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This is an interesting insight into how perps are organized within the site itself. Most victims waste their time and energy attempting to analyze perp activity related to their own targeting, which is never going to lead to anything anyway. They should instead try and come to terms with the fact that they are often interacting with perps or agents within the site. In so doing, they jeopardize their own situation, as I explain in more detail in the message below.


The first thing is to state the obvious as a starting point. Anybody and everybody that participates on the site could be an intruder, infiltrator, perp or agent. There is no way of knowing one way or the other. However, there are some points to take on board. Firstly, one has to explain something that each individual should be aware of, but may not appreciate. Most targets are just innocent victims of circumstances and the likelihood is that they have no expertise in espionage or undercover operations. On the other hand, the kind of intruder I have outlined above is very skillful in such matters. Hence appearances can be extremely deceptive, and since that obscure impression is all there is to go on, it´s essentially just a guessing game.  Indeed, the ones that appear to be genuine TIs are often not, whilst some that appear dubious are frequently the true victims. That´s how confusing the issue is, and that is why the site is effectively run by the very people who targeted individuals aim to bring to justice. Furthermore, based on what I have just stated, it is clear that the kind of deception referred to includes confidence trickery, and we all know how skillful confidence tricksters are. I certainly do know that I am no match for a professional confidence trickster. Furthermore, anyone who is both skilled as a confidence trickster and simultaneously has expertise in espionage tactics has to be an elusive character indeed. Of course, I too could be an undercover agent, but I would need to be much better equipped. I would need to have extensive knowledge of the technology involved in order to bluff, and that I most certainly do NOT have. Indeed, I am utterly clueless as far as that goes, but everyone to their own field. I DO know my ass from my elbow as far as the type of intercommunication in question is concerned. That takes us to the next point. I have concentrated my observations on those who DO have a sound knowledge of the various technologies. They are the ones who are fully equipped to deceive and to disinform. Obviously, that is not a hard and fast rule, but it does create a basis for analyzing the status quo.

In the light of such observations I shall explain in this next part of the passage how it works, or at least in part.


As one would expect, it´s an impeccably organized and well-engineered operation. I´ve scrutinized the content, timing and sequence of random communication exchanges on the site, in particular my own. There are three main categories of disinfo agents that I have identified. I refer to them as hi techs, assistants and lackeys. The ploys are varied. The following one is less frequent but the most effective by far. The hi tech agent assumes the role of an intellectual sparring partner preferably in his own discussion, in order to impress with his or her technical knowledge, before proceeding to disinform and prompt feedback from prospective victims. Then there is the second string of assistant disinfo perps, that accompanies the hi techies in various discussions and blogs. These could have been started by themselves, or by innocent TIs. Disinfo assistants interact with hi tech disinfo agents to create a bogus discourse and lure the real victims into their discussion threads.  On occasions, the second stringers join in the comment stream at a later stage, or even at two or more stages further down the line after a target has already been drawn in. That way, they are able to empathize with the unwitting victim, after he or she has already been misled. Such a tactic makes even more impact, as the victim is far less likely to suspect individuals who board the disinfo train en route. However, what I have just outlined is only the basic ploy between the category one and two perps. Some vary the frequency of their participation to make it appear even more authentic. One assistant may follow the whole thread through to the end with his hi tech buddy, whilst another may just contribute sporadically. They leave nothing to chance. In addition, they can throw us off the scent altogether by having some second and third category perps intermingling in the religious groups, and who´s ever going to suspect THEM? Finally, there are the lackeys who are often assigned roles from within the groups, and get involved in superficial exchanges of misleading communication. However, these dickheads are important cogs in the disinformation wheel too, despite their limited intellect and skill. This is the most damaging ploy overall, purely because it´s the most widespread. They can even disrupt through their own ignorance and stupidity, as was the case with the retard I clashed with recently. I haven’t really gone into detail as regards the exact ploys to elicit a particular item of information from a target, which the disinfo agents seek. There are too many, but I do give an example of a clever ploy at the end of this passage, which I was on the receiving end of recently.


It´s difficult to establish whether the roles of hi tech disinfo merchants and second stringers are assumed by the same agent. That would really be tricky when they interact on the same comment stream. I see it as being too risky. It may depend on the intellectual capacity of the victim concerned, and the frequency of exchanges of communication within a particular discussion. Anyway, aspects of the message content and style of writing would at some point give them away. It´s much more likely that they are just separate entities within the same group. After all, it is a team effort, as I previously observed, although the end objective is always the same – disharmony, disinformation, disruption and destruction.  


So it would seem I was wrong about one thing at least and Deepthought-Thanu right. He referred to the percentage of non TIs on the site as being 90%. It may well be as high as he claimed, although his categories of 90% as suffering from mental illness, hypochondria and radar deflection, amount to an example of the disinformation referred to. That part is utter rubbish. You see, that was another crucial flaw in his presentation. How could there be no disinformation agents in the non TI category? Impossible! But he didn’t offer one. That was the mistake of an amateur. He could have offered something like 10% disinformers, so as to appear impartial and unbiased. So they do make mistakes sometimes. The fact is, that if there are as many as 90% non TIs, it has to be assumed that at least three quarters of these are disinformers. Then, there is no explanation required as to how genuine TIs and bogus TIs find each other online.  At least, that little problem has been solved!


So that means there is more than enough staff on the site to run the disinformation train. But they do it so well. Or rather, we do it to ourselves. They just give us the tools, and we destroy ourselves. Indeed, they take advantage of the facilities onsite so much better than we do, by simply deploying them to turn the situation around in their own favor. In other words, it´s a double whammy. They don’t just disinform, but trade in that disinformation for valid information which can be further used to update target protocols. In effect, it all means that targets partially contribute to their own targeting.


I do know that divulging personal information has negatively affected my targeting, but at least it has served to educate. There is absolutely NO substitute for valid information gathered from one’s own experience. The general notion that information leads to freedom is absolute crap!  THE INFORMATION HAS TO BE DEFINED.  What does disinformation lead to then? Information only leads to freedom when it´s authentic, otherwise it just leads to another kind of captivity. All in all, that´s why I´ve decided to get off the disinformation train at this stop.







 The bogus respondent falsely claims he gets hit by something which he knows his victim gets hit by, and thus elicits feedback purely by empathizing. He highlights it by claiming he suffers from loads of other stuff that he knows his victim DOESN’T suffer from. Thus, his victim bites on the highlighted item which is common to both.


Related to the above, I was recently fed a line regarding induced rapid heartbeat by a category two perp in a thread. I used to get that at my present location, so took the bait immediately. Now they have firsthand feedback on how it affects me and how I cope, or don’t cope. Nice one! They obviously know who I am and read the comments posted on these sites, as I´ve been subjected to it on a daily since then. AREN´T THEY CLEVER MORONS!



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Hi Franky,
It's a fact that since I was targeted in Apr 2009, I had no life that I can claim as mine. Infiltration by perps into every aspect is part of my life now. I am still awake b'cos of drug or microwave attack during sleep that has been going on since early Sept2010 & I have become a nocturnal being.

I agree with you that every true TI should exercise cautions & always keep in mind of this fact for the sake of survival.
Honestly, the true TIs on this site know the suspicion that perps or agents clothed otherwise are present. I believe I was suspected a figure when I just joined. I hope I am not one anymore.

And I have faced some suspicious approach by TI on this site too recently.

Information that I gather would be screened to the best of my logic & knowledge, which is not perfect of course.
I believe other true TIs are more or less in the same situation, else we won't meet on this site.

Well, I withhold some revelation of my own here, as you rightly pointed out.

But perps strategy of flooding this site, as you mentioned with their joining as members do defeat or retard the function & objective of this site. That is worrying.
I think that in a TI perspective, this problems seem to attenuate, if we think in principles.
Principles can allways guide you, specially in times like this.
It would be against our principles, not to assume that every one is a human being, even if this person is on the other side. I mean, to me you are all human beings, with the same rights, either you are on "the other side", in the "middle", or in a TI position. I would not want that in the world, things become, like I`v read in a book, "all against all" War.
I think we got to have a Humanist view of this just think you dont realy know the reasons that person or another is in that position....I know many peolple that is in the other or in the middle side and we are even friends...we just dont talk about...I mean they are my friends for a long time, even before this happened...maybe they are not entirely happy with this to...
We must, never let ourselfs lost in our principles, for this or that.
A human being is just a human being.
Family is still family.
friends are still friends.
Democracy is still democracy.
Liberty is still liberty.
And we must be above this thing...dont let them (NSA, Iluminaty or whatever..) become more important than our principles, our family, friends, etc....LET LOVE ROULE.
What matters if theres someone infiltrated?they already know you and your thoughts.
And let that bath things go("the big list"), i can assure you that there are better things to do in all this and in our life...not forget but let go!!

In the perspective of the site, i think that should have a moderator, and time to time synthesize
the information....
Well,in this site, i`m worried with a guy who is selling trips to can be dangerous ti TIs, because as you said we dont realy know the emotional state of all TIs, and they can easily be deceived...
The teory of deepthougts dont realy fullfill me, because in all that, i ask "Whats the meaning of HAARP?"
ELF antennas are very big, as i mentioned in the Thanu`s forum, and AI computers are very big to, so they are easy to find....I think that accordingly to the sociological approach to the phenomenon...they must be in the middle of nowhere and in old buildings...i think...But HAARP got to have a meaning in all they are ELF antennas to...
I just dont satisfy with satellite view only....

And, in principles, i dont make any treats!! With no one except GOD!
And remember....
"You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can't fool all the people all the time"
Thats why they will fall.

Im not satisfyed with the idea of implants to....I think thats a fake...with all the respect for that persons...I know that nowdays we dont be amazed with much...but do you realy think that a) They need that? Its proven they dont. b) if that sheet was real, all people would know, starting with doctors community. c) Why there is no impact on the community? in courts?
Hi Richard G,

True TIs joined this site for the purpose of looking for answers and the encouragement and maybe some listening ears. TIs come from different social, religious, educational backgrounds, even different geographical background.

Its understandable, different remarks are made about their experience as TIs though it could be referring to the same psychotronic weapons or topics.

I understand a lot of TIs in less developed regions cannot afford to access internet in internet cafe. How could they asscertain relevant informations about the real situation they are in ? Its possible they may commit suicide as victims of circumstances and also mind control.

That's why activisms play important roles in exposing this crime to make public aware.

Nevertheless, both of you have highlighted the hidden worries that is part of me also, and most likely the rest of
the true TIs who concern about activisms online.

I am sorry if I have made some "craziness" type of remarks, b'cos these perps have & are making me so. : )
Its their objective to make it a guessing game.
By the way, are there some really crazy remarks made by perps using my name on this site ?
Private messages perhaps ? Please help to feedback if there are...I will clarify. Thanks.
I agree with you. Watch what you share and with whom. That should translate into common sense. Many are too eager too connect with someone like themselves. I spoke to someone recently claiming to be a TI . Within fifteen seconds he dropped a bombshell (literally)claiming he was indicted by the FBI for bomb building. First, you don't know the mental stability of the individual you're connecting with. Secondly, the person claiming to be a TI seemed to be trying to elicit a strong emotional response from me. Keep in mind this person gave me their phone number and asked me to call. I was trying to reach out and find someone that I could talk in a moment of confusion and distress. These people are essentially strangers, many of them are being treated for psychological disorders, under the influence of chemical drugs or other mind altering substances. Some are delusional or scared and there is the possibility that they are dangerous. I don't know honestly if that person was who he said he was, if he was trying to encourage me to act irresponsibly, or dangerously or if he was in fact a generated profile with a phone number forwarded to some lunatic or worse. He could have been collecting information or looking for some one truly angry and desperate. The person in question then tried to forward me to other people for what purpose remains unclear. I don't think the internet is a safe place to play, or make friends. One doesn't need much information to log on to a site like this one. Use your brains, gather the information you feel is necessary to make solid decisions. Act responsibly and legally and if anyone gives you advice that you are not comfortable with, tell other people immediately. There's no way to know if the profile you're looking at is actually a pretty girl, or if it's a bottleneck of streaming data with an unknown user typing in responses generated against your best interests. This is an international chat log and these are dangerous times. You can't be sure where the chat is originating from and please, we're all frustrated or we wouldn't be here. but DO NOT do anything or say anything you might live to regret. BIG BROTHER IS ALWAYS WATCHING.
Perp prevention....just be careful with your time and money in dealing with perps.  Dont give them your money...dont buy a bunch of stuff unless you have researched it yourself.  They waste our time, and sometimes try to sestroy your reputation here.  usually, they only destroy your reputation with another perp is all...a REAL ti can smell a perp slander game a mile away...or will soon learn.  As far as wasting time...i hypnotize them while they are talking with me.  I implant sugggestions.  I do all kinds of things to them...I dont waste my time.  learn hypnotism.
I just wonder how it would be possible to hypnotize them, as it is done remotely by a computer on me?//Annie

steve ahmann said:
Perp prevention....just be careful with your time and money in dealing with perps.  Dont give them your money...dont buy a bunch of stuff unless you have researched it yourself.  They waste our time, and sometimes try to sestroy your reputation here.  usually, they only destroy your reputation with another perp is all...a REAL ti can smell a perp slander game a mile away...or will soon learn.  As far as wasting time...i hypnotize them while they are talking with me.  I implant sugggestions.  I do all kinds of things to them...I dont waste my time.  learn hypnotism.

Madeline - - Tracing back IP addresses is very simple and very common on the Internet.  If you have a dynamic address and a gateway router attached to your computer from the cable or telephone line coming into your house, turning off its power for ten minutes should cause it to get a random new IP address when you turn it back on. 
Staic IP address users can investigate "Proxy" Internet providers to add to their privacy.
The suggestion to pray might  not have been a threat.  That lady writes in a style that is often open to interpretation.  She has presented some interesting insights; we should avoid quick judgements, but for yourself  better safe than sorry, at least for now.

All - - Making threats is stupid, and this is no place for that kind of childish behavior.  Basically, it would be like handing them the rope so they can hang you. 
They portray us as threats to society, them, each other and ourselves.  They threaten us in every way they can, they encourage us to act out.
When  we position ourselves as a threat to their game or set up a situation that will expose them, they back off.  Just our being alive is the real threat to them, and the only one that counts.  Our analyses and investigations strike alarm and fear in the empty space that would have been their soul.
Watch the kind of things they respond to heavily with debunking and ads posted by false members.  These are generally the real truths they want to bury.

The NING format does not allow the finer levels of controlling relationships to each other that is required by this situation.  It is often useful to avoid blocking a poser in order to be able to follow their interactions with other members, rather than denying ourselves that information.  It would also be useful to have a class of trusted friends and one of untrusted acquaintances so we could email them to get to know them first.
There are some Contact Management software products we could each use on our computers to build profiles of online relationships.  Information from other sites and sources and our own comments could be incorporated  in them and friends could share parts or all of their discoveries and opinions about various members by sharing data they have collected electronically as email attachments, but probably not through this site.

hi to all,

I think the only thing that perps can do here is to add false information ( desinformation ) in this site:


all the rest i dont give a sheet, they are just human beings after all; they already know our thoughts, where we leave, etc...


Okay this may be slightly off topic because it involves an actual object being sent in the form of a gift to "help" me with v2k.  But it is the same type of situation nonetheless.  Same trash, different landfill.  There was a guy on Mind Control Victims Around the World and he first introduced himself as a cool guy with a strong faith in God.  As he continued to post he started saying things like, "I believe we should continue researching these weapons to use for natural security reasons"  Now of course thinking back I should as well as everyone have known that this dude can't be a TI.  What fool goes through this crap and says something like that?  But I was new to these types of forums and I guess everyone would rather give people the benefit of the doubt. 

Well he became a correspondant as I hate saying friend and he we exchanged a few stories and gory details about our personal situations.  Actually I gave out more info than him and I now that I think about it he never actually explained how he felt that he became a victim.  The he started telling me that he was working on ways for us to be able to combat these attacks and he wanted to know if I was down to help out.  Of course I said yes cause he seemed to be chill as all these perp f***ks do.  First he talked about power breathing to properly oxygenate the brain as it is supposedly helpful against the v2k.  Fine by me no big deal.  Then he said some crap about covering my whole head with spf-30 which is sun tan lotion as it is supposed to block out ultraviolet waves therefore it should be effective against the microwaves and whatever the hell that they use to scan thoughts and v2k.  Sounded fishy and stupid as hell and I must admit that I didn't try it lol.  Just let him think I did without saying anything else about it.  Then the kicker.  He told me that he thinks that he has finally found a way that MAY help free me from hearing the voices.  Notice that he capitalized MAY as to say that this is still in beta stage.  He told me that he was going to send me a watch and inside of it will be a scaler chip.  From his own words; "The chip will lock into your DNA within minutes and ground you to the earth and your energy will be more aligned to the earth's energy."  He said that I should wear it for at least 90 days and that he has been wearing his for two months and the attacks lessened in frequency and intensity.  He will send me the watch and then he says that he figures I will probably forget all about him since this 'great discovery' will most likely give me a new life.  But if it worked for me then I should feel free to share it with everyone else.  Sounds like a plan right cause I didn't know shit about scaler waves and it was all greek to me.  So dude sent me the watch free of charge and I started wearing it.  I'll be damned if the voices didn't get louder and louder by the day.  The already f***ed up vibrations and feelings intensified too.  I had a harder time sleeping than I normally did with the sleep deprivation.  Plus I started hearing clicks in my right ear as if someone was flicking their fingers near it.  So I wrote dude and told him what was up.  He almost sounded like he was pissed that I was questioning him and said, "I TOLD you that they were going to turn up the volume when I first sent the watch to you".  The punk never told me nothing like that.  He also said that the clicks were probably them letting me go because they have to f**k with me first and then let me go.  So I went online to figure out just what in the hell do scaler waves do...what a surprise to find out that scaler dig deep into the core of your being.  So basically wearing the watch would make me a sort of medium and I would be properly grounded to the earth which would make me a damn lightning rod for EH.  This boy was trying to take me out and I can't imagine how bad I would be if I didn't find that out.  To make an already long story short the dude deleted his account and I wrote to the personal account that he provided and he claims to have accidently deleted his account and he was trying to start up another one under a different name but he hadn't received the confirmation email in three days.  Then he asked me could I write to the administrator of the site and find out why.  WTF.   He also said that he was about to go to doctors for some sedatives to help him sleep because it was getting harder for him.  I had just recently went to docs for some sedatives to help me sleep.  No coincidence. 

One thing to note.  He used a total of 3 names throughout his time on the site.  At first it was his real name (supposedly) and I even heard these nutcakes that talk shit to me say, "So you think you are about to get help from Brian Robinson huh?"  Then he changed his name to Dirty Sperry and said it was for security reasons.  Can't deny that he would need it.  Then when I wrote and asked him about his account he said his new name would be Savvy Squirrel. Also dude sent me two photographs of himself to make me less suspicious of him.  The first one has him wearing dark sunglasses.  Now I have been online enough to know that one of the perps favorite things is to send you pics with them wearing shades.  I started thinking about this and suddenly the next day he sends me another pic without them.  BUT HE HAD HIS EYES SHUT!  What the f**k is up with perps not showing their eyes?  Is it because we can see the guilt, fear, or both?  So yeah just watch out for the super know it all dudes.  They already know to much if you dig what I am saying.  That's just my opinion and my experience but I think it is a good guideline for future online friendships being a TI.  Peace out all.

The questions i put here is:

Knowing that this is  a phenomenon as been spread, in the past 20 to 30 years, all over the society, I beleve from the top to the base, how do you know the position people represent in this organization? i mean are perps absolutly conscient about what they are doing?Some are some dont? Do we know what they put in theyr heads?Are they affraid to? Are they another kind of TI? Can we judge them? can we fall into a war "all against all" ?

Darius Brown,

We are allready familliered with all the fases of paranoia and psyco and emotional stress, fear that TIs have to pass true. I mean how do you know? Hes just a human being in the end. help him if you can and go your way.


I tell you a story that happened to me:


about 9 or ten years ago I  met a girl. We become friends and after 1 or 2 yers she become my girlfriend.

Times of big confusion to me, people read my thougts, and very strange things were going on. I didnt even knew about TIs and the comunitys in the internet. It was all very strange. Stret theatre, and people had become some kind of mirror of miself.  There where some things she said that show me she knew about my thougts to and she was part of it. Anyway, after I go working out of town she left me as a boyfriend, but we keep the friendship.

Im not telling you details, just general topics. But trust me, it as been about 7 or 8 years, and i discover she is a victim to, and she as been used sometimes against me. things she said...

Thank Good. We must stay firm to our principals or we risk ourselfs to fall in to mustakes.

A human being is allwais a human being (perp or not or whatever), familly is allways familly, a friend is allways a friend.

peace for all






But if you want





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