Well, I am really trying to not post my perps name and address, this is the best i can do tonight!

He gets scared if the wrong song comes on my Pandora account. This guy(perp) is actually turning up power to my sinus Implant because if certain songs come on, he says it is a "sore subject". On and on it gets to be that damn near every other song is a "sore subject" so he hurts me because he seems to be actually scared or afraid of certain songs. Of, course then when he starts to hurt me i play them. 

This is supposed to help him to grow up and realize that the songs are not going to hurt him. He's Dropped Acid at least 3 times in his life. He has smoked marijuana daily after the LSD-25 or close like Orange Sunshine. He has been seriously abusing(not using) it since 1980 after he Dropped Orange Sunshine Acid.

He is ripping my life apart with the Implant because he says he has Personal Reasons. I think that 15 years is enough of his Vengeance to cover however i wronged him. I have tried to make amends to him and my cousins for harm i did as a child. Enough is Enough. The idea of this he says is to "straighten me out" WHAT CAN I DO MORE to be not Kicked around like a Dog, burns to bleed from, cramps, threats of extortion, and depravity? i have been clean & sober for 21 months now. Why can't any of my Cowardly Cousins get Marty(perp) to let me live like a Human Being?

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