How to start to win victims' lawsuits?

Posted by Azharul Haque on October 23, 2011 at 5:16pm

I always believed "Every problem has a solution otherwise it is not a problem"

Now my point is that we all have gone through it individually, fought alone and will be remain to fight it all alone. There is no justice or help until and unless we wait for a many years with the hope that one day the number will become countable to our respective governments or to the world.

There is only one thing by which they actually make us helpless, penniless and depressed by compelling us to think that we are the burden to the society which is actually after their slow persuasion, social humiliation and the total boycott in the society. As we all well know that you will be considered productive in the nation until and unless you work in the society and for the society. You are deprived of the rights by rendering you as useless without considering your past works, achievements and ambitions. I am workaholic person and i figured out how it works.

With persuasion you are actually asked to become perfect but you just cant cause your ideas or your spontaneous reactions to the situation have been already broadcasted to the people around you and they are ready with their counterattacks. If you succeeded in showing your intellectuals then you will be given another day to show it again...Its like you dared today..Its ok but there is always next time or suggestions like be human...It keeps repeating until and unless you become depressed and cant take humiliations anymore...

And i am not here to tell you about my grievances here. Every one is facing it and all are fully aware of it. How our basic fundamental rights have been violated for without any reasons?

My question is what now?

Among 6.7 billion world population, the victims count is a mere few thousands who have been left or being under target to be rendered as useless in the society. Believe it or not its a fear that are being tried to bring up on the surface by artificial injection as most of you well aware of it.

Now we all are scattered like a speck of dust which is unnoticeable to everyone until and unless we are all gathered into the one place and become noticeable as a big rock. But still it will be a rock with no action or breath in it. And the continuous striking of tides, it will be broken into the pieces again. So we have to make this little rock to move atleast. Have a breath in it.

Now we all have to sort it out not only by raising the voice against it as cumulative force but also to find out the solution about how we can tap our left resources and intellectuals to find the solution about how to shield from it or detect it. So we can give the evidence to our respective governments or to the international body that we have been actually being affected by it. Without proof there is no way you can fight legally. And for such a short numbers no one is going to make a separate laws for it untill and unless it start affecting the majority of the society.

Lets create a open community forum say it in where we all can contribute in our respective ways to find the solution. We are not the scientists but we can try. Individually it is impossible but working as a mass on it with the same goal not only to help ourselves but to help others too in the world.

The most beautiful example is Wrieght Brothers who invented the airoplane. Atleast give it a try.

I have already gone through the victims forum who claimed about how we can shield ourselves from it or detect it but mostly are without any approved results based on really scientifically proven data. Few are scientifically ok but gives partial insights about its working effectiveness. Without our united efforts, experimentation, analysis and conclusions, we all keep wandering for the solution and letting other future victims to be so.

So those who are from science backgrounds or those who are interested in it. Say a word YES or NO here as i am pretty much interested in finding the reliable solution.

Intel is going to implant it on everyone's heads with chips may be in 2020 that let people to do task by their brainwaves and so the other companies. So naturally, firewalls and Anti-virus emf solutions will came out at that time...Are you all waiting it to come out for that long period or take one steps ahead to start developing it now...Common this is a job too where we are not going to be paid for but we can contribute our left intellectuals to help others...

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  • n a civil lawsuit, the victim brings a case for money damages against the offender or athird party for causing physical or emotional injuries. Regardless of the outcome of any criminal prosecution, or even if there was no prosecution, crime victims can file civil lawsuits against offenders and other responsible parties. The person who starts the lawsuit is called the plaintiff, and the person or entity against whom the case is brought is called the defendant. Unlike a criminal case, in which the central question is whether the offender is guilty of the crime, in a civil lawsuit, the question is whether an offender or a third party is responsible for the injuries suffered.

    In a civil suit, unlike a criminal prosecution, the plaintiff is responsible for the cost of litigation. Most attorneys handle victim cases on a contingency basis, which means that the attorney fee is deducted from the final award. This allows individuals to have access to the civil justice system without the need to finance the case themselves. If the case is not successful, the victim usually pays nothing. In a civil suit, the attorney directly represents the victim’s interests and the victim has greater control in case decision-making than in a criminal prosecution.

    Standard of Proof

    This standard of proof in a civil lawsuit is significantly easier to satisfy than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of a criminal case. In a civil lawsuit, the case must be proved by a “preponderance of the evidence,” that is, by enough evidence to conclude that it is more likely than not that the victim’s claims are true. A victim can still pursue a civil lawsuit, even if the criminal prosecution resulted in a “not guilty” verdict. Criminal prosecutions require a unanimous decision by all twelve jurors, which can be difficult to achieve. Civil lawsuits require agreement by only ten of twelve jurors for a decision. These significant differences between civil and criminal cases were underscored in the highly publicized O.J. Simpson case. The families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were able to obtain a $33.5 million dollar settlement against O.J. Simpson in civil court even though he had been acquitted of the murders in the criminal prosecution.

    The Civil Lawyer

    Civil lawyers sometimes work alone or sometimes in a practice with other lawyers. Generally, civil lawyers only handle cases in the state or federal courts in which they are licensed to practice law. Unlike doctors, lawyers do not have formal specializations based on tests and clinical practice. Instead, lawyers develop expertise in particular areas by handling cases in those areas and keeping up to date on legal developments. As with most legal matters, crime victims are well advised to seek lawyers with experience handling these types of claims. Crime victim recovery cases are usually billed on a contingency basis -- the lawyer receives a percentage of the victim’s award of damages as a fee only if there is a successful outcome. This enables far more victims to have their day in court than if victims had to pay a lawyer an hourly rate for services, which many people could not afford.

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