My perp Marti Buss has been denying me sleep again. Now if i call HER or HIM whatever IT is a BITCH through my Implant, Then IT retaliates by BURNING ME? What a DRUNKEN BITCH SHE or HE is. I was actually threatened that HE or SHE will force me to perform ORAL sex on HIM or HER. I have been denied sleep every night and  just don't care what happens next. His TRANSMITTER of 1.114 GHz is coming from 2204 Jackson ST Bellevue, ne 68005 South East Corner of Basement. Heavy Drug use and sales. Can't POLICE enter and  confiscate his STASH of DOPE and his transmitter? Also Marti is THREATENING ME to PAY him EXTORTION MONEY. I put it in to something so i would not have any ACCESS to it, to protect it. No matter what  the MORON does to ME. Wish me Well, i am already being Threatened for posting this, Please Pray for ME!  That I make it through to tomorrow.

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  • If I knew where my "perps" lived, they wouldn't have a home to come back to and would be crippled from the waist up.

  • Well, My perp Joni Barrett Martin 68147 is Stoned again! She treats me like i am a DOG in a Cage being tortured by Cattle Prod. It makes the little Girl act like a child. Extreme Threats to HURT me with my microwave implant if i call her names. Extreme Torture when she is LOADED. Please take Equip from a Mr. Marty Buss 68005 and Joni will finally straitened out.

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