My New's resolution was to IGNORE cousins and live my life on my own. Well, this lasted until 3:00 AM. Then she began to DRUNKENLY start to send JABS of PAIN to me while threatening me to give her EXTORTION MONEY for her HELP? she has given me?  A slogan came to me "Live Free or DIE" I don't care anymore what the BITCH does to me with this IMPLANT EQUIP. Can't stand this ABUSE. I DISOWNED HER and other cousins. Is all they do is HURT me with it.

She lives with a good looking son Calen whom I HOPE she doesn't ruin showing him this equip. Lives near 36th & Gertrude 68147. Husband and Father of ALL her kids(hopefully). She has driven husband out of house. The poor guy just couldn't take it anymore. Can you even imagine what she has done to me with this PAIN from this IMPLANT. I will not be DEGRADED with ABUSE of EQUIP any longer. NEXT step is I will have to turn HER into various agencies. I don't know what the BITCH will do next. Give me LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! This is worsening again as she DOES MORE DOPE at Marty Buss drug house. 68005. We must continue to fight against this GESTOPO Tatics being ABUSED by ADDICTS. Says I have seen too much of their SCAM so she has to get rid of me somehow. It would be a lot simpler just to stop ABUSING ME.

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  • Hey Starcat, yes we are friends. Funny, the same thing happened with me and another Peacepink member the other day and i felt a bit like a dweeb. You should do whatever you want man, post if you feel the need to vent and we will listen, always.

    The amazing support we get on this site from the peacepink brotherhood, no matter what we tell when we express the horrendous torture we go through always gets an answer, this helps so damn much.

    I do not wish however to take a position to tell you what to do or not to, this is what the perps do ;)

    Feel free to do as you please knowing that even if you may be wrong with some deductions or certainties, we have all been there - Who cares?

    This is what freedom tastes like and you have more than plenty on this site, enjoy it!

    Thank you too for being there and hold tight.

  • Cedric said:

    What Sue said, Starcat. Hold on tight, we also hear you. I have read all your posts and understand the torture you are going through, ignore what they tell you for it is lies and just lies. They do not know who you are which is why they want to turn you into what they wish you were, they do this with everyone. They are sick and have no life whatsoever. It is hard to imagine people getting a kick at torturing others like the sorts we go through, but this is what psychopaths truly are.

    I also get very angry when stuff like these happen all the time and looking for ways to let it out is very important, you chose Peacepink to do so - keep on going if it makes you feel better, we hear you buddy.

    God bless and lots of love to you (isn't that an oxymoron? ;)

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