassment then reached its peak as previously outlined with a constant tinnitus-like base, flavoured with a dose of things that I hate most, as well as the sound of people muttering outside my window. There was never anybody outside my window at that time, as I was in a village in the middle of nowhere. There was other stuff thrown in too, but nothing that would make any sense without elaborating beyond all proportion. One aspect worth a mention is mocking which was at that particular time filtered into the protocol. It´s difficult to imagine how they could mock without verbal communication, but I can assure you they could and they were damned good at it. However, there was never anything in the way of V2K, so I have never had any kind of intelligible speech to deal with. For that reason, most of your questions don’t really apply to me. There is no doubt that they have manipulated my emotions, but as stated, I now feel at least partly in control so am not sure whether fewer emotional disturbances are due to less input from them or more discipline from me. I do get nightmares that wake me up with a start in the middle of the night, which I didn’t previously have, so assume that is part of the agenda as well. They also attempt to abuse me nightly but again, I have developed ways and means of dealing with that particular evil. Last year was the most disastrous for me after they added body attacks to my protocol. That started around Easter time 2009 and it was initially impossible to deal with. I was a total wreck by the end of the year and took photos of my distorted visage due to constant sleep deprivation, which I still have here to prove it. I travelled to California to see Roger Tolces in a desperate effort to find some method of shielding, but it was just a total waste of money and more frustration to boot. All seemed lost but over subsequent months, I developed some mental and physical strategies to be able to cope with the situation which is now partly under my control at least. However, last year took its toll not only financially, but also because I had a relationship break up as a consequence of related disruptions.

    Yes, I really feel for you. It is a terrible situation to have to pretend that everything is fine in order not to be seen as a nutcase. So you have to suffer in silence. That all adds to the pressure, aggravation and torture. It´s all part of the plot of course. It´s no win. Keep quiet and you bottle it all up. Reveal all and you’re a loony. That is my predicament too.

    I agree about mentally retarded people. They are easy pickings. Hitler preyed on them as well. And of course, this plot is based on two fascist regimes, the Nazi and the Stasi, with some aspects of a previous Soviet regime thrown in for good measure.
  • Yes, that really is terrible what you have outlined. Neither do I believe that artificial intelligence is wholly responsible for no-touch sexual assaults on targeted individuals, if at all. However, the problem is that this type of abuse is the least credible aspect within the whole conspiracy, which is in itself incredible enough. It provides limitless opportunities for sexual predators to satisfy their morbid sexual cravings, with the problem being, that it is the only sex crime which never gets investigated. So given that electronic attacks of this kind are not against the law, it effectively means that some kinds of sexual assaults including virtual rape are not only tolerated but perfectly legal. That then means that the perverts involved aren’t even considered to be criminals, so what chance do we have? One problem is getting the authorities to believe it´s actually taking place, but another quite different one is getting the perpetrators to pay for their crimes when they aren’t even breaking the law. That´s the sad situation, which leads us back to the legislators. The fact is, that aspects of what I have uncovered in my investigations and research since all this started have made me so cynical it wouldn’t take much to convince me that the legislators themselves were amongst the very sexual predators we refer to.
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