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Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


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15 Aug "Mailteam" works--meet jean Crowder (Canadian Parliament),Contact Canada media
Canada victim Mr. Robert Desrosiers is going to meet with Mr. Jean Crowder (Canadian Parliament)on 16 August Thursday. MCmailteam has already passed your supporting letters to him which you had sent to
We ask you more actions to help him by sending you MASS petition to Canada Government, addresses are as follow:
Please also send your letters to Canada media to bring their awareness. Canada reporters Addresses are as follow:

Europe worldwide movement is continuing. If you have not sent out your petition letters, please do it now.

go to forum -- MESS Petitions
A letter from Jean Verstraeten

I sent the DECLARATION OF CONCERNED CITIZENS (see enclosed) to

Madame Hélène FLAUTRE,
Chairwoman of the Commission, On Human Rights of the European Parliament
Wiertzstraat 130 (or in French : 130, rue Wiertz)
1047 BRUSSELS (Belgium)
e-mail :

Please, in whatever language of the European Union, write her messages, referring to my letter of the 12th of August, and ask to the Commission on Human Rights to work on Paragraph 27 of Resolution A40005/1999, in which the European Parliament calls for an international convention. (N.B : ”INTERNATIONAL” does NOT refer to the member states of the European Union only.)

I was told on the phone that letters are preferred to emails, but you do what you can.

Many thanks for your collaboration. (Please send a copy of your message to me.)

For Justice and Freedom,

Jean Verstraeten

P.S. To the letter to Mme Hélène Flautre I added a few personal ideas concerning a law in Belgium. These ideas take into account the constitutional monarchy we are living in. In this context, “the King” means the Executive. In my opinion a law should clearly condemn all crimes (x) we are faced with, but without becoming technical. To define the technologies or weapons concerned should be the –never ending– task of the Executive, advised by a Parliamentary Commission studying the matter. Why I added the document? Because national laws can constitute an example for an international treaty still to be concluded.

(x) For stalking there exist separate laws.

P.S. 2) In the nineties the Declaration was spread particularly in Belgium and Holland. Therefore the majority of signatures came from those countries at the time. In 2007 the majority came from the United States. The order of succession of the names and addresses is purely chronological (as they came in, I listed them).

Please note that in 1998 it had been agreed on to hand the list to the addressees and to the signatories themselves only (hence, please don’t spread it, don ‘t publish it, not with the addresses at least.)
25 Aug 07 APA meeting about Campaign Against torture

This is a letter from PHR which talk about APA meeting

I just returned from San Francisco, where the American Psychological Association (APA) met to consider its ethical stance in the face of overwhelming evidence that psychologists in military and intelligence agencies participated in the torture of detainees in US custody. As many of you may know, the APA failed to take a strong ethical position against psychologist participation in interrogations. It even defeated a mild resolution that would have allowed psychologists to offer only clinical treatment services in detention facilities where human rights violations are pervasive. The APA has thus failed to come to grips with the implications of the role of psychologists in supporting interrogations at Guantánamo and other places where terrorist suspects are detained, pretending that it is possible to act ethically in an environment that undermines the possibility of ethical practice.

The APA did, however, advance the struggle against torture by the CIA. The APA "unequivocally" condemned the use of 20 distinct interrogation methods - such as mock executions, forced nakedness, hooding, stress positions, water boarding, and threats to families of detainees - that reportedly have been used by the CIA and that amount to torture. It called upon the Defense Department, CIA and other agencies to prohibit these tactics and demanded that psychologists not participate in planning, designing or carrying them out.

The new policy is particularly strong in forbidding indirect as well as direct participation such that psychologists cannot aid in "softening up" prisoners for interrogation through grotesque and abusive conditions of detention. Moreover, following orders from those in charge of interrogations, or even following US government interpretations of laws or regulations that permit torture, is no longer an acceptable justification. The APA called on psychologists to report torture and to cooperate in all investigations of it, including those by Congress.

It is troubling, though, that the resolution condemns isolation, sleep deprivation, sensory overload and sensory deprivation only when used in a manner that "represents significant pain or suffering or in a manner that a reasonable person would judge to cause lasting harm." How can an organization ethically committed to "do no harm" invite distinctions regarding relative amounts of harm inflicted through coercive interrogation techniques?

Given what we know about these methods, this purported qualification is really no qualification at all, since clinical experience and investigations have demonstrated how deeply damaging these tactics are, often leading to post-traumatic stress disorder, extreme anxiety, depression, dissociation or even cognitive impairment. A new report by PHR and Human Rights First, Leave No Marks, shows that the harm from each of these four techniques (among others), is so serious that using any of them constitutes a war crime under US law. Because of the harm these techniques cause, the APA resolution must be understood to absolutely prohibit the use of the four methods.

The new APA interrogation resolution comes on the heels of a recent Executive Order that continues the CIA's "enhanced interrogation program," a euphemism for an abhorrent set of practices that amount to ongoing use of torture. While its particular interrogation tactics remain classified, there is every reason to believe that they include many of those the APA has now properly condemned – and which psychologists have helped design and implement. Condemnation of these methods by the APA, which has very strong relationships with agencies involved in national security, can aid our fight against torture in the public debate as well as in Congress and the Executive Branch. And by passing the resolution, the APA essentially commits to joining this fight.

We will all have to work together in the coming months to end the use of all 20 abusive techniques from use in all US interrogations, including those conducted by the CIA. It was gratifying that so many psychologists at the meeting in San Francisco have vowed both to continue to fight for the enduring values of their profession and to share our vision of ending torture by our government for good.



Len Rubenstein

American Psychological Association, 美国心理学协会(APA)

750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242
Telephone: (800) 374-2721 or (202) 336-5500
31 Aug 07 Victims work trends

(1) Victim suzelectrowell has got some good news from FBI

I have sent my reports to the FBI resident office here inAkron where I have had some results!
I think they are going into investigations at this time... should you want to please send you identifying information (name/address) and write accounts of what you have been experiencing...
Since I seem to be having "luck" here inOhio I wish you would all send your cases to the FBI and police in your area...
they are coordinating now, Please write to my authority at electrowell

(2) Firecracker Films
Paula Wittig

Date: 22 August 2007 13:20:37 BDT
Subject: TV Documentary

Dear John,

I'm writing to you from a TV production company called Firecracker Films regarding a documentary we are making about surveillance society. We are very interested in contacting people who are strongly against the state watching/tracking us and I thought it would be great to have a quick chat with your organization to see if this is something you can help with.

We are very interested in investigating further the use of technology as surveillance or mind control and it would be great if we can talk more and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the programme. If you'd like to let me know the best time and number to get you on I will be more than happy to call again, or alternatively I can be contacted on the number below.

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Assistant Producer
3rd Floor
The Chambers
Chelsea Harbour
London SW10 0XF
main switchboard +44 207 349 3400
facsimile +44 207 349 3401
direct line: +44 207 349 4411



The dates for this year's meetings in DC are approximately, Friday, September 14 thru Monday, September 17.
We are planning to arrive in DC sometime Friday and meet up sometime that evening.ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES PLANNED MONDAY - SEPTEMBER 17THBesides the march and other meetings, on Monday, we are planning to have a meeting with Rep. Jim Guest and possibly other congressional staff. Aug, 22, I have checked with the Orbitz and Cheap Tickets to confirm our price.

(4) Marshall Thomas will be on tonight (Tues) at 12 am EST and again Thurs 6pm EST with Dr. Stan Monteith on American Freedom Network. He is a great host.

(5) Rinoa is building a website, anyone who knows how to build a website, please contact

(6) Soleilmavis is writing a victims survey report, all victims please contact and ask for a Questionnaire. You don’t have to give your name, contact information and other personal information.

(7) Mailteam has set up a new blog for victims to publish their stories. We have already started to publish victims’ stories which came from your supporting letters. If you want to publish more details of your stories in this blog, please send to
31 Aug 07 “Mailteam” works---- Appeal to Dr. HANS-GERT POTTERING, President of Parliament the European

Monika has sent her letter to Appeal to Prof. Dr. HANS-GERT POTTERING, MdEP

President of the European Parliament

Europäisches Parlament
Rue Wiertz
PHS 11B011
Kingdom of Belgium

I would like to request your help regarding a massive ignorance worldwide of huge violations of human rights and crimes against humanity.

The problem is relatively new (a worldwide explosion as from the year 2000) . The technology is highly sophisticated and is being remotely used as a weapon against civilians. Most victims are ordinary people.
They repeatedly make attempts describing what is happening to them but are being ignored or suspected of suffering from delusion. They do not receive any help whatsoever from anyone.
International and European organizations continually advise the victims to appeal to their national juridical institutions. But their complaint is systematically regarded as an isolated, minor problem.

Still, all victims' stories worldwide are matching regarding symptoms and the description of what the technology is capable of.

On top of that, everywhere in the world over 90 percent of the victims were attacked after the year 2000 when an "epidemic pattern" was rife on each and every continent of the planet.

THIS IS WHY WE URGENTLY DEMAND AN INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION INTO THIS PROBLEM . European victims moreover are desperately asking for help.
Please see below the names of the victims and the YEAR THEIR ATTACK STARTED.
Victims get organized and take action worldwide against the abuse of manipulation weapons.
A global and thorough investigation into this problem including statistical data and testimonies would show that the victims are far from being affected by mental disorder. Their sole aim is to expose huge crimes in History.
.. Please do not ignore this problem .
P L E A S E H E L P U S !












Monika Stoces

Petrit Demo Albania EU 2001
Fejervary Dominik
Helmut Tondl 1998


Danny Bonte 2007
Jean Verstraeten 1996
Monika Pavlikova 2006
Monika Stoces 2005
Rita Thomas 2001
Tony Argyl 2005

Jerry Thoen 2006
Ives De loore 2004
Cristian Constantin 2005
Peter Crown 2003
Agnes Raman

Gerasisnos Netis 2005

Jiri Svoboda 2007
Mojmir Babacek

J鴕gen Christiansen 1986
Ludmilla Vinten Mila 2005

Ruut Sale 2005
Tommi H鰕n鋖鋘maa 2005

Alain Bonopera 2006
Rudy Andria 2004
Nans Desmichels 2005

Altendorf, J黵gen 2004,
Altendorf, Herbert 2004,
Andreas Friedberger
Angelina Schweyen
Axel Br黦gemann
Brigitte Althof
Carola Schulze
Cayen Nissen 1997
Frank Ermisch
Fritz Klein
Gabrielle Altendorf 2003
Helmut Gobsch
Jennifer Berkemeier 2005
Karlheinz Croissant 1999
Lidia Popova 1989
Matthias Klein Opfer 2005
Peter Krabel 1997
F Possekel
R. Dieckman
A Redmann
Ruth Gill 2000
Randolf Weinand
Stefan Spaarmann
Swetlana Schunin
Waldemar Lotz 1997
Werbe Zotzmann
Gerber, Claus-Peter 2000,
Helwig, Peter 2003

Vaz-March, Maria 2001
Krewinkel, Jan 2004,
Lichterfeld, Henry 2005
Salii, Jaqueline 1999
Tremel, Ingrid 1990
Helwig, Peter 2003.

Darius Mockus Lithuania 2003

Ab Fris
Anatolij 1997
Andrew Martins 2005

Arend ter Horst 2001
Peter Mooring 2005
Richard Sluiter 1999
Robert Stockmann 2004
Robin RMR
Ton Hoogeboom 2002

Dennie Zenbel 2003

Martin Emmen 2003

Gagiu Laurentiu
Mircea mgoganau 2002

Javier Ruiz Sobrino 2005

Johan Heller 1999
Peter Grafstrom 1991
Suzanne Podell
Robert Naeslund
Mustafa Attalas 2003

Emmanuel Dubos 2003
Walter Madliger


Andrew Grant 2003
Andrew Cole 2005
Bryn Llewellyn
Debbie Partridge 2004
John Allman 1999
John Cliftoz 1995
John Smith
Linda Drew 2006
Marianne Ruth 1999
Maureen Norman
Michael Irving 2000
Mo Tahani 1996
Natalie Teulon
Paul Sanderson 2004
Philip Lishman
Richard Larkinson 2000
Robin Ramsay
Sanwarul Hoq
Simon X Hayes 2000
Tony Tu 2005
Tracey Devine
William Rae 2001
Yulia Rodionova 2004
Derek James Kinmond 2004
Francis Tailoka 1995
carl Clark UK
John Cliftoz


Russia: Moscow committee of ecology of dwelling


Detailed Testemonies Are being collected and will be send to you aswell The coming Days

World Wide Movement against Abuse of Electronical weapons controling human nervous system .

"On January 1999 the European Parliament passed a resolution where it (in paragraph 27) calls "for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings".

Soleilmavis has sent a letter to Dr. HANS-GERT POTTERING

President of the European Parliament
Europäisches Parlament
Rue Wiertz
PHS 11B011
Kingdom of Belgium

Dear Sir,

I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse of manipulation weapons on Civilians”.

I am a victim who have been suffering terribly from DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS, , PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS (MIND CONTROL WEAPONS). I am a China citizen and I have been suffering these very cruel fascist torture and harassment in several countries. DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS, PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS (MIND CONTROL WEAPONS)have been used to torture and harass innocent, legal, unarmed and defenseless citizens for many years. Such transnational organized cruel torture and abuse are very seriously all over the world.

Currently, there are many victims who claim that they are tortured and harassed by Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons. The numbers of victims have been increasing. Because the victims are lack of funding, no testing equipment, so even they are poisoned or “implanted” with chips or suffering by electromagnetic weapons brutal torture, they can not get tested or unable to get help from any people.

I strongly wish that your Excellencies could concern about this matter.

(1) Many countries have developed a type of Mind Control Weapons (drugs, chips, nano - or electromagnetic waves) and Directed Energy Weapons. Does the government then have also introduced a law system to manage the use of such weapons?

(2) What effective legal systems and other measures that our government has already established to prevent the misuse of such weapons.

(3) Once there is misuse of such weapons, how can we get help from our government to protect the interests of the victims? And how to put torturers to legal sanctions?

I ask the Commission on Human Rights to work on Paragraph 27 of Resolution A40005/1999, in which the European Parliament calls for an international convention.

I demand for an international investigation of those crimes and huge violations of human rights.

Thank you and Best Regards!

Yours Sincerely,


Please see attached files:

(1) China victims listing cn-aa3
(2) My case summary Letter to ICC
(3) Some China victims details information (They agreed me to pass to you)
(4) Some victims supporting letters

All Victims please send your letters to Dr. HANS-GERT POTTERING, you can use the following Sample letter

If you have not sent your petitions to other authorities, please do it now.

Mass Petitions—Europe1!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1925.entry
Mass Petitions—Europe2!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1914.entry

sample letter (English,Chinese,French)

Subject: I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse of manipulation weapons on Civilians”.


I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse of manipulation weapons on Civilians”.
I am a Victim of electronic Harassment/ mind control/ directed energy weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.
我支持世界性运动, “制止远距离操纵身体和大脑控制(精神控制)武器对平民的酷刑虐待”。我是一个电子骚扰/大脑控制/定向能武器/有组织跟踪和酷刑虐待的受害者。
Je soutiens la campagne mondiale "Arretez l'utilisation abusive (secrete) d'armes de manipulation sur la population civile".
Je suis victime de harcelement electronique, de controle de la pensee a distance, de harcelement en bande organisee et de torture par des armes a energie dirigee.

I come from China. 我来自中国 Je suis originaire de Chine.
My Nationality is Chinese. 我的国籍是中国人 Je suis de nationalite chinoise.
I realized to be attacked on xxx1 (year) when I was a xxx2 in xxx3 (city of province)of China.
我于 XXX1 年在中国 XXX3 (市或省)意识到我被虐待.我当时是一个XXX2(职业,或填无业)
J'ai pris conscience de mon agression en XXX1(annee) , quand j' etais XXX2 (Profession), en Chine.

My current address and contact information:
Mon adresse actuelle :

My current Occupation:
Mon activite professionnelle :

I ask the Commission on Human Rights to work on Paragraph 27 of Resolution A40005/1999, in which the European Parliament calls for an international convention.
Je demande la Commission de Droits de l'Homme de se pencher attentivement sur le Paragraphe 27 de la Resolution A40005/1999, dans lequel le Parlement Europeen demande une convention internationale.

I demand for an international investigation of those crimes and huge violations of human rights.
Je demande une investigation internationale de ces crimes et de ces violations totales des droits de l'homme.

Sincerely/您诚挚的,/Bien sincerement,
(Your name/您的姓名)
1 Sep 07 "Mailteam" works------write letter to Madam Katie Stephens, Secretary General, Council of Europe.

"Mailteam" works------write letter to Madam Katie Stephens, Secretary General, Council of Europe.
"电子邮件团队"在行动---写信给欧洲理事会秘书长Katie Stephens女士

Victim Rodin Andria has received a letter from Madam Katie Stephens, the Secretary General of Council of Europe.
受害者 Rodin Andria 收到了来自欧洲理事会秘书长Katie Stephens女士的回信.

All victims, you can also write your letter to him. You can using the following sample letter.
所有的受害者,您可以给Katie Stephens女士写信. 您可以使用如下的标准信件格式

Katie Stephens
Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General /
Cabinet du Secrétaire Général et de la Secrétaire Générale Adjointe

Council of Europe / Conseil de l'Europe/欧洲理事会

F-67075 Strasbourg
Tel. + 33 (0)3 88 41 31 78
Fax. + 33 (0)3 88 41 27 40

标准格式 (sample letter)(英文,中文,法语对照)

Subject/标题: I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse of manipulation weapons on Civilians”.

Dear Madam Katie Stephens/尊敬的Katie Stephens女士/ Madame la Secrétaire Générale Katie Stephens

I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse of manipulation weapons on Civilians”.
I am a Victim of electronic Harassment/ mind control/ directed energy weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.
我支持世界性运动, “制止远距离操纵身体和大脑控制(精神控制)武器对平民的酷刑虐待”。我是一个电子骚扰/大脑控制/定向能武器/有组织跟踪和酷刑虐待的受害者。
Je soutiens la campagne mondiale "Arretez l'utilisation abusive (secrete) d'armes de manipulation sur la population civile".
Je suis victime de harcelement electronique, de controle de la pensee a distance, de harcelement en bande organisee et de torture par des armes a energie dirigee.

I come from China. 我来自中国 Je suis originaire de Chine.
My Nationality is Chinese. 我的国籍是中国人 Je suis de nationalite chinoise.
I realized to be attacked on xxx1 (year) when I was a xxx2 in xxx3 (city of province)of China.
我于 XXX1 年在中国 XXX3 (市或省)意识到我被虐待.我当时是一个XXX2(职业,或填无业)
J'ai pris conscience de mon agression en XXX1(annee) , quand j' etais XXX2 (Profession), en Chine.

My current address and contact information:
Mon adresse actuelle :

My current Occupation:
Mon activite professionnelle :

I ask the Commission on Human Rights to work on Paragraph 27 of Resolution A40005/1999, in which the European Parliament calls for an international convention.
Je demande la Commission de Droits de l'Homme de se pencher attentivement sur le Paragraphe 27 de la Resolution A40005/1999, dans lequel le Parlement Europeen demande une convention internationale.

I demand for an international investigation of those crimes and huge violations of human rights.
Je demande une investigation internationale de ces crimes et de ces violations totales des droits de l'homme.

Sincerely/您诚挚的,/Bien sincerement,
(Your name/您的姓名)
12 Sep 07 "Mailteam Works"--- Berlin (Germany) demonstration

Demonstration in Berlin (Germany) on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2007 (place of the demonstration: Alexander’s Place and Paris Place)

meetingplace: Alexander’s Place ( the waterfountain ) at 10.00 o'clock on Saturday, on the 22 nd of September 2007 (see picture)

Microwawes and psychophysical crimes New kinds of weapons and crimes New possibilities of terror

More than 10 years are irradiation, mocked, tortured and killed innocent citiziens in their own flats and houses in Germany, through the walls and windows deliberately, causing a harm to the human organs and mentality. The victims are attacked in ther residence, secretly day and night by high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Already a high organized criminality exists also in Germany since years, who unhindered expand and perfect the methods and strategy by improvement on the victims. The purpose of the testing the new electromagnetic weapons on persons is, to analyse the reaction, the emotion of the person body and internal organs. No human being would voluntary by herself to take part on a electromagnetic radiation experiment.

Psychophysical weapons affects the mentality of the brain that leads und change the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of the person.

What a country is this, that allows to torture and kill their own people.

The organization against the technical psychoterror is engaged to find out about the monstrous crime intensively.
But untill now no criminal prosecution of the criminals was recognizable.

Weitere Informationen:
"Vereinigung gegen technischen Psychoterror"

Swetlana Schunin
Hegaustr.24, 76297 Stutensee

Waldemar Lotz
Rabensteinstr.40, 12689 Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we load you to the demonstration against attempts on the people with microwave and psychotron weapons. A numerous appearance is absolutely desired. Even if you give acquaintance, friends, neighbours and naturally also you used well-known concerning and/or prospective customers answer.
Partner: Swetlana Shunin and Valdemar Lots (see info. sheet)
Take up contact with questions to an accommodation please with us.

Yours sincerely
S. Shunin and V. Lots
Berlin, the 7th of August 2007

Information to the meeting place for the demonstrators in:

Berlin (The Alexander’s Place /Waterfountain) at 10.00 0’clock, on Saturday,
on the 22nd of September 2007

Paris Place, at 9.00 o’clock, on Sunday, on the 23rd of September 2007

Demonstration in Berlin (Germany) am 22. und 23. Sept. 2007 (Ort der Demo: Alexanderplatz und Pariser Platz)

Treffpunkt / meetingplace: Alexanderplatz (Wasserfontäne) um 10.00 Uhr Samstag, den 22. Sept. 2007 (siehe Bild)

Protest gegen Menschenversuche mit Mikrowellen- und Psychotron-Waffen

In Deutschland werden unschuldige Bürger seit über 10 Jahren in ihren Wohnungen und Häusern durch Wände und Fenster gezielt physisch und psychisch in verletzender Weise mit Mikrowellen-Geräte als Waffe bestrahlt, misshandelt, gefoltert und getötet. Die Betroffenen werden in ihren Wohnräumen am Tage und nachts heimlich mit starken hoch frequentierten elektromagnetischen Strahlen attackiert. Es besteht bereits eine hohe organisierte Kriminalität, die sich in den vergangenen Jahren ungehindert ausbreiten und ihre Methoden und Strategien perfektionieren konnte. Ein Ziel dabei ist, Einstellungen von Frequenzen zu testen, insbesondere spezifische, physische und psychische Schädigungen hervorzurufen. Für diese Menschenversuche würden sich freiwillige Versuchspersonen niemals zur Verfügung stellen. Die Psychophysische Waffe wirkt auf die menschliche Psyche, ändert Gedanken, Gefühle und Verhalten des Menschen, zu dem wirkt sie auf die Physis und verletzt den Körper des Betroffenen. Was für ein Land ist das, das das eigene Volk quälen, foltern und töten lässt? Die Organisation gegen den technischen Psychoterror beschäftigt sich intensiv mit der Aufklärung dieser ungeheuerlichen Verbrechen, die bisher nicht strafrechtlich verfolgt wurden.

Weitere Informationen:
"Vereinigung gegen technischen Psychoterror"

Swetlana Schunin
Hegaustr.24, 76297 Stutensee

Waldemar Lotz
Rabensteinstr.40, 12689 Berlin

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir laden ein zu einer Demonstration gegen Menschenversuche mit Mikrowellen- und Psychotron-Waffen. Ein zahlreiches Erscheinen ist unbedingt erwünscht.
Geben Sie auch Bekannten, Verwandten, Freunden, Nachbarn und selbst-verständlich auch Ihnen bekannte Betroffene bzw. Interessenten bescheid.

Ansprechpartner: Swetlana Schunin und Waldemar Lotz (siehe Infoblatt)

Bei Fragen zu einer Unterkunft bitte mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

S. Schunin und W. Lotz
Berlin, den 7. August 2007

Informationen zum Treffpunkt für die Demonstranten in Berlin

Alexanderplatz (Wasserfontäne) um 10.00 Uhr am Samstag, den 22.September 2007

Pariser Platz um 9.00 Uhr am Sonntag den 23. September 2007 (Demonstrations- bzw. Veranstaltungssort)

Организуется акция протеста в Берлине против психотронного террора 22,23 сентября 2007 г.
Демонстрация в Берлине (Германия) 22 и 23 сентября 2007 года (место демонстрации: на Александровской и на Парижской площади)

Место встречи: Александровская площадь (Водный Фонтан) в 10 часов в субботу, 22 сентября 2007 года (см.план)

Протест против испытания на людях микроволнового и психотронного оружия

В Германии более 10 лет невинных граждан облучают, истязают, пытают и убивают в их собственных квартирах и домах, через стены и окна, нацеленно, нанося тем самым вред человеческим органам и психике. Жертвы атакуют в их жилых помещениях, тайно, годами, днем и ночью жестоко, высокочастотным, электромагнитным излучением.

Уже много лет существует соответствующая технически высоко-организованная преступность, которая смогла за прошедшие годы распространиться и усовершенствовать свои методы и стратегии.

Целью этого преступления является испытание нового электромагнитного оружия на людях, которое воздействует на организм и наносит вред внутренним органам.

На такие опыты никто из жертв никогда бы добровольно не согласился.

Воздействие психофизического оружия на психику человека приводит к изменению мыслей, чувств и поведения людей, кроме того, оказывает влияние на организм и повреждает органы пострадавших. Что это за страна, которая позволяет мучить, пытать и убивать свой собственный народ?!

Организация против технического психотеррора интенсивно занимается выяснением этого чудовищного преступления, которое до сих пор остается нераскрытым и безнаказанным.

Дальнейшую информацию смотрите:
“Обьединение против технического психотеррора” в Германии

Swetlana Schunin
Hegaustr.24, 76297 Stutensee

Waldemar Lotz
Rabensteinstr. 40, 12689 Berlin

Уважаемые Дамы и Господа,

Мы приглашаем Вас на демонстрацию против испытания на людях микроволнового и психотронного оружия. Безусловно, желательно многочисленное количество участников демонстрации. Сообщите также знакомым, родственникам, друзьям, соседям и само мобой разумеется а также
Вашим знакомым пострадавшим или интересующимся.

За информацией обращаться: к Светлане Шунин и Вальдемару Лотцу (см. Инфо)
По вопросам остановки и размещения обращайтесь к Светлане Шунин.

С дружескими пожеланиями

С. Шунин und В. Лотц
Берлин, 7 августа 2007 года

Информация о месте встречи для демострантов в Берлине (Alexanderplatz / Wasserfontäne)
12 Sep 07 Kelly Taylor calls for your signatures
Victim Kelly Taylor has prepared the "Letter to department heads" and seek signatures.
Any one that would like to sign this before it goes out? get your name, contact, and where your from back to Kelly Taylor

Here is the Letter to Department Heads

Dear Sir,

I am one of over 500 known targeted individuals( TI's) of remote monitoring, manipulation, and influence technology. We believe that whoever is responsible for doing this to us is a great security risk to the United States, and a hostile force. We are asking that the
department heads take a serious look into the matter. We believe that not only us (TI's) have a problem with this hostile force, but we
believe the whole United States is at great risk. We believe that this is of great importance to the United States, that it should no longer
be ignored, and should be looked into. We are trying our best to get this to end, but as just citizens we have not the capability or
resources .

We believe some of this to be non-conventional signal types, and sometimes seeming to defy electromagnetic theory.

1- We experience remote physical effects/attacks beyond the known biological effects of conventional RF energy. . Some of what we
experience are remote monitoring of sub-vocal speech, Voice to skull ( ) , remote
manipulation of the nervous system, burns like a type of radiation burn, and so forth.

2- Signal Injection?
We experience sound and radio signals inserted anywhere in a target's environment or body. The sound and radio signals can emanate
from within the body, an object or from a point in midair.

3- Penetration of RF Shielding.
TI's have reported in some situations that Faraday cages, RF absorbers, and excellent home built conducting shielding has worked
for some effects, sometimes only partially, sometimes only temporarily and others not at all.


Advanced Electronic Security Company has done most of the RF energy detective work for some of us victims. According to Roger
Tolces with Advanced Electronic Security Company the ETS-Lindgren screen room has the best success so far. Advanced Electronic Security
Company has reported that most of our directed energy attacks are between 600MHZ and 12GHZ . Advanced Electronic Security Company has reported bio-coded signals Still even with their documentations we are told we still need to come up with more proof. If you are interested in looking into the matter please contact any victim or all who has signed below.
Kelly Taylor
Mt Pleasant, Utah
15 Sep 07 Mailteam Works---current victims work

Below you'll find the link to a hearing that was broadcast on C-SPAN yesterday which is EXTREMELY relevant to our issues. The hearing was held by the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security. They discovered via an article in the Wall Street Journal, published during the August recess, that The Department of Homeland Security is planning to deploy a new spy satellite October 1st, that would obviously greatly enhance whatever surveillance capabilities they are currently using. Some of them are therefore suspicious of this program and its stated goals - monitoring hurricanes, forest fires, floods or other natural disasters, plus coordinating information with local law enforcement officials. It is truly amazing to realize this committee's skepticism (as well they should be) and lets us know that this committee needs to be aware of our issues - and some may be already.
It also lets us know that people are starting to wake up and realize that our freedoms are quickly evaporating. If someone could record this hearing for posterity, that would be great! It is about 3 hours, but worth every minute.

(P.S. Cliff Notes: 1. NGA - the National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency 2.It would also help for clarity to review this term - Posse Comitatus. which is referred to a lot)

I have been acquiring very expensive equipment that is not even allowed in the US but everywhere in Europe for doing "brain wave tune ups". I won't get into the theory why it should work to disrupt torture and repattern sleep and aware states that will not be touchable by the attack weaponry. But I would like individuals to volunteer to try it if they come out to visit me before I more to NYC in the next month. The equipment is bulky and not easily transportable. And since it is not FDA approved in the US, you will have to sign a waver for experimental treatment. It is equivalent to Dr. Persinger's helmet. It alters different functions, but based on my algorithms with EEG feedback and not any other quacks.
If anyone near Boise, ID would like to try this in the next month, please sign up for a date.

Mr Nikolay Silivonchik is building a PROTECTION ROOM in Europe. Any victim who wants to test the room, please contact.

Secret War - written by Margaret Klim
"A sizzling avant-garde musical stage play unveiling the burning forces of techno political mind control".
3 TI's saw this play and said it was "very, very, good!". It focuses on victims of directed energy attacks who are seeking help. The 15th is the last day for the San Francisco area. We're trying to find information on when and where else it will be playing. Sandy said she even talked to a few of the actors afterwards. One had been a TI for a year. We hope to have more information soon about this wonderful play. The stalking issues were not addressed here though, but maybe next time.

7th Friday 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. $25 - $35
8th Saturday 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. $25 - $35
9th Sunday 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. $25 - $35
14th Friday 8:00 p.m. $25 - $35
15th Saturday 5:30 p.m.Gala 8:00 p.m. SHOW $45.00

visit for additional information or to purchase tickets.

From Derrick(USA) State Rep. Jim Guest is asking all to attend a conference call this evening at 8 pm EST. The topic has to do with contacting your representative. He will explain further. Here are the call details:

TIME/DAY: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST
CALL-IN NUMBER: 605-475-8515
ROOM NUMBER: 5523906

Rinoa has build a website for victims to publish their stories and their business information.
20 Sep 07 Mailteam Works---Write to Canada TV
Rob McConnell from The "X"Zone Radio & TV Show. He is interesting in Victims story. All victims can send him your story

Rob McConnell,
Host & Executive Producer,
A Division of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Contact Information:
Corporate Offices Tel: (905) 575-5916
Studio Call-In Number: 1-877-528-8255
The "X"Zone on
The "X"Zone Channel on YouTube - iotv
The "X"Zone Radio Show is a Proud Member of the TalkStar Radio Network.
2 Oct 07 Mailteam works--- Victims work trends
1. French victim Rodin contacted Italian lawyer Romano Nobile.
Rodin had a long phone-discussion with Italian lawyer Romano Nobile.
Mr Romano Nobile has retired since this year and no longer carries out his lawyer duties.
-Still, he is willing to give us his support in one way or another in the same way he did for Italian Mind Control victim,Paolo Dorigo.
-All victims can write to him at his email addresses:
-Mr Romano Nobile has written a book called "La Tortura Nel Bel Paese" and he also has good connections among the Italian media.
You can also contact Mr Romano Nobile at:
Via Cristoforo Colombo 332
00100 Roma
Tel.+ +39.06.400.41.972 (ask for Mr Angelo Quattrocchi, Publisher of R.Nobile's book)
2.Belgium Victim Monika has contacted German lawyer.
Belgium Victim Monika has contacted a German Lawyer who is willing to help us. The case summaries which you have sent to "mailteam" will be sent to him. If you have not written to "Mailteam" yet, Please do it now.
lawyer lorek jens
3. Mind control victims blog
Mailteam has set up a blog for the victims to publish their stories.
More than 100 victims stories have already been published here, and there are even more than 100 victims stories waiting for publishing. If you wish your story to be published here, please write to
4. "peacepink" toolbar
Soleilmavis has designed a new toolbar,"peacepink". This toolbar search function is supported by google search, and it has already kept out all unsafe websites. There are "victims stories" "Victims online shop union" in this toolbar, you can find all victims websites and online shops directly from this website. The music link in the toolbar can let you listen to many radio online, and no need to open any website. This toolbar also does not collect any of your information, including your IP address. Welcome everyone, download and use this toolbar, you can download this toolbar at
5. China victim Ruquan Guo wishes to find a job in Beijing, anyone who has a good job oppertunity, please introduce yourself to her. (She has graduate from senior middle school).
6. Help Austrian victim Dominik Fejervary
Dominik Fejervary AUSTRIA HAS BEEN FORCED INTO PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL,"mailteam" has tried to contact his doctors.
7. USA victim don.friedman has won USD940 per month from the government.
USA victim don.friedman has been approved for SSI (Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security Administration) based on the effects of the torture, etc. on me because it prevents me from working (a bunch of doctors call it a fixed but narrow delusion because I can't prove it's happening to their satifaction, but what the hell do they know anyway) and so I will be receiving $940.00 per month from the government starting the middle of next month (and get a retroactive check all the way back to July 1st, less attorney's fees and some welfare loans) so I will be able to afford to get a place to live and that will give me a solid/stable location where I can live and continue to do my legal work.
8. Soleilmavis and Rinoa has bought some advertisement to expose mind control torture and wishes more people to know victims stories. Victims can also sale advertisement in your websites, but if your websites don't have many viewers, you can not earn much money.
9. Victims also can join Victim online shops union.
Please go to Forum -- victims online shops
China Victims can Come to to register an online shop for free.
8 Oct 07 “Mailteam” works---Victims work trends
(1) Attorney Detlev Eidebenz, who represents a victim from Frankfurt, believes that the only hope to stop the wrongdoings of these unknown microwave gangsters in the entire country, is to fight together.
Eidebenz says: "150 complaints have already been submitted in Germany in this matter, but to no result." Now, the lawyer says, the attention of all public prosecutor's offices of all Lander of the Federal Republic has to be drawn to the multiplicity of individual cases. There's already support from the Police: Markus Duemig from the 8th Police station in Frankfurt/Main collects the reports of microwave victims nationwide. Duemig says: he will do it "as long as necessary for this matter to be dealt with in a court of law as a criminal matter."

Sch鋐ergasse 33
60313 Frankfurt am Main
(069) 291061, (069) 65302041
(069) 294318, (069) 65302042

(2) Video from Dee

Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube for a friend of mine in Colorado who is discovering many DIFFERENT MICRO ORGANISMS IN THE SNOW MELT AND RAIN FALL IN COLORADO.

I will be uploading more soon.



associazione contro abusi

The main psychiatric text DSM-IV TR is near to join its next edition DSM-V.

The basics of this book are in sum up good or even very good but there are some very FAKE assumptions which must be contested and mended: in particular [read from page 297] the main criterion by which the doctors can put a "sure" diagnosis of Schizophrenia is based on an unilateral description of hearing voices.

But just exactly this description satisfies even more better the depiction furnished by people who are surely - demonstrated - implanted with abusive receiving-trasmitter broadcast microchips: our crucial call regards the possibility to URGENTLY search technological effectual means for documenting and sharing these EXTERNAL VOICES. To utterly explain and display this issue can then give a real possibility to revise the DSM: to MEND for ever such mistakes which are not only "faults" but also ways for evil people to silence - as "mad" - their opponents.

(4) Taiwan Victim Mr. Wenlong Ma (IVAN" has reported his case to Police
Taiwan Taibei Police officer Mr. Cai

You may write the Police officer and let him know mind control is an international matter.

(5) Mr. Pam Farnsworth calls to contact Mr.Tony Clark, Public Affairs Officer at Jimmy Carter Center

I met with Mr. Tony Clark, Public Affairs Officer at Jimmy Carter Center, on October 5, 2007. The center promotes President Carter's work for peace, democracy, health and human rights.

The meeting went well.

I brought a number of testimonies to Tony Clark at the Jimmy Carter Center.

Please telephone Tony Clark at 404.865.7109
or email him at (correct email address)
and tell him you are a victim of directed energy weapons.

That is all you need to say, but you still have freedom of speech. But, remember, giving too much information may make you appear unstable, which is the desired effect of the targeters (we can approach some of the wierdest gang stalking details next, I need to convince him we are good, normal people).

Contact Tony Clark of your own accord. I am not making you do it, but it will help stop it if you call. We need to join and fight back NOW. Please call him.

Thanks, we can hope for these evil forces' end. They are attacking the most peaceful. Please peacefully call Tony Clark -- for all of us.

Again, he works for the President Jimmy Carter Center, National Archives and Research, whick Dick Cheney said to abolish.

Please forward this email to any other victims you know or have seen online, to help our cause.

Pam Farnsworth
Atlanta, Georgia, USA




AAN Hermans Margriet < >

MAES Nelly ;

(7) A letter from Organisator der Demonstration in Berlin: Swetlana Schunin
Attempted Murder while Asleep after the Demonstration in Berlin

Herewith I want to announce, that today, the 3rd of October 2007, at three o clock in the morning, perpetrators tried to kill me. All of a sudden, I suffered at the same time from headaches, infarctions and pains of the heart, kidney pains and strong respiration problems. My arms and hands, my feet became completely numb and I was unable to move them. The pulse-beat of my main artery suddenly was very strong and irregular, wild. I barely could breathe. I had coughing fits. I was shouting and screaming in sleep, my son woke up fast and could observe, what was happening to me. I barely could speak or move my mouth.

It became clear to me, the perpetrators wanted to kill me during sleep, so as to stop my activities. After the demonstration in Berlin of the 22nd and 23rd of September 2007, they relentlessly irradiated and tortured me sadistically. My whole family is manipulated as well.

The perpetrators always destroy activists, just like they killed activist Peter Helwig the 11th of September 2007, a few weeks ago, just like they do it with other innocent and active citizens. It is very easy to kill someone, while he is asleep, and to leave no traces at all. Everybody then can think, that this was a natural death.

These Mafia-like perpetrators are very dangerous and brutal. They want to fill me up with anxiety and fear. It can not go on like this. We must build a system of mutual security, so as to stop these crimes.

Swetlana Schunin
Stutensee, Germany, the 3rd of October 2007

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