Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Three ways for mind control victims to seek justice.

(1) One route is to appeal, which is a administrative procedure,and that is exactly a way one lawyer does not dare and does not have the energy.

Write appeal letters to government departments, senators, representatives, to urge government to investigate such horrible crime, sentence torturers according to law, and help victims.

(2) Another route is to seek public support.

With enought supporting voices from public and with evidences, government must answer our appeals.

(3) File lawsuits to sue government who do not take their responsibilities to investigae such horrible crimes, and help victims.


Some victims have received letters from ICC. You can write your own case to ICC, and you also can support these victims with their Ref No. A letter from ICC about "How to submitt information to ICC" are attached below.  how_to_submit_to_ICC.DOC

International Criminal Court
Head of Information & Evidence Unit
Office of The Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands
Boîte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, Pays Bas
Telephone / Téléphone: + 31 70 5158515 • Facsimile / Télécopie: + 31 70 5158555 •


John Finch

Reference: OTP-CR-70/07   EM_T08_OTP-CR-70_07_002.pdf

A letter to ICC by John Finch

Soleilmavis (China)
Ref No. EM_T01_OTP-CR-00122_07  EM_T01_OTP-CR-00122_07.pdf,  
James Yue Gee
Ref No. EM_Ack_OTP-CR-742_09  EM_Ack_OTP-CR-742_09.pdf


Liu Wei, China



European Ombudsman

1 avenue du Président Robert Schuman

CS 30403, F - 67001 Strasbourg Cedex

T. + 33 (0)3 88 17 23 13

F. + 33 (0)3 88 17 90 62

Directorate A


Acknowledgement of receipt

for Soleilmavis’ ( ) Complaint

Registration number: 1191/2012/MF (S2012-156875)

for John Finch COMPLAINT: O497/2012/MF


Some lawyers suggestions on how to file a court case :

Here are some responses and replies from Government and Public

Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis 

David Larson's case


Please go to LAST PAGE OF "Replies to this Discussion" to read NEWEST Information

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Torjman v. Gutman, et al. USDC DC



Dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

Mass lawsuit filings by Derrick Robinson FFCHS

There has been a lot of interest in our community lately about filing a lawsuit. And since attorneys are difficult for us to obtain, many are deciding to file on their own. We have devoted the past two conference calls to learning how we can file pro se altogether. Still, many of us don't have a clear idea of how to go about this mainly because most have not had to navigate the court system without the help of an attorney and therefore are not familiar with or are perhaps daunted by the process of preparing for trial solo.


If we can prepare and file our cases individually, although as a group project in local districts so we can help each other, that would also be a good way to make a statement.


The original idea came from Joan Heffington, which was for us to launch hundreds of lawsuits at the same time to clog the courts and therefore, compel a settlement. In response to this idea, I requested to know how many were willing to do this and received about 80 or so affirmative emails. Ok, so the reality is that we may start 80 or so lawsuits, which may not necessarily overwhelm our country's court system, but some of us have really compelling evidence and really want to file anyway and for those folks we'd like to proceed all at about the same time to make as much of an impact as we can.


It was also suggested that we network with some of the larger freedom groups and ask their help so that maybe they would file some cases of their own with us to increase our numbers and potential media exposure. We'll keep you posted about what we come up with there.


In the meantime, those of us who are considering going to court pro se may want to view the videos below that I've found on YouTube pertaining to the subject which may be of some help - and there are many other good videos there as well. Two of these have to do with filing in small claims court. This was suggested by someone who was told this by an attorney. And it may be an option if huge sums of money are not your goal. The process is comparable to a larger lawsuit and the videos may provide you with some important clues as to what can be expected in court however you decide to file.


Litigation is something that we should not rush into. We must make sure we have everything needed before making that decision and starting this process. There are many variables to consider, which we will continue to discuss from time to time.


Any constructive feedback from the videos is welcomed so that we can continue to share in this conversation until we succeed in making it to court someday soon. So, until our next podcast on this topic, enjoy:


Pro se Videos on YouTube

Pro se or an Attorney


Things to Consider Before Your Small Claims Court Case


How to Handle Your Own Small Claims Court Case


Peace & Liberty,


Please join the civil case of Steve Ahmann..........print out the CIVIL SUIT REVISION 14 + IN FORMA PAUPERIS fill it out and mail it to Steve Ahmann......the civil case is free....



Your Complaints must be against a STATE – so please make your Complaints (answer I.B) against your country of citizenship, and the European Union. If you are not a citizen of a European State make your Complaints (answer I.B) against The European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom where there are bases for the technologies being used to torture us, and whose Institutions and Authorities are supporting these crimes.


Please use my Complaint below as a guide to help you fill out your Complaint.


Please let me know if you need copies of the documents - VII. LIST OF DOCUMENTS – to submit with your Complaints.


I have previously submitted my Complaint to this Court and they rejected it because:-


“In the light of all the material in its possession, and in so far as the matters complained of were within its competence, the Court found that they did not disclose any appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention or its Protocols.”


There is now more material, information and exposure regarding these technologies and ‘secret’ torture programs available to present to them. And so therefore this torture and these extreme and brazen violations of the rights and freedoms in the Convention and its Protocols must now necessarily be within the competence of the Court.


We need as many victims to as possible to do this.


Send your Complaints to:-


The Registrar

European Court of Human Rights

Council of Europe

67075 Strasbourg-Cedex




john finch



Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights

John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627






The US Supreme Court overturned a US Court appeals ruling and reinserted state Sovereignty & individual Sovereignty as well!!!

Carol Anne Bond vs. United States, No. 09–1227, 564 U. S. ____ (June 16, 2011)

Full document:

You might also search "Kyllo vs. U.S."

regarding another case the Supreme court ruled it unlawful for anyone to enter our homes with advanced weaponry!

Regards to you, Margaret Mary

Yes, I agree with edgar,

In my case, I kept persuing USA government and complaint that they covered the abuses and tortures of secret mind control technologies.


I was kidnapped by mind control technologies and sent to USA Embassy in HongKong. USA government must take the responsibility to investigate such horrible crime. And because my human rights were violated within the jurisdiction of USA, even I was not a USA citizens, USA must compensate my losses.

Supreme Court To Hear GPS Surveillance Case

Website 1:

Website 2:

Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) New sensor array used to conduct covert surveillance of individuals who are not suspected of any crime. The sensors secretly collects and record information concerning individuals, including video images, audio recordings, cardiovascular signals, pheromones, electrodermal activity and respiratory measurements. Under the program, DHS will collect and retain of a mix of “physicological and behavioral signals” from individuals as they engage in daily activities. FAST is funded by SET’s Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency and is managed by SET’s Human Factors Behavior Sciences Division. FAST is designed to allow the agency to capture biological and behavior information from subjects.

        We just sent a similar e-mail to this.  It also sounds like there would be  jurisdictional issues in filing 280 suits in one location which would give  grounds for immediate dismissal.  We also believe that the FBI and the FCC  as defendants are not the proper parties.  In following the 4-page  guide on our website under "How to File a Federal Suit," we feel that the  DOD, DOJ and CIA should be named, at the very least (FBI falls under the  DOJ).  The ACLU just filed a suit against these three on Feb. 1 for  targeting innocent Americans overseas, so I think this supports our  position.

Best regards,
Joan Farr Heffington, C.E.O. Association for  Honest Attorneys 7145 Blueberry Lane Derby, Kansas 67037 Ph: 316.788.0901   Fx: 316.788.7990

Here is a sample of how to go to The Hague. The only problem with this victim is that he took  it to the wrong international forum: CASE OF ATTORNEY VICTOR MONCHAMP OF GREECE Translated from the French language into Spanish by Rudy
LAWSUIT PRESENTED BEFORE THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS ON JULY 17, 2006 Council of Europe displaying provisional measures in the application of article 39 of the regulation of the European Court of Human rights.


Last name: MONCHAMP Name: Victor Nationality: Greek-French Profession: Lawyer Date and Birthplace: 25-12-1951 Salonica-Greece Address: 27 Saadi Lévi Street 54641 Salonica - Greece Tel.+30.2310.844.314 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +30.2310.844.314     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, moving body: +30.6932.223.494 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +30.6932.223.494     end_of_the_skype_highlighting Electronic mail:,

CHEMICALS, ELECTROMAGNETIC ELECTRONICS. Moral Harassment, Chemical Harassment, Electronic and Electromagnetic Harassment. These technologies combine the cognitive sciences and electronics, orienting the brain and its capacity of analysis, by means of their action on all the sensorial doors of the nervous system. Acting on the nervous system, these radars or other transmitters of electromagnetic waves, acoustic or still secret signals, allow to influence the emotions, the thoughts and consequently, the actions.
In a report that gave rise to the Resolution of the 28 of January of 1999, the European Parliament:
"Demands that an international agreement must be settled destined to prohibit, at global level, all project of investigation and development, including military man as well as civil, that pretends to apply the knowledge of the processes of the operation of the human brain, in the chemical, electrical scopes, of the sound waves or others for the development of weapons, which could abrir the door to all form of ' manipulation of the human being"
(End of the citation of the report  on the environment, the security and the Foreign policy A4-0005/99 - §12 of the proposal of Resolution and the opinion of January of 99). The effects on the victims include irregular headaches, palpitations, testicular pains, visible burns of skin, deteriorations and cancer.
NOTE: Exclusion from the case (Silvia T. Osorio's experience includes all the effects mentioned and in addition; driven to four suicide attempts, accute depression, bipolar disorder, chronic constipation, vulnerability to become victim of crimes, rapes, gangstalking, robberies at her dwelling caused by these mind control torture experiments robbing the victim from leading a normal life).  


 1. I am 54 years old, I am married, father of a son, Antonio 16 years and of a daughter, Evangelia Melina 3 years, whose life is in danger with ours.
2. I am lawyer, son of lawyer. That explains the fact that my office worked from 1945 to the end of 2002, date in which I had to close it and to work from house.
3. I collaborate as a lawyer with the Consulate of France, for 20 years.
4. I have the double nationality; Greek and French, a fact that kept me happy, until the day it became a nightmare, for my family and I.
5. Greek Lawyer Nikolaos Vavouris, friend from the law faculty, that boasted to have clients of the information services, at the beginning of 2001, had said the following phrase to me, that it explains the hatred of the average Greek nationalists: " You are not ashamed to put the feet in the Consulate of France, while your father was resistant" ,
6. At the same time, the father of my Dimitris godson of 30 years, Ioannis Xatzibaroutis, had said that a lawyer had spoken to him against me, accusing me of an antinational action, and, therefore, all the files I was trying were taken away from me.
7. I am franc-Greek and that does not give anybody the right to physically eliminate to me, because in the exercise of my office as a lawyer, from 1992 to 2001, I defended the undressed human rights of 3 elderly plaintiffs who were dispossessed of their great fortune, with false psychiatric certificates. so I used the antinational action as the pretext in their case.
8. From that time, many other clients left me as a result of the slible and slander from the information services. When it is not possible to attack us directly, we are isolated from the friendly and professional atmosphere, with attacks to our reputation. PSYCHOTECHNOLOGÍES ABUSE:
9. Since the end of September of 2001, I am the victim of the Greek information services, undergoing first of all, poisoning and then, the chemical harassment,  also electronic and electromagnetic, directed deliberately against me and my children, my house, against my office. This practice is called "Psychotechnologies Abuse" , and the facts surpass the imagination of any person.
10. These acts of physical elimination of my person, of my children, these acts of torture on the part of the Greek information services, these acts of defamation of my person, although are illegal and criminal, had the official tolerance of their hierarchic heads, from September of 2001 to nowadays, in July of 2006. I am the object of the terrorism of the Greek informatin services, 24/7, 365 days all year around, for almost 5 years.
11-12. The effects of the poisoning and the chemical harassment on my health were the following: Neurological problems, cerebral unemployment, problems of my liver: nocturnal asphyxias, pneumonológicos problems (pneumonia, bronchitis), ascite, hepatomegalia, hepatic citolisis (dissolution of the liver by the tóxic substances presence).
13. - 14.Los effects of the electromagnetic harassment on my health were the following: Nauseas, dreams disorder, problems with my concentration, lack of memory, of direction, strong headaches, defects of my locution, phenomena of oppression and of irritability, feelings of panic, you disorder or defects of motor coordination, disorder of my sight, loss of the concept of the time, burns, failures of my computer, monitoring of my telephone lines, of my electronic mail, intense whistle in the ears, modification of the perceptions and emotions, noisy telephone.


15. On September 20, 2001, Saba Riyadh, a Greek citizen, person to whom I had named professor of Anahit Fitsiori, as a result of the request of his family, who had come office. Since it was hot, he took the bottle I had in my office, he was in the office next to mine para tomarse un trago en un vaso de plastico, he did so and left shortly after that.
16. When I picked up his glass to throw it in the garbage, I verified that he had not drink a drop, and on the surface of the water in his glass, there was a fine layer of white dust as well as in my bottle. At that moment the question had not occur to me, I did not think, immediately, in something evil.
17. Meanwhile, several times Nikolaos Vavouris had invited me to have some coffee, in front of the Courts and twice, I had notice, later, that my liver will hurt slightly.
18.By the end of January of 2002, I was on the verge of having, twice, cerebral unemployment, when leaving a restaurant after eating in there.
19. The 11 of March of 2002, i had burns in the base of my spine, that last 4 months, after having one cup of coffee.
20. On March 23, 2002, I traveled to France, to the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, to have blood tests examinations and to verify my overall health state. The examinations were good. Howeverr, they told me, on that occasion, of the infection with the Epstein Bar virus.
21.By the end of March of 2002, Lawyer Nikolaos Vavouris called to me by telephone, to request the result of a judicial decision, and with a half friendly but ironic tone, he said to me: "Victor, you seemed a little crazy, lately". APRIL 2002: LETTER to GREEK PRIME MINISTER, Mr. KOSTAS SIMITIS
22. On April 7, 2002, I sent to Greek Prime minister, Mr. Kostas SIMITIS, with the greatest respect that I had for him as an elected authority, a letter of protest against the illicit acts of unknown people, where I informed him about the poisoning against me (8-9-10).
23. I received the answer from their office, where they informed me that my letter had been sent to justice. However, by that time and since then, my office was being invaded with neurotoxic gases.


24. From the month of April of 2002, toxic gases infiltrated in my office.
25. A Sunday morning on April of 2002, I went up stairs to my son's room, and to the balcony and smelled very badly. It was an odor that punctured my nose. On that day, my son was playing soccer and almost asphyxiated himself. Since then, I did not have my son (from my first marriage), stay over night.
26. On May 22, 2002, I sent an electronic mail to my friends at ADFE, where I mentioned that, in my office and in my house, there was a toxic gases odor.
27. At the beginning of June of 2002, I fell ill with pneumonia. I spit blood, with a 40 degrees fever. I lost 12 kilos in 4 days.
28. One week later my mother fell ill with pneumonia. The microbiologist said to her that the microb was not pneumonococo.
29. Through my cousin Nikolaos Doikos, I obtained an appointment with the Minister of Justice.
30. The Minister of Justice, Philippos PETSALNIKOS, Socialist. He was my mother's cousin, originally from the city of Kastoria. I went to see him at his political office of Kastoria. I informed him of the criminal activities from the Greek information services. He limited himself to advise me to appeal the the justice. At the same time, he asked his secretary to exclude what I said of the demand that I had. I wished success him in the legislative elections and I left, after 3 minutes.
32-A: On November 21, 2002 ENCOUNTER WITH the CONSUL OF FRANCE Neurological problems, as a result of the neurotoxic gases that I had Inhaled. When I appeared to the Consul on November 21, 2002, he was scared of my state and and he quickly made me leave his office. 32-B: At the end of November 2002, as a result of the letter of Prime minister Kostas Simitis of April of 2002, I was summoned by the instruction judge, where I declared that Saba Riad had placed dust in the water. No answer.


33. I resided in Paris from the 8th to the 17th of February of 2003. I stayed in the Foyer International d' Accueil of Paris Jean Monnet (FIAP), 30 rue Cabanis. Two days later, they made me change rooms, so they gave me another one in a totally dark corner of 5th floor. During 3 nights, suffocating gases were introduced through the entrance of my room by a fire extinguisher that was in front of the door. On the third night, I heard a noise outside my room, I stopped the music and then, I heard a man running very quickly.
34. I went into the Fernand hospital Vidal in Paris on February 11, 2003, for blood tests for toxicological examinations and the woman in the reception said to me that the closest appointment possible with the doctor was in one month .......
35. I went to see doctor Louis Lhuillerie in Paris (telf. 139) general medicine doctor, the 12 of February of 2003. I carried out an ecography. On spite of the fact that the examinations showed problems of my liver (ascite) he refused to give a resolution to carry out blood tests for toxicological examinations. At the same time, he proposed to remove my gall bladder, in view of the pains I was experiencing at the time. My Mother Evangelia Manakidis, wife of Monchamp while she lived, died of pneumonia on March 13 in 2003.
36. I returned to Paris and I went to the Hospital Hotel Dieu, the 5 of June of 2003. Again a requested blood tests for toxicological examinations.
37. Dr. Levezouet refused. She asked me first to have basic examinations and, in line with that, a magnetic resonace of my abdomen. I went to the service of the hospital, the appointment was after a month ......
38. On June 5, 2003, I went to doctor Alain Franqueville (telf. 01.45214990). I had blood tests and requested a toxicological examination again, but he refused.
39.I did not made these trips to France for simple blood tests and basic examinations or even just to see my cholesterol level.


40. On November 29, 2003, in the French Institute of Salonica, the celebration of ADFE Democratic Association of the French abroad (Divided to Socialist French), of which I am member, a gave a strong handshake to a man who accompanied the Consul by France, and this person, to my great surprise, was scared.
41. I asked my friend Bernard Jenkins, delegate of the ADFE to the CSFE, who was this person and he responded that he was the American Consul of Salonica. It was amazing, on spite of everything, to see the participation of the American consul in the celebration of a socialist organization.
42. The 24 of December of 2003, I rented an apartment in Bordeaux that a friend, Yorgos Vassiliades found for me in his building, with the purpose to install myself in France, and to flee from Greece. But, immediately, I was forced to leave 5 days later, since I had the same treatment that i was given in Greece, that is to say the infiltrated suffocating toxic gases in the apartment.
43. In this apartment, I could sleep only one night, the 4 remaining nights I passed them in hotels of the city.
44. From February of 2004, I started a campaign protest to the European Parliament against the terrorism of the Government of Kostas Simitis.
45. In March of 2004, the Socialists lost the elections, after 20 years of almost uninterrupted mandate, soon arrived at the power the Government of Kostas Karamanlis.
46. I sent letters of protest against the criminal activities of the information services, but without any answer on the part of the new Prime minister, father of 2 children, one having the same age that my daughter Evangelia Melina.
47. Probably, the new Prime Minister considers that my children do not have the same right to the life as theirs, since, apparently, he accepts that the Greek information services has the right to try to kill my little daughter with toxic gases or electromagnetic waves, whereas their children have the right to breathe the fresh air, in their house.


48. In October of 2004, again I sent letters of protest to the European Parliament. This time, against the Government of Kostas Karamanlis.
49. The policy of "solidarity" between the political parties and their heads.
50. The immediate reaction was the electromagnetic terrorism.
51. On May 5, 2005, I presented my denunciation of the chemical and electronic harassment against me to the Greek information services. However, the public prosecutor with his resolution 61/16-5-2005, rejected my denunciation as vague and contradictory to the norms of logic and reality.
52. My daughter in July of 2005, had an infectious purulent abscess with 39.5 of fever and my son had pains in the genital organs.
53. The chemical harassment against my daughter had not stopped, since in winter 2006 there were pneumológicos problems.
54. At the present, they are bombing with infrasounds her heart, when my little girl sleeps she suffers tachycardias.
55. The toxicological service of the forensic medicine of Salonica from 2001 to our days now in July of 2006, is not in the conditions to carry out toxicological examinations for lack of credits ...... (Declarations of its Director Mateo TSOUGAS.) Therefore, all denunciations regarding my poisoning or chemical harassment could not be proven neither in Greece nor in France.


56. On October of 2004 until December of 2005, I suffered insomnia and slight amnesias due to the electromagnetic harassment. In the morning, when waking up, my head sounded like a bell, and my face was white, as well as the one of my little daughter.
57. On December 14 of 2004, I sent a letter of protest to the French Senator Monique Cerisier Horseradish tree Guiga. Since then, the electromagnetic harassment has been combined with the toxic gas or chemical harassment.
58. The agents of the Greek information use the modern technology that allows them to have night vision within inside my house. This fact permeats the possibility of directing the beam  from infrasounds to any place of my house. In the terrace of my house, where there is a room, at night they used laser weapons against my heart through the walls.
59. Throughout the summer of 2005, I traveled back and forth between the city of Salonica and the town of Nea Plagia (about 50 km) where my family spent the summer vacations. Throughout each trip, they bombed the nape of my neck with infrasounds, and one night, I was on the verge of having cerebral unemployment.
60. This political mentality of interference in justice forced, in 2002, the old public prosecutor of the Court of Annulment Evangelos Kroustalakis that it must be spoken of pressures of political men on Justice. The problem of Justice in Greece is deeply politician and not the judges.
61. In 2004, under the new Karamanlis Government, as a result of a news article by Journalist Makis Triantafyllopoulos, that was repeated by all the television networks that10 judges had been suspended, 5 of them inprisoned, one escaped abroad, and unemployment of all activity for 300 others.
62. The Minister of Justice in 2005 had spoken of "contraband of rights by the judges". False political position, since justice in Greece was humiliated by the pressures of the political men of the Government of Kostas Simitis.


63. The political mentality of the elite of the country is erased like the policy of the ostrich. Three political families share the power with one another for the last 30 last years with a tenth of economically powerful families. If they made reforms, I would not have objection. But their  presence at the top of the country is the exact signal of an elite whose unique objective is to take the power and to keep the statu quo [same conditions] without reforms.

64. Greece crosses an enormous crisis and the one responsible for this is this centralist Elite of Athens and his nationalistic politic, responsible for a monstrous bureaucracy, that paralyzed the country, responsable also for its favoritism with 1.200.000 civil servants, appointed by the 2 political parties with a total lack of reforms, to avoid the political costs, and an old fashioned juridical frame, direct succession of the rights and the dictatorship.
65. This policy left the country in ruin, with an internal debt of 400 billions of Euros, deficit of the government social security funds, a 230% of the GIP, an external debt of 200 billions of Euros, a 120% of the GIP, a total absence of investments due to the bureaucracy, 20-25% unemployment in the neighborhood and a chronic annual deficit of the imports of 20 billions of Euros.
66. They are obligated to borrow every year 37 billions of Euros to reimburse the loans, whereas the annual budget rises to 45 billions of Euros.
67. A political world that is contained on itself instead of opening the country to the international competition, unlike Ireland, within the framework of the European Union. The Common Market was introduced in 1980 with a 68% of the GIP of the EU and in 2006 reached to 72%, but with a debt of 600 billions of Euros or a 350% of GNP.
68. Hatred cannot replace the political dialogue by political men who choose themselves, by virtue of the Constitution and with the obligation to defend it. These men do not have the right to turn aside it with this immoral and criminal practice. My case is the negation of the right to the State Law of Greek, French and European Right.
69. They deviate aside Democracy and cancel human rights with an invisible murder.
70. They are transforming the Europe of the Brotherhood into a Police State. But apparently, they are short of memory since the last police state that collapsed in one night was the Soviet Union. Probably they do not want to understand the second intentions of the instigator of this transformation.
71. The madness of the political control: Observations of Professor Jose Delgado, physiologist in the University of Yale, who transcribed on February 24, 1974 in the edition of "Act of the sessions of the American Congress" , number 26, volume. 118:
"We have necessity of a program of psychosurgery for the political control of our society. The objective is the physical control of the mind. Each one who turns aside of the given norm can be mutilated surgically. The individual can think that the most important reality is his own existence, but it is only his personal opinion. Although this liberal attitude is very seductive, this lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own way of thinking. We must control the brain electrically. One day the armies and the generals will be controlled by electrical stimulus of the brain. " Prof. Jose Delgado.
72. Subject Elpida Gouliova of 70 years:
Rich owner of half of a building. She was baker acted illegally in 1992 by two psichiatrists, as a result of the request of her daughters that wanted to prevent losing their inheritance. Upon her discharge from the psychiatric clinic her diagnosis by the doctors who were treating her was senility.


Two years later, the woman in question, when ready to compose her testament and at the request of the notary, she was examined in the psychiatric public hospital of Salonica, they had found that she was healthy of mind and able to manage her fortune. They condemned the 2 psychiatrists to 18 months of imprisonment for illegal internment and false medical certificates. Acquitted in appeal. The Civil Court declared that Mrs Elpida Gouliova was ill. One of the psychiatrists was named peripheral director of all the hospitals of Salonica with the new Karamanlis Government in 2004. 
73. Case of Anaïs Fitsiori, patient of Alzheimer of 84 years:
The director of a branch of a Private bank, where she had deposited the sum of a million Euros, and the landlord of a warehouse of which she was the proprietor, previously robbed the sum mentioned from her plus 4 warehouses, of which she was also proprietor, doing this by making her sign receipts as if she was taking the monies to her account, when the money they made her sign for was really going into their accounts.
After the explotation of her juridical capacity, a notary was sent to the warehouse of the landlord and in there she had signed bills of sales of the 4 warehouses to the names of the director of the bank and the landlord without obviously receiving one penny. On the other hand, when a person has deposits of the order of a million Euros, she does not have then necessity, at the age of 84 years old to sell her warehouses to have more money.
The psychiatric hospital of Salonica, had examined her September of 1999 and had stated of her legal incapacity, at the moment at which she had signed all the acts previously mentioned. The President of the Council of administration of the Psychiatric Hospital of Salonica, person appointed by the Government, a surgeon, had prohibited at that time the delivery of a certificate.
In 2000 he was substitute Peripheral Director of all the hospitals of Salonica appointed by the socialist Government, but left dismissed in February of 2002, after the denunciation of psychiatrist Anastassios Kanistras against him.
MY DEFENSES: the antiterrorist arms of Hipocrate
74. If I am still alive today, is because I am a good Natural Medicine doctor. The study of these books saved me, applying to the aphorism of Hipocrate "your medicine is your food for a Psicosomática Health", a fact that has allowed to decontaminate me. In France in 2003, the doctor Louis Lhuilerie, had proposed to me to have my gall bladder removed and a psychiatrist of Salonica, Theodoros Botsoglou, had proposed to me to follow a treatment with psychiatric medicines.
I Still remember the jump the psychiatrist made on his chair when a year later I announced my cure to him with the juice of lemon and the juice of onion. The infiltrated neurotoxic gases in my office from April 2002 to January 2003, caused ascite to my liver. I did not have eurological problems yet.
I cured myself thanks to the juice of lemon and to the juice of onion. (Homeopathic Dictionary of Louis Pommier, Treatment of ascite noncirrosis, Publishing Maloine S.A., 1985). Since then, I make a nutrition special, on the one hand to decontaminate, on the other hand, to reinforce my immune system with beer leavening, the natural pollen, honey and antibiotics.


Article 1. Obligation to respect human rights.
The High Contracting Parts recognize all persons following their jurisdiction the rights and liberties defined in title I of the present Agreement:
Article 2. Right to life
1. The right of all person to life is protected by the law. The death cannot be inflicted intentionally to anyone, except in execution of the capital phrase pronounced by a court, in case the crime is punished as penalty by the law.
Article 3. Prohibition of the torture
Nobody can be put under the torture nor pains or cruel inhuman treatments that deteriorates.
Article 8. Right to the respect of the private and familiar life
1. All persons have the right to the respect of her private and familiar life, its address and its correspondence.
2. there is interference of a public authority in the exercise of this right but whenever this interference is anticipated by the law and that constitutes a measurement that, in a democratic society, is necessary for the national security, the public security, the economic well-being of the country, the defense of the order and the prevention of the penal infractions, the protection of the health or the moral, or the protection of the rights and liberties of another person.
Article 17. Prohibition of the abuse right
None of the dispositions of the present Agreement can be interpreted because they imply for a State, a group or an individual, any right anyone make take on himself to an activity or to perfom acts of destruction of the rights or liberties recognized in the present Agreement or to ampler limitations of these rights and liberties that those anticipating in this Agreement.
Article 41. Equitable satisfaction
If the Court declares that there are violation of the Agreement or its Protocols, and if the internal right of the High Contracting Part does not allow to erase but just imperfectly the consequences of this violation, the Court grants to the harmed part an equitable satisfaction.


Article 2. Freedom of circulation
1. Whoever is regularly in the territory of a State has the right of circulating there freely and to choose freely his residence there.
2. All person is free to leave any country, even his own.
3. The exercise of these rights cannot be made object of other restrictions than those that, anticipated by the law, constitutes necessary measures, in a democratic society, to the national security, the public security, the maintenance of public order, to the prevention of the penal infractions, to the protection of health or morals, or to the protection the rights and liberties of another person.
In my case, and also of my children, there is violation of all articles previously mentioned of the agreement of the human rights. In my case, the evidences are impossible to obtain, because a state mechanism is my opposition, in Greece as well as in France.
There is a lack for a true will to investigate this situation. In spite of the number of indications on the viability and the reality of these technologies, the resource is not effective. On the other hand, all action puts in danger the life of my children and mine. I am the victim of a personal revenge of former Greek Prime minister, Kostas SIMITIS, whom during his mandate of eight years (1996-2004) gaged the Democracy and Justice in Greece.
The fact that his socialist party did remain in the power for 20 years, thanks to the huge money of the European Union, combined with the bipartisanism and the old fashioned legal system, it accomplished during his mandate to vanish the truth. The television networks, that at any time had provisional and revocable permissions of operation, did nothing else but to praise him and his work, that returned “Greece, overloaded with potent debts”.
I must consider that during 2 years (2002-2004) all the Greek press would pronounce the future of Mr. Kostas Simitis as being the President of the European Commission. The scandal of the scholarship in 1999, where the Greeks lost 10 billions Euros, and wanted to sanction him with a 1929 law. The pressures of the politicians manage to the point where nobody was punished for it. In order to avoid the reforms, Kostas Simitis alleged the showcase of the Patriotism and it was in this mental state that my problems began.
The poisoning in restaurants, the infiltration of neurotoxic insecticides in my office, of suffocating gas in my house, the control and the absolute monitoring of my house, with ultra-sophisticated  technicianologies, are added to the mentality of this people. The unique interest by them was the destruction of my personality, leading me to a psychiatric institution with my liver completely destroyed.letting to me live in a psychiatric asylum with a completely destroyed liver.
It is the most immoral deflection of the human rights that comes from parliamentarian man who was a candidate to the Presidency of the European Commission in 2004. No respect neither to my person nor to my family environment. My protests to the French Government for the violation of my most fundamental rights did not have the smaller effect, from the start of 2002. Therefore, in France, they denied me the medical treatments (2 public hospitals, 3 private doctors), whereas I requested aid, to have blood tests for toxicological examinations and to decontaminate my liver.


I did not only was denied medical aid in France, but when I wanted to install myself there, they used the same methods that in Greece. The suffocating gases in the FIAP Jean Monnet in February of 2003 and later, in Bordeaux, the 24 of December of 2003. That blow, left me stateless, due to the complicity of the French political world with its Greek colleague.
Thus, "Politic Europe", the 30 of June of 2004, confirmed with a sanction the criminal activities of the Greek information services. I sent protest letters to all the political parties in Greece. It was total inertia. A murder against a family not too Greek and not too French. Obviously justice in Greece has its limits, in cases like mine. A proof of that is the decision of the public prosecutor of Salonica in May of 2005.
In 1934, my grandfathers, Victor Monchamp, received the medal of old Greek Prime minister, Elefterios Venizélos by his contribution to the failure of the murder attack against him in Kifissia by “patriotic Greek”, the same that are assassinating me today. My parents were, both, resistant, during the Nazi regime, and received, for that reason, a medal of the socialist Government of Andréas Papandréou. Only one medal! They removed my father 2 times, in 1946 during 4 years, and upon meeting of the Colonels, on April 21, 1967, for 3 and a half years.
The fact that I defended the law and the Constitution in my country could not be a reason, or the pretext of the Greek information services to assassinate to me and to accuse to me of an antinational action. That has nothing to do with my case. Is just the pure and simple murder by a political elite, by a statesman, I perjure of his mandate of parliamentary man, perjure of its oath of statesman.
In fact, from September of 2001, those are the human rights that are affected, as well as justice. Powers in the medium and long term lead us politically to a democracy form, where the freedom of expression will be free, whenever it is not opposite to the opinions of each Government in situ. The one that is not with us is against us. Thus it is the future of democracy. In Greece, the first person who dared to settle down this form of democracy was Mr. Kostas Simitis. My case is the perfect deflection of Democracy, is the new virtual democracy.
Victor MONCHAMP Lawyer

I wish that I could sue my neighbor for sending microwave oven rays over into my house. She has the power to turn on my microwave, from afar, and zap us with harmful radiation! I spend my whole day sitting outside and waiting to get a glimpse of her. I've even pulled my kid from school so I can have him help me stalk her. I want to start a fight with her so bad, even though she is twice my age and size! She just ignores me. I stare at her windows, hoping that she peaks out, but she never does. I even stole her mail so I could find out more about where she goes, etc. Her ex works for law enforcement so I have to be careful! We're in the yard, and we always leave our blinds open, so we can stare at her! We even vandalized her yard a little bit, lol! I tried to get my kids to steal her UPS deliveries too, but she got them first, lol!

Montrealer collects compensation for CIA brainwashing

Janine Huard to drop class-action suit in exchange for compensation

Last Updated:  Wednesday, July  4, 2007 | 12:11 PM ET

A Montreal senior who survived Cold War-era brainwashing experiments picked up a cheque for compensation from the federal government on Tuesday.

Janine Huard, 79, accepted an offer to end her class-action lawsuit against the federal government, which jointly funded the experiments with the Central Intelligence Agency.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but Huard says it will allow her to live out her days in peace, with some peace of mind.

"I was really so exhausted from fighting for so many years," Huard told the Canadian Press in an interview.

"I don't think it's enough after having been hurt so much, and my kids and family … but at least justice has been done a little bit."

Huard was a young mother of four suffering from post-partum depression when she checked herself into McGill's renowned Allen Memorial Institute in 1950.

On and off for the next 15 years, she was one of hundreds of patients of Dr. Ewan Cameron subjected to experimental treatments that included massive electroshock therapy, experimental pills and LSD.

The patients were induced into comas and exposed to repetitive messages for days on end to brainwash them.

Cameron pioneered a technique called psychic driving, which he believed could erase harmful memories and rebuild psyches without psychiatric defect.

The idea intrigued the CIA, which recruited him to experiment with mind control beginning in 1950.

Until 1964, Cameron conducted a range of experiments at the McGill institute, often without the knowledge or the permission of his patients.

The experiments were part of a larger CIA program called MK-ULTRA, which saw LSD administered to U.S. prison inmates and patrons of brothels without their knowledge, according to testimony before a 1977 U.S. Senate committee.

Huard said the treatment left her unable to care for her children. She suffered memory loss and migraines for many years to come and had to have her mother move in with her.

Huard was one of nine Canadians who received nearly $67,000 US each from the CIA in 1988.

But her claim for compensation from the Canadian federal government was rejected three times. Only 77 former patients who were reduced to a childlike state received $100,000 payments.

Huard was seeking Federal Court approval for a class-action lawsuit on behalf of those potentially hundreds of other patients.

Earlier this year, a Federal Court judge rejected the federal government motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Huard said the settlement money will allow her to live out her days as she always wanted.

"I'm moving to a peaceful place to see nice scenery, near the country," she said. "I want to finish my days like that.

"I will try to forget all that because it's too painful."

The settlement ends Huard's class-action lawsuit on behalf of all patients but her lawyer, Alan Stein, says a class-action will go ahead in the future under another patient's name.

"It was a miscarriage of justice. There's no doubt about it," Stein said. "It won't be the end, believe me, because I feel the other people should be compensated as well, [people] whose claims were denied."

Stein said he's been contacted by about 30 other former patients of Cameron.

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My Social Media Horror Story : Electronic Abuse & Stalking

Hello, I have written down my story and will start sharing it on social media platforms to get some help.I hope to share it with you first and get any feedback on possible resources that you all know of to detect this issue.My Social Media Horror Story : Electronic Abuse & StalkingMy name is Erica and I am here to talk about my story of harassment and electronic abuse. I have been a victim of internet stalking and harassment for the past couple years and it has just now escalated to this…See More
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They continue their terrorism, psychological torture and  MK Ultra, lasting 17 years. Some people must send or transfer this.

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They continue their terrorism, psychological torture and  MK Ultra, lasting 17 years. Some people must send or transfer this.

Are "they" committing such grave crimes against humanity ? Please ask  why they are remotely controlling all my smart watchs by ...  I am using for my heart, and all my cell phones.UN ICCPR UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court International Court of Justice Canadian GovernmentCC…See More
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