Volunteer from Seattle

I, Paul Philp, would like to be the peacepink Volunteer in Seattle. Kevin Crosby has informed methat he is no longer interested in the post.  There are many TIs in Seattle, and they need to be united by leadership. There are power in numbers and those numbers could make an impact upon the community as a whole. Please let me know soon as TIs are gaining in numbers in Seattle.

Paul Philp

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  • Whats with all the games posted? How is this to help the Cause?

  • Even though Im not in Seattle area Go for it. Everyone needs to be United, not divided. People need to Network. This issue has been too long and has gone Un Accounted for. Impact will be made in the Court System whether State or Fed using relevant Terms and laws {npt limited to the Constitutional right to Security of Person/ Place/ Property/ Effects}. We need to know something about our Civil/ Constitutional/ Human rights laws and how to Apply them. Lawyers are useless. People can File Complaints in the Court System Pro SE as is their right. Want to make an impact?

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  • Any Christian Brothers out there to work with?

    In NY . Want to get a Team together 


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