After 15 years of Abuse of me from equip. My perp Marty Buss Jackson ST 68005 USA gets Wasted on all kinds of DOPE he loses control of himself and goes crazy with equip. Everyone knows about this operation of his.


 I have found out that my cousin Jonica B Martin is Martys latest VICTIM. 36th & Gertrude ST is involved having this equip. To my HORROR I found out that she has been with The Dumb Ass as a secret Love affair. And he has got her HOOKED on DRUGS and conned her into abusing me with equip. She used to be a DECENT person until Marty got her BRAINWASHED into an Abusive, Smartmouthed little BRAT that HURTS ME. This is ashame. Now she just sits there and runs her smartmouth trying to get me put away because of my sexuality? She is 47 yrs old and acts like a child. Marty has turned her into a BITCH. You would think that 1 of her brothers and sisters could rescue her from his DRUGS and Bad Example of how to use this. She also thinks she can EXTORT MONEY by HURTING ME every day. How HORRIBLE this TORTURE is.

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