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Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory(Part 2 section II)


作者K. Wilson, 翻译: Soleilmavis

According to Lincoln Lawrence, author of Were We Controlled? "RHIC involves radio contact with a subject who has been previously hypnotized and taught to perform certain actions and maintain certain attitudes. Post hypnotic suggestions are transmitted by radio waves triggering a certain preconditioned behavior..."[65] In a 1977 Gallery Magazine article sited by Scheflin and Opton, Lawrence states, "the Electronic Dissolution of Memory alters time senses by emitting radio waves and ultra-sonic signal tones which act upon memory storage chemicals in the brain."[66]

根据Lincoln Lawrence,《我们被控制了吗》的作者,“RHIC涉及无线电联络一个以前曾被催眠并且完成特定的行为,并且保持特定的态度的目标。实施催眠暗示是通过无线电波传送,激发某种预先设定的行为。” [65] 1977年,美术杂志Gallery Magazine Scheflin and Opton, Lawrence撰写的文章,陈述“电子消除记忆EDOM,通过发射无线电波和超声波信号,作用于大脑中的记忆储藏化学作用,改变时间知觉。”[66]

The Electronic Dissolution of Memory is accomplished by "electronically jamming the brain" thereby causing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, "to create static which blocks out sight and sounds. You would then have no memory of what you saw or heard; your mind would be a blank."[67]

电子消除记忆EDOM通过“电子干扰大脑“完成,因此导致神经传递介质,乙酰胆碱acetylcholine“引起静止,阻滞视觉和声音。您就对您所看到和听到的不会产生记忆,您的大脑会是空的。” [67]

Acetylcholine was the first neurotransmitter to be discovered and is the most common neurotransmitter found in the brain. Acetylcholine is described as the neurotransmitter secreted by motor nerves to excite skeletal muscles and it is activated by the vagus nerve (the tenth cranial nerve in the medulla that innervates most organs of the abdomen), as well as the nerves that control most internal organs.[68]

乙酰胆碱acetylcholine是最早被发现的大脑中最常见的神经传递介质。乙酰胆碱acetylcholine 被描述为由运动神经分泌的刺激骨骼肌的神经传递介质。它被迷走神经(在骨髓中的第十颅神经,支配多数的体内器官)激活,同时控制多数体内器官。[68]

Important to our discussion, is that acetylcholine is one of the primary neurotransmitters involved in memory. Memory involves different parts of the brain and four different processes: 1) a sensory registry, 2) immediate memory, 3) short-term memory, and 4) long-term memory.[69] In addition, each of these four processes has its own time scale. Another common neurotransmitter involved with learning and memory is norepinephrine. There are several neurotransmitters and amino acids involved with learning and memory and each has a specific function.[70] It seems logical that if electrical impulses are used to bombard a person's brain, a complex neurochemical organ, this will affect the individual's neurotransmitters. If these levels are sufficiently altered, then memory would also be affected.

我们讨论的重点是,乙酰胆碱acetylcholine是涉及记忆的基本神经传递介质之一。记忆涉及大脑的不同部分和4个过程:感官记忆(sensory memory)、当前记忆(immediate memory),短期记忆(short-term memory)和长期记忆(long-term memory)。[69]另外,这4个过程的每一个,有它自己的时间范围。另一种常见的学习和记忆的神经传递介质是新肾上腺素norepinephrine。有几种神经传递介质和氨基酸涉及学习和记忆,每一种有特定的功能。[70] 看来合乎逻辑,如果电子脉冲来轰击一个人的大脑,这个复杂的神经化学器官,这将影响到个体的神经传递介质,如果改变的程度很大,就会影响记忆。

As far as I can tell, RHIC-EDOM first surfaced in Lincoln Lawrence's book in 1967. According to Bowart, "Lawrence...may have had much more evidence [about RHIC] than he was allowed to present. His credentials indicated that he had been 'working in liaison with the department of defense.' "[71] In 1975 a journalist named James L. Moore claimed he had been given secret documents by CIA personnel describing RHIC-EDOM.[72] If this is some kind of elaborate hoax, then why would it surface again almost ten years later and be connected with the CIA? If this was an intentional leak, what could the agency gain by releasing this information? It would certainly be of great value to humanity if Moore would share (of had shared) these documents with other researchers.[73]

据我所知,无线催眠大脑控制RHIC第一次于1967年出现在Lincoln Lawrence(林肯 劳伦斯)的书。Bowart说,“Lawrence可能有比他允许发表的更多的(RHIC)的证据,他的材料表明,他一直在为国防部工作。” [71],1975年,一位名叫James L. Moore的记者声称,CIA人员给了他描述RHIC-EDOM的秘密材料。[72]如果这是一种精心的恶作剧,为何十年后再次浮出水面,并与CIA有关?如果这是一次蓄意泄密,CIA会从中得到甚吗好处?如果Moore与其他研究人员分享这些材料,对人道将是一大贡献。[73]

Interestingly, according to Bowart, "A research and development team at the Space and Biology Laboratory of the University of California at the Los Angeles Brain Research Institute found a way to stimulate the brain by creating an electrical field completely outside the head. Dr. W. Ross Adey stimulated the brain with electric pulse levels which were far below those thought to be effectual in the old implanting technique."[74] In addition, by 1975, scientists were also testing a primitive "mind reading" machine with positive results.[75]

有趣的是,Bowart说,“在加州大学洛杉矶脑研究机构的空间和生物学实验室的研发团队,找到了一种方法,通过建立一个完全在脑外的电场,刺激脑部。W. Ross Adey博士使用刺激大脑的电子脉冲能级,远低于认为的有效的旧的植入技术。” [74]另外,到了1975年,科学家们还试验一种最初的"阅读思维"的机器,取得积极成果。

Soleilmavis注: 这篇文章写于1996年,在过去的十年中,各种技术已有了突飞猛进的发展,目前受害者被虐待的技术已经比文章中所说的技术要先进得多。但是只要受害者们和全世界正义和善良的人们的共同努力,我们总有一天会让全世界人民看到这些法西斯分子的真正面目。

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