Training Humans with DOG IMPLANTS?

Well, aNew Low for my perp Marty Buss Jackson ST 68005 USA. 

I have heard of Electronic Implants as LOCATERS of lost DAWGS. I have heard of INVISIBLE FENCES to keep DOGS in Yard.

My NASAL IMPLANT is to REMOTELY CONTROL me with PAIN. USED like a CATTLE PROD. If I do something wrong in his OPINION, then he HURTS ME WITH PAIN. And also in ANUS AREA PAIN just like a CATTLE PROD. Once he cramped up my RECTUM to the INTENSITY of Breaking it and LARGE AMOUNTS OF BLOOD COMING FROM MY ANUS.

 He has threatened me to never have SEX AGAIN because I might catch something. Says he has to PROTECT ME from myself. Havn't even had sex for 15-20 years! I am 49 yrs old, I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I have NEVER HEARD of something like this used on HUMAN BEINGS. Yes, I LIKE some KINKY THINGS- BUT to ORDER ME AROUND WITH INTENSE PAIN TO DO WHAT HE WANTS? 

Just like a HEAD OF CATTLE. He also tortured his poor little PUPPY to DEATH. Will I be NEXT? Police and GOVERNMENT will not respond to my COMPLAINTS. It makes me NOT CARE who I have sex with. I Know his address down to the SE BASEMENT Bedroom. And he HURTS ME if I even THINK about SEXUAL FANTASY's. 15 years of this.

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