Shielding informations

(1) Scientist 'Infected' With Computer Virus

A British scientist has become the first human to be infected with a computer virus. An implant chip can be disabled by "infected with a computer virus"


(2)Binaural Brain Entrainment tones will help Mind Control Victim

The Binaural Brain Entrainment tones will help interfere with the various frequencies they use to Brain Map us. Please try this shielding to protect yourself.

Try listening to this brain entrainment for 24 hours straight if you can. Hopefully you have two stereo speakers and can place them at least 3 feet apart. It is better if you can play it through your computer with external speakers in repeat play mode. While it sounds loud, high frequencies die out quickly in air so it doesn't actually travel through walls to annoy your neighbors. They shouldn't be able to hear it.


(3) Electromagnetic shielding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


(4) Brenda's Hats

I'm distributing the steel hats designed by Jeremy for $45.  Anyone interested in sponsoring a hat for someone else that would be acceptable.  It has been very successful for myself and others who have purchased it.

Brenda Fontes

774-226-6971            Free minutes after 9 pm EST 


(5) Detect Your implants

The Project set out to test Target Individuals in the US and in Europe for possible implants, by meassuring RF emmissions from the body.

First stage of this preliminary testing, started in December 2011 in several US States and in Europe in Germany.

Stage two involves testing the suspicious cases in a shielded enviroment to rule out the possibillity that the signal comes from an outside source. The method and device used (macer - JM20 Pro)  was originaly pioneered by Dr. John Hall. Auther of the the book: "A New Breed  - Sattelite Terrorism in America"

Another testing:

To all victims, call Roger USA(001)-323-462-13-51 or (001)760-668-22-45 to detect your implants in your body. Then you would be able to do the surgery. (this is how we analize you):

 Oct 6 2011

Day 1- case detail analysis and scanning for bio chip implants

Day 2- directed energy spectrum analyzer testing

Day 3- directed energy testing with passive shielding

Day 4- directed energy testing with active shielding

Day 5- directed energy final analysis. 

Sessions run about 6 hours a day. Some day sessions, some night sessions.

(Tell him that Philippe Bensemhoun from France gave you the number)

His implants were not visible on MRI scan or X-ray.  He needed to have ultrasound scans.

(6) The QuWave Defender

Protection for Targeted Individuals from Electronic Harassment, Psychotronic, and Psychic Attacks. Now available in Personal and Tabletop Models.

Victims comments after using Quwave defender:
We welcome you share your experiences of using Quwave defender
B)   I am a targeted individual and have found a new product which appears to counteract many of the intended effects of ongoing electronic attacks.
QuWave Defender ( is a break-through product that claims to utilize "Scalar Waves" (which our government claims do not even exist) to significantly counter the physical pain, mood levels and long-term biological effects of ongoing "electronic harassment". I have personally been using the Personal Defender model and recently acquired the Tabletop Defender as well. The benefits were shocking, substantial and quickly apparent. I personally experienced a very significant reduction in pain. A much calmer, more peaceful and happier mood throughout the entire day. As well as an increase in energy levels and focus (most likely associated with disrupting various frequencies being used to alter mood).
I wanted to bring these QuWave devices to your attention so you can review their claims, research their technology and decide if it may help you. Or someone you care about experiencing these horrific abuses.
Note: I have NOT signed up for QuWave's affiliate program (which offers 10% commission for all sales). I receive NO compensation for this recommendation. I am a targeted individual experiencing heavy, unrelenting electronic attacks since January 2006. I created the website to try to assist others experiencing this shameful abuse of power by our military, law enforcement and intelligence communities.
C)     I tried to Quwave desktop defender and still had the constant tickles over my body and the whispers into my ear by these voices. Free to return it within 30 days, so I got my full refund. It was worth a shot. If you want to know the truth of why this holocaust is kept secret and how that is. Check out my website at
Justin Toft
(7) Special Solutions - Investigation and Protection Specialists for Electronic Harassment

Special Solutions, Inc. performs Electronic Sweeping and Surveys, using the best possible Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), to determine if you're being electronically harassed. We then proscribe the proper course of action to eliminate the electronic harassment threat.

(8) HOW TO BUILD HOMEMADE " FARADAY CAGE " SHIELDING from RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION . With window mash and few pieces of wood !

It is necessary to understand that our brain simultaneously works with 2 range of the frequencies 0,01Гц-80 Hz and very high else no beside me exact numerals, this soft roentgen radiation, think beside 1000 GHZ.

Inwardly this range ensemble frequencies influences upon person. Shield it is necessary whole range. On directed sound uniquely this sound range (20 Hz - 50 000 Hz). On directed image - a scenes, this 2 frequencies which work on
principle holografic televisions. The Frequencies any probably too sound, but are possible added superhigh.

Explain problem of the screening military standard:
1. The Range of the frequencies 0 Hz - 1000 GHZ.
2. The Weakening of the signal inside outward conversely - a minimum 60 Db.
3. Inwardly screen will possible be necessary the artificial magnetic field.
4. Much gravely shield the ranges 0 Hz - 100 Hz and 100 GHZ and above,
average part is shielded simply by hutch Faradays.
5. The range 0 Hz - 100 Hz this range of the sound and vibrations, is shielded sailling floor on spring, ferrite bar, sirkle Gelimgolica, active protection.
6. The range above 100 GHZ are shielded material reflector - with high dielectric by permeability, water or magnesium seven water as covering the pyramid where filler - an absorber - a graphite, carbon. Also possible building of active protection in the manner of capacitor.
7. What is an active protection, elementary: make or receiver of the signal - an amplifier, 1 transistor - a capacitor with changeable resistor - an output on speaker or emitter.

The Capacitor turns the signal in antiphrasis, the only thing whole.
The Earphones do such long ago. The Shot of the handgun not audible.

On building of protection. The Brick wall in 1 brick with plaster and painted, where are absent the window and are well made door already keeps 50 Db.
But only within the range of from 100 before 3200 Hz.
It is necessary to add 20 Db that to cease to hear the directed voice.
These Db are added by creation protective action refer to the site.
In range below 100 Hz needs the floating floor on spring, Circle Gelimgolica, ferrite bar on choice.
Within the range of from 3200 Hz before 100 GHZ it is necessary simply several insulated layer by steels and aluminum.
You are a range above 100 GHZ it is necessary to do the pyramids from lyfoam imbrued by graphite and suffuse with crystal magnesium seven water.
Each screen or must be standard or to do calculation individually.
60 Db to reach in all range of the electromagnetic radiations, this heavy problem.

The Edges of the range this the most problem-solving area.
But exactly they are used person and special service for biological relationship of the computer and person.
Range of the functioning the equipment unlimited.
Study what is a resonance Shuman and Gamma radiation, then you understand why so clearly works this relationship.


See sites ,  - we all need practical steps, and real working room with screen.


On this sites is all for it.
Nickolay Silivonchik

The following information was posted by Patrick Funch and posted on his Twitter account, @OccupCentralCa.

I just ordered a 48w power supply connected to a ZVS driver w/ induction coil, and a sheriff told me that they will never be able to see you or talk to you again as long as you're around that thing. The ZVS gives a blue aura on their screen. 

The National Sheriff's Association is building a massive radio/microwave/UHF network for local law enforcement, including police, using surveillance techniques that are more severe than what the NSA was doing that @Snowden exposed. They have the tech now. They can see RNM on anyone.

Here are the links on Amazon for the ZVS driver. 48v is what you need to cover a house. A smaller power supply might work for a room. Pretty sure a 12v is roughly a 10x10 area. …

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