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Please help Elvira

I have been homeless from 2004.

Kidnapped now 4 times ill placed in mental hospitals and homelessness.


This has been going on from 2004. I'm 62 need my family back.



I have lost everything I own, I guess they had something injected into my body in 2004. Please help stop the suffering of Elvira.


I'm an unwitting victim, Now i have great grandchildren I have never seen.


My story is like Yvonne hiller in the below story



I want to be free from all this.


as Pinkney say burn baby burn your naacp card burn them now or sunday with rev. Pinkney


It's dangerous for me to go to any state. Don't take my word investigate my own family is also part of this problem.

I am now in state New York, I can't get medical help and have to go to court next month over something that belong to me. I have been mog shotted finger printed harrassed.


Medication stole my store just keep on the nightmare trail. Someone has stolen my union money. I can get ssi but not getting it. I need help please. Most of all the truth about my medical health bleeding bobbing head and ended up in a mental? Who was behind all this? do anyone care?


Http://  this happen all over up state new york.


Court date 11/7 


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