The Disinformation Train


This is an interesting insight into how perps are organized within the site itself. Most victims waste their time and energy attempting to analyze perp activity related to their own targeting, which is never going to lead to anything anyway. They should instead try and come to terms with the fact that they are often interacting with perps or agents within the site. In so doing, they jeopardize their own situation, as I explain in more detail in the message below.


The first thing is to state the obvious as a starting point. Anybody and everybody that participates on the site could be an intruder, infiltrator, perp or agent. There is no way of knowing one way or the other. However, there are some points to take on board. Firstly, one has to explain something that each individual should be aware of, but may not appreciate. Most targets are just innocent victims of circumstances and the likelihood is that they have no expertise in espionage or undercover operations. On the other hand, the kind of intruder I have outlined above is very skillful in such matters. Hence appearances can be extremely deceptive, and since that obscure impression is all there is to go on, it´s essentially just a guessing game.  Indeed, the ones that appear to be genuine TIs are often not, whilst some that appear dubious are frequently the true victims. That´s how confusing the issue is, and that is why the site is effectively run by the very people who targeted individuals aim to bring to justice. Furthermore, based on what I have just stated, it is clear that the kind of deception referred to includes confidence trickery, and we all know how skillful confidence tricksters are. I certainly do know that I am no match for a professional confidence trickster. Furthermore, anyone who is both skilled as a confidence trickster and simultaneously has expertise in espionage tactics has to be an elusive character indeed. Of course, I too could be an undercover agent, but I would need to be much better equipped. I would need to have extensive knowledge of the technology involved in order to bluff, and that I most certainly do NOT have. Indeed, I am utterly clueless as far as that goes, but everyone to their own field. I DO know my ass from my elbow as far as the type of intercommunication in question is concerned. That takes us to the next point. I have concentrated my observations on those who DO have a sound knowledge of the various technologies. They are the ones who are fully equipped to deceive and to disinform. Obviously, that is not a hard and fast rule, but it does create a basis for analyzing the status quo.

In the light of such observations I shall explain in this next part of the passage how it works, or at least in part.


As one would expect, it´s an impeccably organized and well-engineered operation. I´ve scrutinized the content, timing and sequence of random communication exchanges on the site, in particular my own. There are three main categories of disinfo agents that I have identified. I refer to them as hi techs, assistants and lackeys. The ploys are varied. The following one is less frequent but the most effective by far. The hi tech agent assumes the role of an intellectual sparring partner preferably in his own discussion, in order to impress with his or her technical knowledge, before proceeding to disinform and prompt feedback from prospective victims. Then there is the second string of assistant disinfo perps, that accompanies the hi techies in various discussions and blogs. These could have been started by themselves, or by innocent TIs. Disinfo assistants interact with hi tech disinfo agents to create a bogus discourse and lure the real victims into their discussion threads.  On occasions, the second stringers join in the comment stream at a later stage, or even at two or more stages further down the line after a target has already been drawn in. That way, they are able to empathize with the unwitting victim, after he or she has already been misled. Such a tactic makes even more impact, as the victim is far less likely to suspect individuals who board the disinfo train en route. However, what I have just outlined is only the basic ploy between the category one and two perps. Some vary the frequency of their participation to make it appear even more authentic. One assistant may follow the whole thread through to the end with his hi tech buddy, whilst another may just contribute sporadically. They leave nothing to chance. In addition, they can throw us off the scent altogether by having some second and third category perps intermingling in the religious groups, and who´s ever going to suspect THEM? Finally, there are the lackeys who are often assigned roles from within the groups, and get involved in superficial exchanges of misleading communication. However, these dickheads are important cogs in the disinformation wheel too, despite their limited intellect and skill. This is the most damaging ploy overall, purely because it´s the most widespread. They can even disrupt through their own ignorance and stupidity, as was the case with the retard I clashed with recently. I haven’t really gone into detail as regards the exact ploys to elicit a particular item of information from a target, which the disinfo agents seek. There are too many, but I do give an example of a clever ploy at the end of this passage, which I was on the receiving end of recently.


It´s difficult to establish whether the roles of hi tech disinfo merchants and second stringers are assumed by the same agent. That would really be tricky when they interact on the same comment stream. I see it as being too risky. It may depend on the intellectual capacity of the victim concerned, and the frequency of exchanges of communication within a particular discussion. Anyway, aspects of the message content and style of writing would at some point give them away. It´s much more likely that they are just separate entities within the same group. After all, it is a team effort, as I previously observed, although the end objective is always the same – disharmony, disinformation, disruption and destruction.  


So it would seem I was wrong about one thing at least and Deepthought-Thanu right. He referred to the percentage of non TIs on the site as being 90%. It may well be as high as he claimed, although his categories of 90% as suffering from mental illness, hypochondria and radar deflection, amount to an example of the disinformation referred to. That part is utter rubbish. You see, that was another crucial flaw in his presentation. How could there be no disinformation agents in the non TI category? Impossible! But he didn’t offer one. That was the mistake of an amateur. He could have offered something like 10% disinformers, so as to appear impartial and unbiased. So they do make mistakes sometimes. The fact is, that if there are as many as 90% non TIs, it has to be assumed that at least three quarters of these are disinformers. Then, there is no explanation required as to how genuine TIs and bogus TIs find each other online.  At least, that little problem has been solved!


So that means there is more than enough staff on the site to run the disinformation train. But they do it so well. Or rather, we do it to ourselves. They just give us the tools, and we destroy ourselves. Indeed, they take advantage of the facilities onsite so much better than we do, by simply deploying them to turn the situation around in their own favor. In other words, it´s a double whammy. They don’t just disinform, but trade in that disinformation for valid information which can be further used to update target protocols. In effect, it all means that targets partially contribute to their own targeting.


I do know that divulging personal information has negatively affected my targeting, but at least it has served to educate. There is absolutely NO substitute for valid information gathered from one’s own experience. The general notion that information leads to freedom is absolute crap!  THE INFORMATION HAS TO BE DEFINED.  What does disinformation lead to then? Information only leads to freedom when it´s authentic, otherwise it just leads to another kind of captivity. All in all, that´s why I´ve decided to get off the disinformation train at this stop.







 The bogus respondent falsely claims he gets hit by something which he knows his victim gets hit by, and thus elicits feedback purely by empathizing. He highlights it by claiming he suffers from loads of other stuff that he knows his victim DOESN’T suffer from. Thus, his victim bites on the highlighted item which is common to both.


Related to the above, I was recently fed a line regarding induced rapid heartbeat by a category two perp in a thread. I used to get that at my present location, so took the bait immediately. Now they have firsthand feedback on how it affects me and how I cope, or don’t cope. Nice one! They obviously know who I am and read the comments posted on these sites, as I´ve been subjected to it on a daily since then. AREN´T THEY CLEVER MORONS!



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  • By the way, are there some really crazy remarks made by perps using my name on this site ?
    Private messages perhaps ? Please help to feedback if there are...I will clarify. Thanks.
  • Hi Richard G,

    True TIs joined this site for the purpose of looking for answers and the encouragement and maybe some listening ears. TIs come from different social, religious, educational backgrounds, even different geographical background.

    Its understandable, different remarks are made about their experience as TIs though it could be referring to the same psychotronic weapons or topics.

    I understand a lot of TIs in less developed regions cannot afford to access internet in internet cafe. How could they asscertain relevant informations about the real situation they are in ? Its possible they may commit suicide as victims of circumstances and also mind control.

    That's why activisms play important roles in exposing this crime to make public aware.

    Nevertheless, both of you have highlighted the hidden worries that is part of me also, and most likely the rest of
    the true TIs who concern about activisms online.

    I am sorry if I have made some "craziness" type of remarks, b'cos these perps have & are making me so. : )
    Its their objective to make it a guessing game.
  • Im not satisfyed with the idea of implants to....I think thats a fake...with all the respect for that persons...I know that nowdays we dont be amazed with much...but do you realy think that a) They need that? Its proven they dont. b) if that sheet was real, all people would know, starting with doctors community. c) Why there is no impact on the community? in courts?
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