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Operation MK-Ultra & the Canadian connection. Dr. Ewen Camerion was at various times, the President of the Canadian, American & World Psychiatric Associations. Eventually, the American victims won a lawsuit against the CIA but their Canadian counterparts struggle to this day for a formal apology. 

Broadcast on December 15, 2017 on The 5th Estate which began investigating the story in 1980.


CIA Mind Control Survivors Seek Restitution from the Canadian Government (Published on July 16, 2018 by Inverse, author is Peter Hess)


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This post has beeen spurred by OUTRAGEOUS INJUSTICE (10/03/21).

As a targeted individual, I hate my victimhood & I hate the limited options I have. I hate the time, energy & resources it devours. I hate that the number of targeted individuals increases & action on the issue is almost non-existent. I hate that as I compose this, this website & I, are under surveillance. I hate the emotions this triggers in me. I hate what this has done to my relationships.

However, I am impressed by the community at Peacepink & the support & strength that percolates here. The videos & documentation communicate intelligience & heartfelt perserverance.

(At breakfast, voice to skull once again announced to other tenants that I'm going away for a short visit). 

This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to two recipients for their fight to safeguard freedom of expression in the Philippines & Russia, yet, neuroweapons enable autocrats & license abuses in democracies. In my situation, voice to skull technology has been an affront everywhere I go - at the coffeeshop, on a walk, on campus at the University of Toronto, at a gallery, at the bookstore, on public transit, at a funeral & so on. Since its application is deliberately utilized outside my personal circle, there is an intent in its conspicuousness. Since it has occurred to me for over a decade, I may not be formally acknowledged but negation manifests its own body language depending in whose presence it materializes. At this stage, denial does not erase the fact, censorship does not make it vanish & confirmation would upturn the social & economic order.

As our earth faces numerous emergencies, the fate of targeted individuals remains another part of this crisis.

(Another Thanksgiving Day weekend in Canada passes).


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In Canada's official languages, federal election debates are scheduled for next week: French on the 8th & English on the 9th. Translations will include Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Punjabi, Plains & East Cree, Inuktitut, Dene & Ojibwe & the debates will be streamed on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. Since the application of bioweapons on targeted individuals will not be a topic, one must wonder what other issues are censored? Healing the intergenerational trauma among aboriginal survivors of abuse? Making Cree an official language? Addressing domestic violence? Signing & ratifying the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons? Regulating arms sales that do not meet scrutiny on human rights violations? Banning assault rifles? Acting on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Meeting climate change targets? Developing a plan to refreeze melted glaciers (if only it was possible)?

Citizens from across Canada may submit questions. Although I cannot find the links for this, previous debates have been open in this way (naturally, by selection) & I expect there should soon be a posting.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was first elected in 2015, the promise of electoral reform was a key magnet that he discarrded with his victory. The majority then viewed Canada's first-past-the-post voting system as regressive for this century & in this term, ruling by coalition is a process Trudeau has found constraining. Marginalized voices were being heard & COVID-19 amplified their sound. Whether governments are "saving us" from the virus or saving us from fake science, "rescuing us" is raison d'etre.

It's Labour Day weekend & the first Monday in September has been a statuatory holiday in Canada since 1894. In the early 1960's, the 40-hour work week was established.

After Sept. 6th, the electoral spin will cradle on campuses as the political parties will court the youth vote & voter turnout remains unpredictable. Mail-in ballots are expected to be high.

Happy Labour Day to all targeted individuals! Our time, energy & resoucres are very valuable & profitable to our subjugators who we should be invoicing.

Let's live long & prosper.




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Since he is leading in opinion polls, Canada's charismatic Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party, called a snap election which will cost an estimated $600 million. According to fixed election dates, the next one was set for October, 2023, after the last one in 2019 left Trudeau in a minority situation & ruling through a coalition. Defining himself as a 'feminist' since first winning in 2015, Trudeau has faced numerous ethical scandals. Progressive legislation has included legalizing recreational marijuana & establishing a federal carbon tax. In 2020, his proposal for temporary membership to the UN Security Council was an embarrassing failure.

Canada has the world's second largest land mass with a population smaller than Afghanistan or Poland. Its aboriginal peoples live on reservations that account for less than America's Navajo Nation in size. Unmarked gravesites of native children in residential schools & missing & murdered aboriginal women have stained Canada's conscience but Trudeau's promises to reconcile these narratives linger.

The election call has dissolved unenacted legislation & Parliamentary petitions. E-2905 called for neural rights & was included on Peacepink's Facebook page. I signed it & was glad to see legal efforts being made to advance the cause. If neural rights are to be enshrined into law then the traumas faced by targeted individauls are real. As the media re/construct reality, where is coverage of this issue?

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association addressed the coronavirus' effects on freedom, compliance, unjustified limitations, mental health & mass behavioural modification but will not act on neural rights. Justin Trudeau is a former high school teacher. With the exception of Quebec's separatist leader, the other federal party leaders are lawyers. Years are spent negotiating trade agreements & treaties & the election results will again determine how Canada's tax system is restructured. Targeted individuals deserve more than a tax credit. Where the election is covered internationally is as significant as the next G7 summit.

It's important to watch the performance art. Democracies are in peril. Constant & lawful surveillance has stolen too much from too many.

(It's so nice to have somewhere to express this - thanks!)


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