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Food and China Medicinal Herbs which are good for Mind Control Victims

Food and China Medicinal Herbs which are good for Mind Control Victims

Mind Control Victims mainly suffered from the abuse and torture of microwave or electromanetic frequency Mind control Weapons.
Microwave and Electromagnetic frequency weapons can directly stimulate our brain neurons to cause the nerve system disable and bring us suffering: such as: don't allow us sleeping, pain or other diseases.
The pain which victims suffered is called chronic pain. Patients with chronic pain had similar pattern with neuropathic pain. But the pain is not because the the lesion of nervous system. It is because the brain "lie" to the nervous system. Microwave frequency stimulate our brain neurons, and our brain give the nervous system the wrong information, and victims suffer the terrible pain.

Neurasthenia is a mental disorder triggered by stress or anxiety.
Symptoms may include weakness or fatigue, which may be accompanied by chest pain. Additional findings may include rapid intense heartbeat that may be irregular (palpitations, tachycardia); cold, clammy hands and feet; abnormally rapid breathing, hyperventilating); dizziness or faintness; periodic sighing; and/or sweating for no apparent reason.

(Most victims have been forced to Vivid Controlled dreams; not allow to sleep and other symptoms. Because these symptoms are similar with Neurasthenia. It harm victim's health same as neurasthenia. So the Chinese Herbal Medicines which are used to cure neurasthenia are also good for victims.)

1. To cure insomnia, weakness or fatigue
The fruits of Chinese magnoliavine (Schisandra chinensis) 50g,boiled in the water and drink the water before go to bed.
2. To cure insomnia, amnesia, too much dreams
Fresh root of red-rooted salvia (salvia miltiorrhiza) 25g, fresh root of wild jujube 50g, boiled in the water and drink the water 2 times a day.
3. To cure rapid intense heartbeat, abnormally rapid breathing (hyperventilating); insomnia
Fried China dates-pit kernel 50G, Cottonrose hibiscus flower 20G,the root of the narrow-leved polygala 15G, the seed of Oriental arborvitae 15G, boiled in the water and drink the water 2 times a day.
4. To cure insomnia
Peanut leaves 50G, boiled in the water and drink the water 2 times a day.
5. To cure palpitations, tachycardia abnormally rapid breathing (hyperventilating)
Pig heart 1 piece, cinnabar 0.25G, steam and eat.
6. To cure palpitations, tachycardia, insomnia
Chinese hawthorn pit 50G, boiled in the water and drink the water 2 times a day.
7. To cure headache, dizziness or faintness
Mulberry 100g, eat 2 times a day, or boiled in the water and drink the water 2 times a day.
8. To cure nocturnal emission
(1) the seed of fragrant-flowered garlic (chinese chives) fried, and abrasive to powder, take 5G everyday with very light salty water.
(2) grass-leaved sweetflag 50G, Ginkgo 14 pieces, cooked and take 2 times a day with white win 100G

Victims also can keep them health by taking suitable food and Chinese medicinal herb teas everyday.
(1) For victims who can not sleep well. They should take more following food:
Radish, garlic, jujube, walnut, black sesame, ginger, mulberry, tremella, persimmon, lettuce, onion......
China Medicinal Herb Teas which you can take everyday:(you can see the pictures from the following links)
(dan shen)
【English】 Danshen Root, Root of Dan-shen
【Latin】 1.Slauia miltiorrhiza Bunge 2.Saliua przewalskii Maxim

(Bai he)
【ENGLISH】 Liliaceae
【Latin】 Lilium brownii F. E. Brown var. Colchesteri Wils.

(song zhen)
【Latin】 Pinus densiflora Zucc

(ying shi)
【ENGLISH】 Fruit of Japanese Rose
【Latin】 Fructus Rosae Multiflorae

(sang shu ye)
【ENGLISH】Mulberry leaf
【Latin】 Morus alba L.

(suan zao)
【ENGLISH】 Spine Date
【Latin】 Semen Ziziphi Spinosae

(fu rong hua)
【English】 Cottomrose Hibiscus
【Latin】 Hibiscus mutabilis

(qiang wei hua)
【ENGLISH】 Flower of Japanese Rose
【Latin】 Rosae Multiflorae

Chronic pain harms victims not only physically, but also Psychologically. Victims should take some Food and China Medicinal Herb teas for improving brain health while taking food and China medicinal herb teas for releasing pain.
Food which is good for victim:
Fig, garlic, kelp, mulberry, burdock, taro, ginger, Yimi
The following China Medicinal Herb Teas can release pain. (you can see the pictures from the following links)
(yue ji hua)
【ENGLISH】 Chinese Rose Flower 【Latin】 Rosa chinensis jacq.

(Zi jing hua)
【ENGLISH】 Redbud
【Latin】:Cercis chinensis Bunge

(pu gong ying)
【latin】:Herba Taraxaci

(ai cao)
【English】 Artemisia indica
【latin】 Artemisia argyi Vant.;Artemisia vulgaris L.var. incana Maxim

【ENGLISH】 Motherwort herb
【latin】:Leonurus japonicus Houtt.)

(xiang fu)
【English】 Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome, Rhizome of Nutgrass Galingale
【Latin】 Cyperus rotundus L.

(Che Qian Cao)
【Latin 】:Herba Plantaginis

You also can take (ai cao)Artemisia indica bath, it can release pain.
And Using (xiang fu) and (ai cao) Artemisia indica, (qiang wei hua)Japanese Rose to make pillow can release pain and ease tension, to help for sleeping.


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these are very good tools that can benefit anyone, including people who are aware that they are suffering from the effects of direct energy weapons...
question: could you clarify the definition of "abrasive to powder"??

abrasive to powder means to crash it
Hello i agree with Soleil the best way is the natural way,

If you ever get the chance you could also check out the work of an american doctor "Dr Johnathon V Wright". he has his own answers and disagrees with drugs and unneccessary operations.

Also when natural remedies are not appropiate there are tools from companies like "Denas" put this is the search box of ebay and you will see what these tools can do.
"Brite eyes 3"

This can clear cataracts. can be bought online, i got it last week for mum buts its not arrived yet.

In america its sold by "boomj" online store for half price at $15.00 for two vials bt they only ship throughout the united states.
The Denas electronic tools can help people with low or high blood pressure bringing it back to a safer level. they also ease stress and panic attacks. These tools might relive the stress on the heart so the heart could become physically stronger.

They also make tools that can clear the build up of spinal bone and cartiliage tissues in the lower back area sometimes wrongly called a "slipped disc" They do a lot of things and i will be getting some of them.
A herb known as "Cats Claw" can repair human DNA.
Hello Soleil

"Nutrition and Healing" by Dr Johnathon V Wright"

This Dr as i metion above has his own way of dealing with heath problems, i paid £53.00 to become a subscriber for one year.

I will recieve seven free books explaining what to use in the event of a problem and to use it. Also what foods are good for us and how mush to eat and what it will go with.

The books explain hormones and how to control our production of hormones by what we eat.

Another book explains how to look at our bodies to read them for signs of problems.

I have o out for mum now so bbl all.
I have been studying China medicinal Herbs for a long time. you can read this article
it occurs to me that the suggestion is that
we who feel attacked by these weapons must radically change our lives, to seek harmony with what is natural.

it makes sense -- since the weapons are evil in intent and not "organically occurring" -- that what is natural -- herbs and moderate harmonization with the Earth element...

it is evil because slavery and atrocity (the genocide of the native tribes) are what the United states is ACTUALLY built on.

freedom and autonomy are still good things,. but i grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, easily searchable as a key city in the FIRST american war for independence. tyranny and cold indifference are obvious there...the goal we seek is a real one but requires transcendance...we must become more than we are now if we are to see it through...
i am a mind control victim and have been trying to find a sight that would help. I have not sleep in two months and will try your remedies hopefully it will help.

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