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January 8

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  • correction i meant Karen not kelley !

  • hello, nice to meet you.
  • I'm sorry Karen I have BUG CHARACTERS also in my Inbox peacepink.

    I'ts impossible so. Excuse me, I'm sorry, if do you want, you have my SKYPE. My account peacepink CLOSED. Excuse meKaren, Do not angry but for me is impossible so
  • Thank you for the comment Karen. I have kindred (uncle and aunt) in Toronto that have migrated after the Second World War. 
  • we all have such hard time trying to 'live' due to the illegal human destruction tortures... and so, as is common in us military prisoners of war situations, they try to group together and help each other survive. For if each stayed petrified, traumatized, each alone, trying to survive the attacks... is a no go. Additionally that is against nature. It is natural to wish to become stronger and try to survive. If TI became neighbors, at least the attacks coming from the neighbors, would not be from the TI neighbor... having a witness that sees the men with lasers sitting in a car on the street - the electrical company installing illegal torture devices - having a neighbor that understands the terrors, is a key to survival. There are TI buying land in the country to have many acres to live on - each separately but within a few hundred yards of another TI. any comments are welcome. peace
  • Hi:

    This morning mind control begins with demeaning comments like "How do you get the day done as if I am every Dow Jones elite market the Rockerfellers.

    The books that were fired at me and used for masonry discovery or sexual med eds or false gods and misteaching aids were Scaredy Cat, one of four books were Mark Billingsham a new Canadian author."

    The next directive was pathetic croning " Why blame the poor, poor, ice poor caps, or the Tundra or the establishment, come up with something folks any antedote will do?

    Now the conversation after the diagnosis and after the elite psychoactive methods and 23 hour screw up lock down is, " Why is Bell Canada debugging my telephone.?"

    The former 911 contracts are posted on blogs and areretractable by law however they relate too being criminalized and to human sex trafficking .

    The sexual cult programming begins everyday with a message attached, here is how to join one what every welfare cheque comes equipped with.

    I am at home looking for a post. \

    So Good Morning to you...this is to my gang stalkers union that denied access to my mind.

    Mind controlled going on 20 years now.

    Karen Dawe
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