Synthetic telepathy

Synthetic telepathy.
A new medical digital imaging technology with advanced lie detector. 2009.01.01

This is information referring to U.S. Government developing "Synthetic telepathy"[]

Neuroscientist’s institutes in Sweden is developing a new era of global access mind reading and mind control technologies.
"Synthetic telepathy" is a two-way communication channel between a computer and the brain (Brain interface) Synthetic telepathy can be used for telemetric heath control and health care as well as a government tool for mind control.
Neuro scientists in many countries says they are afraid of these new technologies and are asking for an ethic debate before it is too late. They point out that the risk for abuse is big.

The Kingdom of Sweden has together with the Government of the United States of America an agreement for a co-operation developing products for "Home land security systems" [].
Synthetic telepathy is part of a medical imaging technology that is developed under the name of "home land security systems".

Sweden’s role in "home land security systems" is obvious; it is due to Sweden’s superior knowledge of nano technology, advanced radar technology, optical sensor technology.
Sweden also has traditions and knowledge from developing and manufacturing weapons, for example through the companies Saab and Bofors.

Stockholm Brain Institute consisting of 10 neuro scientist teams [] has developed a "medical imaging" technology including "Synthetic telepathy".

I myself have been working for FOI the Swedish Defense Research Agency, [] department of defense and security, systems and technology.
I worked with complex technical systems for today’s requirement in both the military and civilian spheres.
When I was informed about the synthetic telepathy and Stockholm Brain Institute, I for ethical reasons decided to withdraw from all government projects and instead share this information to stop the victims from suffering.

Microwave imaging technology.
Sweden uses their leading technology in a ground to satellite "computer-microwave-sensor-camera"
(the camera is more known for over viewing climate changes).
The "computer microwave sensor camera" is for over viewing "mobile objects" equipped with advanced biometric body and face identification software and a GPS function for locating the object.
For indoor environments the camera uses an "indoor radar system" [][]

The camera is the start up tool for identification and to give the computer a vocabulary for opening a dialog with the object.
The initializing process is to acoustically (bug) record the objects spoken language while the camera takes pictures of the brain patterns.
After the initializing process the computer switches to an expert system.[]
This software mathematically calculates and learns the rest of the objects thought patterns.
In a further step even neurons can be identified with a low energy system called "signal stakeout".

The "computer microwave sensor camera" has a function similar to FMRI cameras (functional magnetic resonance imaging).
The camera is an active multi sensor camera with a mix of light and sound frequencies ( frequencies are patented).
The camera is the active part in a radar system.
The system uses several passive optical sensors as receivers.
The system beams an amplifying signal to the objects head (or other part of the body that should be imaged).
The beam frequency penetrates buildings and walls of concrete but has a frequency range that also can extract pictures of what is behind.

The system creates a totally new range of possibilities to get long distance imaging/monitoring of patterns.
It can be used portable by hand, or fixed to overview a specific area used in an unmanned vessel or being linked via a short distance satellite.
This tool can also bug all kind of buildings, cars, flights etc.
It can be equipped with other software and be used as an indoor radar system to measure and make drawings of all types of buildings..

The system penetrates human skin and tissue to read brain patterns without causing any injury.
The sensor cameras antenna is adjusted close to the object.
It learns and records patterns of thoughts by giving them a resonance similar to vocal chords and the patterns used with speech..
The recorded patterns are then converted to a digital format (1/0).
The system can "speak" to the object with synthetic voices that only the specific addressed target/object can hear.
Microwave camera is developed by GigaHertz Centrum []

The "access to brain"- technology can be used in medical health-care for measuring oxygen in brain blood flow, sensors can detect a hazard and send an alarm before a stroke appears.
It can also be used as a guidance system, e.g. for blind people.
The same microwave imaging technology can with alternative software identify oxygen flow patterns and learn computers to use the information for mind reading.
This new technology is capable to detect and map even human feelings.
"Synthetic telepathy" of course includes an advanced software for lie detecting, already used in Sweden outside the juridical system.

During the developing time of "synthetic telepathy" Stockholm Brain Institute/Professor Anders Lanser, Head of Department computational biology and neuro computing [] and Professor Martin Ingvar [] has taken the opportunity to record brain activity / thoughts and speech of several "victims" for many years. ( people used as guinea-pigs without their permission )
The tool for this mapping is the IBM supercomputer Blue Gene equipped with an enormous RAM capacity.

The torture methods used in "Synthetic Telepathy.
Victims are supposed to get a mental break down and be placed inside the psychiatric health care due to psychic disease related to "hearing voices".
Inside the health care system neuroscientist continue to register the effects of different types of drugs by measuring differences in mental status through speech and thoughts, when the medicated patient tries to get rid of the voices in their head (voices created by synthetic telepathy).
Mental status such as aggressively, social behavior, sleeping habits etc
This allows AstraZeneca (as part of SBI) to develop a new generation of psychoactive drugs.
In my opinion this is advanced torture.
Swedish neuroscientists are through the use of synthetic telepathy breaking the law of human rights.

Swedish Universities has for many years been working with part of this information channel, described as imagining project for a low energy system in telemetric health care.
Sweden’s health care system is already known as one of the best in the world, with this new technology the expenses will be lowered and it will be a great export product for Sweden.

Politics about "Synthetic telepathy".
U.S Government has tried to force the Swedish government and citizens to accept the FRA law. [] Synthetic telepathy is a dangerous government weapon together with the FRA law.
Sweden with Telia Sonera is probably used as a anode for the U.S government to control information flow in and out of Russia.
The Swedish FRA-law is a joint venture and makes Sweden a part of the global over viewing net Echelon. [].

Global access in all environments is the goal for Synthetic telepathy" in it’s new shape.
Several thousand people in banks, business, politics, police etc has during developing of synthetic telepathy been "bugged" by talking with the "work shops"(victims/guinea pigs) who’s thoughts has been read.
Businessmen in Norway, China, Russia and Japan has for the last couple of years been "bugged" the same way.
Swedish neuro scientists has by that drastically injured Sweden’s position as a neutral country.
Does the Swedish ministry of defense know?

This all means that under all circumstances Sweden’s Prime minister Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt and Sweden’s ministry of foreign Mr. Carl Bildt is responsible for bugging thousands of people all over the world through synthetic telepathy.
Are they aware of that?

Finances! The Swedish Goverment mainly finances Stockholm Brain Institute.
Stockholm Brain Institute is manly consisting of Karolinska Institute, Royal Institute of technology, Stockholm’s University, IBM, AstraZeneca, Cogmed, Telia Sonera.

Director of Stockholm Brain Institute is Professor Hans Forssberg []

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