the subject is HAARP: the "weather research" microwave array in Alaska.

    Website of the Week — Climate Action Tracker
    By Rosanne Skirble
    13 November 2009

    Observers say it looks unlikely that the climate summit in Copenhagen next month will end with a deal to replace the Kyoto Protocol, the global warming treaty which expires in 2012. One reason is the failure of the world's nations - notably the United States - to set targets to drastically reduce climate changing emissions.

    Scientists say if temperatures rise more than 2 degrees Celsius the world will face the devastating impacts of climate change. The emissions reduction targets already on the table aren't enough, according to, a new website designed to make the upcoming climate conference more accessible to the general public. was launched in Barcelona last week, at the close of the final round of climate negotiations prior to the Copenhagen summit. A collaboration among two German-based research groups and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the website presents the proposed emission targets of 49 countries… and considers whether they keep global climate change at a safe level or not.

    Niklas Hohne is director of energy and climate policy for Ecofys, one of the site's developers. He advises visitors to start on Climateactiontracker's 'Top-Ten' page. "We ranked the countries in the different categories, and you will find a few countries in the sufficient category, a few in the medium category and unfortunately quite a few in the inadequate category." collected data for 22 nations and the 27 countries in the European Union. Hohne says once all the information was compiled, a different picture emerged than what was expected. "Most of the big developing countries, we rated them in the medium category." The site also identifies the Maldives and Costa Rica as role models, with the most ambitious goal overall to be "climate-neutral by around 2020."

    Climate data was harder to get for the world's poorest countries. "Only a few developing countries provide future emission projections and the impact of their plans on total emissions so we had to aggregate them ourselves and that data quality is certainly a bit weaker." Hohne says it would be much better, "if the countries themselves would do that work."

    South Korea and Brazil are expected to announce new emissions reduction targets soon. Hohne says those numbers will be posted on the website, along with any other country announcement in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit. Visit our site,, for the link to this and more than 250 other Websites of the Week.
  • feel free to share these graphics or any others you see that i make that are informative with people online. that's why i make them.

    clearly, the main mind weapon works in the form of an array, a radiation emitter that creates interference patterns like those shown in the images above.

    HAARP is very powerful -- on the level of Terawatts -- and HIPAS, the one they built after experimenting with HAARP is even more powerful, as researcher/enginner Guy Cramer explains on his "superforce" site.

    the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program deals with active aurora borealis -- that's why they are up there, in Alaska US in the Arctic region. It's cold there, and offputting to nosy would be whistleblowers and bellringers like me -- and also the aurora borealis can be viewed by scientists.

    but HAARP is an ionospheric HEATER.

    The implication is that this issue - energy weapons that afflict the human bio-electric field and thus the mind --

    and the issue of Global Warming are in fact so close as to be the same.

    The same technologies that afflict human brains are afflicting the Earth's bio-electric field.
  • I believe this is my problem at this time. Some kind of mind probe that goes on persistently. I listed some facts on every evidence site I could find and I am continuing collecting information from others to further the indirect communication and to put the burden back where it belongs.

    Your site is the kind of information I like the truth simple and nothing hidden.

    Thank you for the true explanation.


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  • those spheres, in the image above? i do believe that they are called Echelon -- and serve the same basic function as the HAARP and HIPAS arrays in the United States...



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