Im a targeted person in France. I live in Paris and my home has become a torture cage. I’m attacked by directed energy weapons coming from the flats upstairs. Its 24/7. My head is mainly targeted 9burning sensation and headache). I tried to talk to my friends about it , they too me to doctor who called the hospital and I found myself in a psychiatric facility two times. No one believes my story.


It all started by an organized mobbing at the faculty. The mobbing went for 3 years then the electronic harassment started.


I went to the police seeking help but they refused to take my complain four times. forced to enter psychaitric facility 2 times.


I live a lone and my family is not in France.


I lost almost all of my friends, I left the school (medical school) because of this torture.

Computer hacked, phone monitored, im totally isolated.


Thank you for your help

 0033 753126811

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