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Peacepink is a non-profit group for thousands of victims and supporters to meet and build a warm home.

Founder of this website, Administrations and Managers do not get paid a cent for their work at Peacepink, and neither do thousands of other volunteer authors and editors.

Peacepink is getting more and more attention from public and government. We do need your help by donating a little money to pay fees of this website and keep this forum going well.

Donation we have received

USD10 Before Oct 2010

USD35   Nov 2010

USD40   Dec 2010

Total Amount for 2010: USD 85


USD50   Jan 2011

USD20  Feb 2011

USD20   Mar 2011

USD77   Apr 2011

USD142  May 2011

USD20    Jun 2011

USD50    Jul 2011

USD45    Aug 2011

USD10   Sep 2011

USD10   Oct 2011

USD10   Dec 2011

Total Amount for 2011: USD 454


USD20  Feb 2012

USD10   Mar 2012

USD30   Apr 2012

USD 30  May 2012

USD 35 June 2012

USD 39 Jul 2012

USD 34 Aug 2012

USD 56 Sep 2012 

USD 40 Oct 2012

USD 40 Nov 2012

USD 40 Dec 2012


Total Amount for 2012: USD 424


USD10 Jan 2013

USA 20 Feb 2013

USA 30 Mar 2013

USA 20 Apr 2013

USA 10 May 2013

USA 15 Jun 2013

USA 140 Jul 2013 (Pay to for yearly fees of USD139.95)

USD 12 Aug 2013

USD 20 Sep 2013

USD 20 Oct 2013

USD 10 Nov 2013

USD 10 Dec 2013


Total Amount for 2013: USD 305



Donation Purposes:

(1)   These funds will be used for general web purposes

Purchasing Premium account at; obtaining a domain name for 

In July 2010, roll-out three new pricing plans and begin phasing out free service.

We select the paid service of Ning Pro (USD50 per month)or Ning Adv (USD25 per month)-- The ideal solution for building a comprehensive social experience, including additional features, integration, support and bandwidth.

 - Unlimited members

 - Full control over your branding and member experience

 - Full feature set plus video and music uploads and branded players

 - Advanced customization options, plus the API access upgrade when launched

 - Includes run your own ads, use your own domain, remove Ning links and add storage and bandwidth

 - Premium support 

(2) Promotion our website

We will place some advertisement at other websites to promote our website.

(3)   Support victims to publish their manuscripts at local and worldwide journals

We encourage victims to publish their manuscripts at local and worldwide journals.

We can help to pay publishing fees.
(4) Pay for yearly fees of USD139.95 (only one year of 2013) to 'Perfect your written English and become a more confident writer'.


Donations for publishing my English Book

Donation received:

USD  125  2012

USD  10   2013

Donations for publishing my article

Some people had donated money for publishing my article:

Donation received: USD 542  2012

This money had been paid to the publishing compay for publishing my following article.

Soleilmavis case summary of mind control abuses and tortures


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  • The donation history shows a normal "bell curve"

  • Sory for the late reply. But an option is that you can ask the members to visit your blog or website where you are allowed to post the AdSense, then the member can click it in order to help your payment. Don't you think this works? In this option, you can add the notice of asking member to visit your website and click the ads for supporting this page and your activity.

    Soleilmavis said:

    Adsense has banned us to add advertisement to our website. Mr. Scott has contacted with them, but no positive reply.

    MiyokoGoto said:
    Soleilmavis, why don't you sign up to AdSense or other "click for donation" programs? It helps to gather some pennies per each click. It should help the payment as there are lots of members in your group, so few clicks per day should be effective in a long run.
  • I only have a paypal account. if you have paypal account, Please donate directly to my paypal account. If you don't have, maybe you can donate money  through those victims around you who have a paypal account.

This reply was deleted.