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  • Suffering from this for the rest of my life I cannot even bare in thought... There are a lot of evidence of thise technologi exists on the website I´ve mentioned before ( or
    There are scients that clearly admits their aims are to investigate things about how our brain works, that totally fits what we´re experience, it can´t be a coincidence. I think that those scients are working with big technical universitys and the defence committé, then there is the swedish brain institute ( take a look at those sites and you will se for yourself. I´ve put these on articles & researches here at Forum aswell. Those are proofe, but when confronted they deny of course, testing on humans, only on rats they claim.I think a really good thing is the newly reported incident about the exsoldiers back in the 50-70´s that were exposed for this kind of technology, and that these documents are now released. Take a look at the Video that Goscott put out here yesterday. I´ve already written a mail to that doctor interwieved at the news, asking for any advise where to turn & what to do in this question. .So who could send a mail or contact Wikileak. We need action.
  • Remote mind reading really works. We can find many documents are talking about this.
    And if they can remote mind reading you, it means that they can record your brain waves, so they can use electromagnetic waves stimulate your brain and make you suffering.

    If you believe long distance remote mind reading, you should know no matter where you are on the earth, you will be tortured and harassed.
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