GSS Spiritual Revival Conference Call 8PM EST/5PM PST 3132011We are excited to bring to your attention a new guest. His name is Constitution Lost. He runs several sites on Youtube and is actively pursuing a minister career.In respect to GSSSR, he will be interview for part two on Orgone technology (part one can be heard on episode 101 under GSS Group Session (GSSGS)), how spiritual warfare impacts the TI community, bible teaching and personal testimonies from all who attend.This is an introduction to his pastorship on the GSSSR conference call and the orgone project we plan to develop with it.Also, we have contacted Juanita. She runs her own prayer call and have been doing it for sometime. An alliance with her will allow us to increase our reach to a greater TI community.However, this alliance is still be decided upon her approval.Calls are hosted on under “Government Sponsored Stalking”. Please give us a call at 724-444-7444. Code: 83319 # Pin: 1 #.Your participation will gladly be appreciated. God Bless You.Chris J. BrunsonInvestigator

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