Physical Abuse and Exact Location to FCC

Hello Fellow Sufferers. I have been ABUSED fo 15 years from a nasal IMPLANT. The Source a Mr. Marty Buss 2204 Jackson ST Bellevue, NE 68005 USA. I take full responsibility as to accuracy of this info. TRANSMITTER LOCATION SE Corner of Basement. I have been over there decades before this started so I know it is real.

It has gone WAY PAST just voices and HARMLESS PLAY. Marty has burned me, burned FOCUSED MICROWAVE RADIATION on tongue much pain, same thing to my hip and the TOTAL HIP had to be replaced, sleep deprivation(7-13 days)EMERGENCY ROOM 2 times, Stopped my Breathing 2-3 times(Emergency room again, THREATS TO EXTORT MONEY, Extreme Pain, Extreme Sickness, several auto accidents trying to get far away from him, not allowed to eat, making me get on knees and CRY, SCREAM, and BEG for him to stop, Monsterous amounts of MONEY LOST for DOPE to deaden myself, and MANY< MANY Hospital stays both mental and physical causes, huge amounts of medications from Doctors, turned Family away from me because of symptoms. i'm prohibited from SEX or make me vomit, made my MOTHER sick by Torturing me in front of her-she couldn't take it and I was DUMB ENOUGH to be in room in front of Her with my SUICIDE ATTEMPT way back in 2003, jails, drunk driving, Forced me to spend huge monies on DOPE and BOOZE to handle it. I am now CLEAN & SOBER for 19 mos.! Talking outloud. 

 Federal Agencies no help. Is all they wanted when I was called was my Doctors name. Didn't do that. I have an Advanced Class Amateur Radio License issued by FCC Federal Communications  Commission so I know more than him about Radio Physics. I understand this IMPLANT EQUIP is HUSH-HUSH so I keep it to myself. Marty is a 30 year DRUG ADDICT and abuses it when he is LOADED and gets his friends to do the same to me. Damned Drug House he is running for 30 yrs-nobody cares.

I saw 2 people I KNOW hold me down to insert device. I know 5 people who are eye-witnesses of him abusing me. CUT OFF HIS DRUG SUPPLY or take the unit from him so I can LIVE a HUMAN LIFE. Thank You, Starcat

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