Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Dear all victims,

Many of us could not secure a good job to support living.

I have been thinking that victims from different countries can cooperate to start the translation business to earn small money for living.


We have so many victims from all over the world and many of us have Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees or even Doctor Degrees. You only need to work at your spare time


I did not have too much time and enegy to handle the admin job of this business, julio said that he could have time for being an admin, and we can use another ning forum as translation business website. All people who want to be a part time translators, please join and contact Julio.

Julio's profile is

His profile in this forum is Julveg: 


You also can leave a comment and discuss about this matter. If you want to participate in this project, please introduce what language you speak/write.


Victims and supporters who would like to participate:


(1) egyptarian

Good English editor

Born and raised in the U.S. and 7 years of college.



(1) Soleilmavis 

From English to Chinese (Good), From Chinese to English (need an English editor)

Education background:

Bachelor Degree in Computer and Automatic Control System (Chinese)

Some courses of information technology (English)

Some courses of accounting and finance (English)

Some experiences of auditing (English)


(2) Rich

From English to Chinese and Malay (Good);  From Chinese and Malay to English (need an English editor)


(3) dodidudu

From English to Spanish, Catalan,

From Spanish to English, Catalan

From Catalan to English, Spanish


(4) Christopher Andrew Burdett

From Thai to English

From English to Thai


(5) lawrence chin

From English to Chinese and French,

From Chinese to Engish and French

From French to English and Chinese


(6) Ying (Joanne) Zhao, 赵颖

From English to Chinese, and from Chinese to English (need english editor)


(7) Jul

From English to Spanish and from Spanish to English


(8) Sarroub

From English to French and Danish

From French to English and Danish

From Danish to English and French


Now we have the following participants:

From English to Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Catalan, Danish, French

From Chinese to English, Malay

From Malay to Chinese, English

From Spanish to English

From Catalan to Spanish, English

From French to English, Chinese, Danish

From Danish to English, French


Here are some translation projects which looking for translators now:

If you are looking for a translator, please leave a comment to this link.

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