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The meter Heikki has isME3851A . It is a low-frequency meter, and it is not that expensive , that everybody would not buy one. I hope to meet Heikki in April. 

Ms. Kris Durschmidt said:

This is good find Martti!!!....I have left Heikki a message and joined (befriended) his Facebook and web site, he is very active and has some Electric Knowledge and background...I have left him a message and others should do the same, where he gets his hand-held devise that picks up, all the frequencies we need to know, find and get evidence on!!   Good luck and pass the word "I think he has a high quality meter like the Electric Engineers use!!  Something can and will pick them up....I would die if I waited for ICAACT to help me...I have been sending them emails for years to come to Phoenix, Arizona and NO RESPONSE TO ME!!!   I AM WONDERING IF THEY ARE GOVERNMENT/FBI/NSA RELATED!!  I HAVE HEARD BOTH ABOUT THEM: GOOD AND BAD!!!...I SAY GET YOUR OWN GOOD EQUIPMENT LIKE Heikki, does and help each other and be eye witnesses for FREE!!!!!!!

Martti Koski said:

Heikki Lääkkö has done some measurements. This is picture is from his website

Big All , response for your response. I put my response on bold, to make it easier to find from older writings.

Big AL said:

Marti, in response to the following;

"Big All. I am not saying that everyone, that has positive reading on rf-test has microchip on his head.
However there are people who have found microchips on their head. This Larsen report has pictures of implants that have taken out human body. They are not Verichips, and they are very small size."

I have seen this article, the larson report, and I dont find it factual. These pictures dont show anything but various fleshy appearing things with fibers in them. There is no statement from a doctor or any other reputable authority stating what these things are.There is simply a bunch of statements made by the guy who wrote it all. I dont see this as evidence, but IF it were right, and those were really micro chip implants..then that would be proof that you can find a micro chip implant in many people who are supposedly implanted. Where are all the other people who are showing up with 'evidence' like this Larsen Report? I think this LArsen REport is like the Sasquatch hoax. I wouldnt believe this LArson Report just because you read it on the internet. There arent paper work like even Walbert came up with.

These implants on Larsen report were analyzed by  Photometrics in Huntington Beach CA which is a reputable company.   Doctors cannot do such analyze. There are several implants found example: Huang-Su Mingh Implant,

The new era of implants are called nanobots I have some drawings and notes from them , I got from James Taylor: 


and some notes: note1note2note3note3b .

You remind this man who does not believe that man has not gone to moon, and thought all the evidences are hoax. How much evidences you need, before you believe implants exist ?

On this Youtube, about James Walbert are pictures on 
chips and they are very small, not ordinary Verichips which are accepted for US. food and Drug administration board.

TO this I say,at the 5:13 minute mark of the video, Walbert says directly that it was confirmed to be a verichip. 

Perhaps James Walbert used word Verichip, on same meaning some people speak XEROX , when they mean photocopy. If the chip is not taken out, it is very difficult to find manufacturer 

 Moore's law say that number of transistors and integrated circuits double every two years. I have a four years old computer, and I have not found any increasing of integrated circuits inside it. It also still works well even it is that old :-) Implants are developing all the time, but old implants are like old radios, they would work for decades.

Marti, First of all There are no circuits that can build upon themselves insdie your computer. The newer, double powered chips are simply made every 18 months in factories. The idea is that if youwant a new and improved model, you get a new computer every 18 months. Also, Those who are in possession of this machine are looking very, very far into the future. They want to develop tech that does not have to be upgraded, OR tech that can upgraded without being invasive. This points to non-invasive Brain Computer Interfaces. I can admit that there may be some TIs with ancient invasive tech like implants in them, but if you admit there are TIs that have remote non-invasive BCI hooked up through, say ELF waves, then you must admit that if you had a real implant and you got it could then be assaulted with the more lethal and non-removable type of tech that is connected to only...YOUR BRAIN! .

This your idea means that every perps get the latest technology. In reality there are about 50 nation, that are developing electrical mind control technology, very different level. Everybody is trying to keep their technology secret. Even in United States there are several groups, that keep their technology secret from other groups. So there are a wide range of different methods of mind reading and mind manipulation. Some use implants and other not.


Also another piece to think about. This is Motorola mind-reading e-tattoo article. How about if this e-tattoo is put inside your throat while you are unconscious. Only think you would find in next morning is a sore throat.

I am familiar with this tech. IT is fundamentally different from what we experience. FOr one, it does not read the brain, it reads the muscular region of the throat. And it does not implant ideas into your head. It does not read or insert visuals, and it does not control motor function. These things are regularly experienced by TIs. No implant can do all of these things. 

This is interesting thing. When you are writing answer for me (example) your muscular region is working, and this motorola device would read your thought. What you would call it "verbal mindreading ?" . Some people their verbal thinking comes out with voice , they "speak themselves". There was an interesting conversation about this subject and bioeth....

I know person, who believes that man has never gone to moon, but all evidences are faked. Of course, it is much easier to make a fake video, about man going to moon, than go to moon Still believe that man has gone to moon. Similarly I am believing electronic harassment is possible and done with implants. That much evidences in different sources exists.

My question to you is; If you admit there are non-invasive means of doing this by say, ELF waves, or Scalar waves, Or microwaves, (All of these are non-invasive and dont need an implant)  then how would you argue that using a chip, that admittedly would soon be outdated, would be superior to non-invasive BCIs? I mean, there is a saying in Engineering, "The fewer moving parts, the better, because there's less to break down." SO if the brain itself is the transmitter/receiver there is no need for repeated surgeries every few years. I mean, if you had one of those wind up telephones from the 70s or 80s, it may still work...BUT I would much rather have an iphone5 with all its capabilities. Similarly the erps would want to use a superior, problem free method that can...reach EVERYONE ON THE PLANET with their tech. You see, I believe Everyone is being monitored,. Even fetuses in the wombs are having their brain waves read. All without implants and all the surgeries involved. 

I am saying everyone does not have this noninvasive technology. One cannot simply purchase the latest knowledge because it is secret., and I also believe that it cannot do everything that implant can do. Even controlling cochroaches, scientists use implants, and human is much more complicated.

I am not saying that everybody T.I. has implants, but I am saying that implants exists, and we should also seek them.

Like the analogy of the 80 telephone, I dont want to spend my time in the past. The perps are using far, far more advanced non-invasive tech than anything implantable. The whole idea of implants is likely a lie set forth by the perps themselves. As when there are no implants found, the Government can say, "Look-we listened to your complaints of minro chips. The proof is, there arent any. The few we find cant do what you say is being done to you. SO just take your medication and stop bothering us," meanwhile they will be using non-invasive tech like ELF waves to do their evil deeds. If you believe in chip implants, the government's joke is on you.

I understand what you are afraid. You are afraid that implants that are used on mind control became public and accepted as truth, and doctors do not find implant on you , and classify you as having "mental problems". Unfortunately we are not even that point. public does not know electrical harassment exist, and not believe such thing. This conversation is from Randi Educational foundation forum. We have a long way to go. I believe that when electrical harassment is publicly known that exist, all the forms of it are investigated. To get mind reading and electrical manipulation of mind and body known for people is the first step.

Marti, First of all I am not afraid of implants. I too, once believed I had an implant. Then I had a group of perps change my thinking. As a result of what I was told, I looked up ELF waves and how they work. Now I understand how believing in implants is realy unrealistic. I dont really want to go over every point again. I think I would rather write an article on the subject. Including why those agencies who currently may be using invasive, implant devices, will soon go the way of the 8 track tape. I mean, even in 3rd world countries, people dont use 8track tapes!

If you really want o spend your time with searching for microchip inserts, knock yourself out! I amd gathering TIs who have a different understanding so we dont get lost among the throngs of TI who are falling for the governemnts ruse...microchip inserts. 

When it comes to the drawings of the gut who says nanotech is used for mind reading...Marti, i am an artist, I could draw ANYTHING! Are you going to believe it just because someone drew a picture?

And you havent faced Moore's Law. Even Nano-tech will be soon outdated and replaced by non-invasive tech that doesnt need all those little moving parts that could break down. 

And when it comes to what Walbert said about him being implanted with A VERICHIP, thats not the only time he has said it. 

I can see that since you are able to listen to Walberst's own words and STILL say he didnt mean he was implanted with a verichip, that you are a "CHIPPER". A person who, must believe in implanted micro-chips. 

I will write my article and share it with everyone.

When it comes to getting the msses to believe us, we need to come up with the best possible explanations or we wont be taken seriously. Many TIs believe they are followed around and mind beamed by aircraft. Do you believe such things? What about chemtrails, do you believe those white stripes in the sky after a plane goes by is full chemicals meant to kill us, or nano tech meant to control us?

I know the truth is hard for people to swallow, but when we ask thinking people to consider something so strange, we really need to have our ducks in a row. I,personally, dont want to be associated with chippers, chemtrailers, or air-crafters. I wish to appeal to logical minds, thus I need logical facts and information.

Marti, I looked up the article about the tooth implants. Did you realize that the article didnt claim to have proof this guy had an implant? The article says repeatedly, 'He says he is implanted..." The guy doesnt even have pictures of this stuff, he just describes his exray as having a tooth that has 'light shooting out from it.' There is absolutely no proof of anything. Do you plan on using this as some evidence when complaining to the authorities?

Hi Big Al,

You are right. Waves are just waves and they are surrounding us. Willing it or not.

My main purpose in looking for ELF was not  an average environmental checking , but a try to see if there could be any reason to my mental state  which was unusual , as I mentionned previously, at a moment when I needed to decide and be active I could not.

I only have a portable device .

 Because we know that the brain is porous to the surrounding waves in the same band as his.  Depending on the surrounding waves  it can therefore be driven to a wavelength range which  should not be the one at a specific time of the day.  This causes mental  malfunction or health prob.

I had received earlier from B. Trower the list of problems that can be caused by ELF  carried  at the wrong time or in too large quantity. It is on
The other information I got on the ELF  as origin of problems is from russian source and can be seen at

Since my brain was my concern , I therefore looked for ELF as a possible cause of  the probem.

I then set my  device  for a search on the range of  the brain waves , from 4 Hz to 25 Hz and did not change the setting  for several days . And I  found out a really impressive information . According to me !

In France , GSM and DETECT generate waves around 8 Hz  close to SR  ( 7,8 Hz) & alpha waves
WIFI generates 10 Hz

A russian expert ( Sidorov) mentions that ELF frequencies can be amplified by SR waves  (  nearly same frequency as GSM & DETECT) nearby and activate a physiological process and trigger specific intracellular responses.

Thereforefore, I guessed that this measurement level could give info on  the cause of this very special extreme fatigue.

Nothing sure of course.

If the SR would be  concerned ( and not GSM or DETECT) I could be worried by another type of information mentionning that ELF wave can be shaped  intentionally to provide specific information  recorded or decoded by the brain that returns almost instantly on the back of the SR.

I do not believe it is so . Otherwise and provided the important value of ELF is meaningful, that would indicate  brain manipulation from far away..

We know also that the SR is activated by lightening, which is strong energy.

I am shot ( hit) like a wild rabbit in its burrows every night and during long period of tme, evry other minute. Since I do not know the exact kind of energy used, locally,  by guys around,  ( it changes according the new shielding ways I manage) I can only guess that( may be or probably) but thought that  the energy used could carry or increase the effect of ELF.

Few weeks ago the shooting seemed to be done by ultrasonic weapons, since it went through four metal sheets added inside my bed . The shots were done, from a nearby flat 2 m 50 away. The guy increases the energy according the resistance of the shielding.

I do not plan to place a complaint on the ground of my findings , for sure . In France it drives you straight to a mental ward.

Have a good day


hertzed had said:

I don't think that someone is going to investigate, it will end nowhere, just think what kind of people can have access to this kind of equipement and run human experimentation worldwide, with out any fear or consequences. what kind of judge will go against it,he will be next in line for mind control, and silent sugestive mind control is their specialty and goal. officially this kind of technology does not exist ,people will need decades to swallow that they have been remotely manipulated and influenced neurologically an physically in such way. I can't even imagine someone going to police and report, you will be marked as insane, that's why they do the "gangstalking" thing and inducing psychosis to some people, so you get confused and start talking crap around, sound delusional, so they can microwave you when no one believes you any more. their tactics are perfected, all you can do is calm your mind ignore it and move as much you can, by move I mean don't spend the day at home thinking about it. that's what I think from what I have concluded from some readings, just my opinion.

lez, did you get same readings outside? how did you measure 4hz what measuring equipement did you use? 

Hi hertzed had,

The device I use  for ELF detection is done in germany and sold by AARONIA (see on their site)

I made some testing outside , but not recently.

Values were different in my flat and  3 kilometers away on an empty parking at night.

Much lower on the parking. Same for the HF.

I did once a testing for HF in the middle  of nowhere, near a swamp and asked an old man without cell phone or electronic device with him to help me and  only hold my device and read the screen. When i was far away from the guy , the screen had no information of HF only when I came close to it without my hand bag ( I have no cell phone) nothing in my pocket,   and the device  started indicating increasing values. 

We tried it when joggers passed by . Sometimes the screen was blank and sometimes it  suddenly mentionned values

probably indicating that those jogger had a celle phone in their pocket. As soon as they were gone , the value vanished away.

So , the experience on me, could give the information of HF locked on me and would or could  explain a lot of other related problems.

Have a good day


These ELF waves being detected by scanners have to be proved in a court of law and as yet I havnt heard they can be used as evidence. Maybe when our plight becomes more mainstream we will be able to use these ELF detectors to put up a case in a law court. Lets hope so!

I believe all of us would have a high reading to ELF on an accurate scanner but we cant legally prove anything with this because ELFs are everywhere and your average person could get a high reading because they're on their cell phone all the time or they live in close proximity to towers. How do you prove such a thing?

Proof that James Walbert was experiencing torturous coverty forced, implanted RFID chips, including one in his brain, and subsequently kept under surveillance for the remote electronic injury was evidenced in his MRI scan and letters from investigators, health professionals and Representative Jim Guest.  (Missouri).

There was a sound medical evidence and medical evaluation to verify that an implanted device did exist in the body of James Walbert.  Dr. John Hall, who is experienced in reading IVIRls, had confirmed that a foreign body, and most likely a microchip, was present in his body. The type of foreign bodies in James Walbert had also been confirmed by Dr. Hildigard Staninger, Industrial Toxicologist, of the Integrative Health Systems, LLC. Their evaluation confirmed that it is a severe medical necessity to have these foreign bodies removed for the safety of Mr. Walbert. This had also all been confirmed by William Taylor, a recognized expert in the field of Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures.

Proof of James Walbert MRI scan with microchips implant

“Secretly forced brain implant Pt II: MRI scan image and reports of Target, James Walbert”

Any materials or objects could be used as evidence in court in any legal proceedings as long as you can prove the relevance of it on the facts or issues  being disputed regardless you have not heard of it as has been used as evidence in any legal proceedings or has been known.  The admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings under the Evidence Act should be based on relevance, reliability, authenticity of the documents, materials, or objects used as evidence.  The opposing party cannot say in court, “Your honor, I object as this scanner has not been proven in the court of law and I have not heard they could be used as evidence.”  A specialist’s report specialising in the field who has credible knowledge of the equipment and how it works and his oral testimony/evidence in court is a credible and admissible evidence to support and prove the elf waves being detected by scanners.  Anything could be legally proven in the court of law.

why not gather equipment and do monitoring over extended period, different people and locations same equipment, than we see what exactly is pointed, compare results and find protection at least. my main concern are HF waves, they are easier to detect, manipulate and isolate. also what I have noticed in few months reading, there are thousands people with this issue but not a single main place/forum to share findings, and very hard to establish contact with most of them. are there any groups for live meeting? USA/Canada? it will be very big support and very efficient in sharing and comparing information's and experiences. 

thanks everyone for reply.

I know I said this before, but I will bring it up again, as no one has answered it. If our bodies and brains produce ELF waves. Then just FINDING ELF waves coming from our body isnt proof of anything because our Bodies produce ELF waves. Likewise, ELF waves are produced naturally by things around us, so just identifying ELF waves approaching our bodies/brains is not, in itself, evidence. Rather, if we could examine the ELF waves and look for encrypted information, Like if we could measure these ELF waves and run them through a computer that could decode information, then we  not only could prove that we get v2k, inserted visuals, motor fuction over ride, but we could show the court exactly what it is they say as well as what they do to our bodies.. All these things might be encoded within the ELF waves. This information is what we need to show in court.

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