Well, I've been beaten down for 15 years with this Damned Implant. Found out that certain cousins are trying to make me DECLARED INCOMPETENT? so they can try to get MONEY out of me. First of all, MY DAY PERP forced me to spend most of it forcing me to use large amounts of certain DRUGS and CROWN ROYAL BLENDED CANADIAN WHISKY years ago to COPE with the ABUSE. Now I am off of DRUGS and WHISKY for 19 mos. Implant transmitter is LOCATED at Marty Buss residence Jackson ST 68005. The night perp my cousin Jonica M. is near 36th & Gertrude ST 68147.

She has taken over and actually chokes me when I drink anything. This EQUIP makes people into MONSTERS. Most of my former money went to FORCED DRUG USE AND EXCEEDINGLY large amounts of WHISKY. The DARK SIDE is my cousin was TOO DUMB to consider HOSPITAL BILLS costing a FORTUNE. total OF 18 TIMES. Both Medical and EMERGENCY ROOMS(pneumonia) and DETOXES. Perp stopped my breathing several times and I developed PNEUMONIA several times. ISN'T this ENOUGH! I had LEGAL PAPERS DRAWN UP YEARS AGO  IRONCLAD to prevent my cousins from ever touching anything to do with me.

Also, Marty day perp is afraid that I KNOW to much about this equip(which I keep QUIET ABOUT) and if I DEVELOP CANCERS I could sue him. So he is trying to get me out of the way. This is a VERY HORRIBLE POSITION that MARTY has placed me in. Why can't it be just SHUTDOWN and I will not pursue it ANYMORE. I DON'T want the DUMB ASS to be locked up-this is how I am. THNX for all your help here on PEACEPINK!

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