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Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


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7 May 2013 Mailteam works—victims/supporters work trends


(1)   Eric N Goddard’s court case in Las Vegas court on 5-14-03

Stand up for the truth with me On 5-14-03 at 8:00am in the Las Vegas court.

Please help me protect my constitutional right to a jury trial and help me do something about this 30 year long cover up.

Remote Neural Communication Monitoring and Control technology thirty years more advanced then anything released to the public to this day, Is being used as a weapon right here in Las Vegas, and there’s too Many people who know about it to allow it to continue.

I don’t deserve to suffer like this with no way to make it stop. And I hope I can get people in Las Vegas to help me find a way to make sure no one else will either.


If You’ve (in any way) been willing to protect activities that consists of using neural control technology to perpetrate constant abusive humiliatingly cruel mental battery.

Please contact me at 702-716-1061

Go to Eric N Goddard facebook .com


(2)   A new website helps British victims: The Covert War on British Citizens


(3)   Please join Email America Campain 2013




(5) Here are some more activisms from John Finch– please participate!

a) M.P. Dillon Head of the Information & Evidence Unit Office of the Prosecutor, ICC

b)    Some worldwide organizations


(6)   EW Europe 2013(May): Advancing Electronic Warfare and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations  


(7)   7th European Symposium on “Non-Lethal Weapons”

 June 03-05, 2013

 Venue: Stadthalle Ettlingen

 Ettlingen, Germany


(8)     A meeting in Plymouth in May 2013


(9)   Northern California ICAACT Meeting

 Date: 25th May 2013

 Place: Campbell California 12 PM - 6 PM


 1 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell, California 95008

 Room No C CTR  (E 46 Act Room)

 Subject: Scanning and coping mechanisms against electronic terrorism; 50 people max. You must bring a valid ID to participate.

 If you are interested in going contact here


(10)  Positive responses of mind control from public

After many years hard working, we have educated many people from public about mind control technologies and voice to skull technologies, more and more people believe that governments have such technologies and such technologies have been used to abuse and torture innocent civilians.


(11) A News Paper Bring Public Awareness by Sharon Poet

Those who'd like to help bring public awareness to the criminal use of microwave weapons, mind control technologies and gang stalking can sponsor a newspaper that is aiming to expose these crimes as well as encouraging natural healing methods...etc., as it reaches out to the Heart of humanity. You can place an ad that exposes crimes against humanity or for an online business. Your sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

Donation required for peacepink website

We welcome donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations.  


More ‘Mailteam works- victims and supporters work trends’, please go to:     

17 July 2013 Mailteam works—victims/supporters work trends


(1)   John K Nelson wants to meet victims in Utah

Please leave him a message to this link


(2)   Google provides a grant to Nonprofits. 

Google Grantees receive a grant for free AdWords advertising on NonProfit Marketing Group will build and manage the AdWords accounts just like paying advertisers, but nonprofits participate with some minor restrictions.

The nonprofit would get a daily budget set to $330 USD, which is about $10,000 per month.



(3)   Responses of the abuses and tortures with mind control technologies from government and public

Positive responses of mind control from public  


(4)   FFCHS – Email America Campaign and Press Release


(5)   A News Paper Bring Public Awareness by Sharon Poet

Those who'd like to help bring public awareness to the criminal use of microwave weapons, mind control technologies and gang stalking can sponsor a newspaper that is aiming to expose these crimes as well as encouraging natural healing methods...etc., as it reaches out to the Heart of humanity. You can place an ad that exposes crimes against humanity or for an online business. Your sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

FREE Download of the Heart Bud


(6)   Petition to The Council of Europe


(7)   Interview Sean Stinn, a Mind Control Victim

It's hard to believe Sean Stinn is gone just a year now.

He was interviewed by the Swedish/German lawyer Henning Witte 2012


(8)   Write to Europe

A victim is filling the form of European Ombudsman, She wants other victims to support her work.

Please contact her at

More work:


Please send your case summary to the email address: and , Please send in your information and (cases).


(9)   A faraday suit, Could it possible help mind control victims?

Here is the newest thing in personal protection and peace of mind.  This genius of a man has built a faraday suit that can be worn in public with complete confidence:)


(10)  Dr. John Hall, on his Power Hour interview with host Joyce Riley

From James F. Lico

The IRCT network comprises over 140 rehabilitation centres in over 70 countries.   

WELL DONE, Dr. John Hall, on his Power Hour interview with host Joyce Riley on May 8, 2013.

I always listen via archives (being away from home at the TPH air time) and I've just listened.


What I applaud especially is the care Dr. Hall took to use qualifiers like "appears to be," "is probably," "my theory is," "I believe" and so on.  Nothing boosts someone's credibility more than being honest about what one knows as a fact, versus what is a theory!


To listen:


Click "May 2013"

Scroll down and click "May 08, 2013 (hour 2)" for the bulk of Dr. Hall's interview.


The last few minutes of the interview are at "May 08, 2013 (hour 3)"


** You can save these audio archive files to your hard disk by RIGHT clicking them.


(11) Please write to senator Grassley


(12)  Ms. Kris Durschmidt has mailed lawsuit to the US Supreme Court

Need true TI's to file a US Federal Motion to Interven, NOW


(13)  Michael Benoit filed a complaint with the FBI on May 16,2013


We encourage all victims to write to FBI and CIA


Donation required for peacepink website

We welcome donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations.  


Written by Mojmir Babacek

The USA and the European Union invest since the beginning of the century billions of dollars and euros into brain research. As a result of this research, perfect maps of the brain were developed, including the areas of the brain that control the activity of different body organs or parts where higher brain activities, such as speech and thoughts, are taking place. The brain activities corresponding to different actions in those areas were also deciphered.

Thanks to the knowledge of specific locations of different centers in the brain and frequencies of the neuronal activity in them, teams of physicians are now capable of helping many people who were in the past, for different reasons, unable to participate in a normal life. There exist prosthesis, which are controlled directly from the brain centers that normally control the movement of the limbs and enable people, who lost them, to use the prosthesis in a way similar to the way normal people use their limbs. Higher brain activities were produced as well. In 2006 scientists placed into the brain of a completely paralyzed man an implant, which transferred the activity of his brain into different devices and enabled him to open his e-mail, control his TV set, and control his robotic arm. Other paralyzed people were able to search the Internet, play computer games and drive their electrical wheelchairs .

Thanks to extensive brain research, computers were taught to understand the neuronal activity so much so that they are now capable of using the activity of our brain to reproduce our perceptions. Canadian scientists demonstrated an experiment, where the computer could interpret the electroencephalographical recordings from the brain to produce the painting of a face that the subject of experiment was perceiving

In the opposite way the data, processed by the computer in the way that will make them intelligible for the nervous system, can be transmitted into the brain and produce there a new reality. When an implant is placed in the brain and connected to a camera, placed on spectacles, for people whose photoreceptors in their retina stopped working, the sight is at least partially restored. In this case the camera on the spectacles is transmitting into the implant light frequencies and the implant re-transmits them in frequencies which „understand“ the neurons processing the visual perceptions

In California scientists developed a device, which can register the brain waves and, using analysis, find among them consonants and vowels and in this way transform our thoughts to words. A paralyzed man could use this device to write without using a keyboard. Presently, the accuracy of the device reaches 90%. Scientists believe that within five years they will manage to develop a smartphone, to which their device could be connected .

Just like in the case of visual perception it is possible, when knowing the algorithms of brain processing of words, to generate algorithms of different words in the computer and transmit them into the brain in ultrasound frequencies and in this way produce in the human brain particular thoughts.

Everybody will easily fall victim to the proposal that, instead of typing or searching with the use of mouse, his computer or cell phone could react directly to his brain's activity and take down his thoughts directly to the documents or carry out operations that has just occurred to him.

As a matter of fact Apple and Samsung companies have already developed prototypes of necessary electroencephalographical equipment, which can be placed on top of a head and transmit electromagnetic waves produced by the brain into the prototypes of new smart phones. The smart phones should analyze those waves, find out what are the intentions of their owners and carry them out. Apple and Samsung companies expect that the direct connection with brains will gradually replace computer keyboards, touch screens, mice and voice orders . When the system is complete, it will be feasible for hackers, government agencies and foreign government's agencies to implant thoughts and emotions in people's minds and “hearts“, when they will be connected to internet or cell phone systems.

In 2013 scientists in the USA could infer from the brain activity the political views of people and distinguish democrats from republicans and in 2016 scientists used transcranial magnetic stimulation to make subjects of experiment more positive towards criticism to their country, than the participants whose brains were unaffected .

Last year the historian Juval Noah Harari was invited to deliver a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The editor of the British Daily Financial Times stressed, when introducing him, that it is not usual to invite a historian to speak to most important world economists and politicians. Juval Noah Harari warned in his speech against the rise of new totality, based on the access to the human brain. He said: „Once we have algorithms that can understand you better than you understand yourself, they could predict my desires, manipulate my feelings and even make decisions on my behalf. And if we are not careful the outcome can be the rise of digital dictatorships. In the 21st century we may be enslaved under digital dictatorships“ In a similar way the Stanford University researcher in neurology and Dolby Labs' chief scientist Poppy Crum warned at the conference in Las Vegas: „Your devices will know more about you than you will. I believe we need to think about how [this data] could be used“ .

In April 2017 the neuroethicist at the University of Basel Marcello Ienca and Roberto Andorno, a human rights lawyer at the University of Zurich, writing in the journal Life Sciences, Society and Policy, published the article „Toward new human rights in the age of neuroscience and neurotechnology“ they called for the creation of legislation which would protect human right to freedom and other human rights from the abuse of technologies opening access to the human brain. In the article they wrote that "the mind is a kind of last refuge of personal freedom and self-determination" and „at present, no specific legal or technical safeguard protects brain data from being subject to the same data-mining and privacy intruding measures as other types of information“. Among the world media only the British newspaper The Guardian wrote about their proposal . This fact suggests that in the actual democratic world there exists no political will to forbid remote control of human thoughts and feelings, no matter that such perspective breaks elementary principles of democracy.

In 2016 and 2017 10 European organizations tried to convince the European Parliament and the European Commission to enact the legislation that would ban the remote control of activity of the human nervous system, since pulsed microwaves could be used to manipulate the human nervous system at a distance at present time already . The European Commission excused itself finding excuse that according to the principle of subsidiarity this legislation must be created in each of the European Union member state individually.

We ask you therefore to create in the Czech Republic a legislation which would ban, under the heavy penalties, interference with the human nervous system and organism by external energies. This legislation should establish as well the teams, with participation of human rights organizations, equipped with technical devices, which would enable them to supervise the obedience to this legislation. Otherwise there is a danger that in the Czech republic a political system will evolve, which will simulate for the public, that it is defending human rights, but in reality it will be suppressing them by classified means of remote control of the human nervous system. In the Czech Republic lives at present time some 30 people, who claim that they are subjected to experiments with weapons based on the effects of pulsed microwaves and have no legal means to defend themselves. In the future it could be the whole nation. Current fast advances in scientific research can discover other physical means how to manipulate the human nervous system than are pulsed microwaves or connection of brains to cell phone systems or Internet. It is high time to create legislation which will protect human brain, human nervous system a and human organism from harmful electromagnetic waves and attacks on freedom of thought and decision making.

Citizen's Association for the ban of manipulation of human nervous system by radiofrequency radiation

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