GSS Spiritual Revival 8PM EST/5PM PST Conference Call 3202011Government Sponsored Stalking (GSS) Conference Calls are held every Sunday Nights at 8PM EST or 5PM PST. The call is hosted on or call: 724-444-7444 code: 83319 # pin 1 #We will have guest minister Juanita. The call will feature bible study, spiritual prayer and live testimonies. If you desire the word of GOD and appreciate the comfort of fellow targeted individuals, please join us. And remember, God loves you!Chris J. BrunsonInvestigatorElvira WilliamsSenior ModeratorMEHRZAD MALEKZADEH(Constitution Lost)Senior PastorJuanitaGuest PastorAmy AndersonResearcher — Thurs. Nights ModeratorPeter Perez Supportive ModeratorHomepage: http://govsponsoredstalking.infoFacebook:…Yahoo Groups: For International Callers 1) creating an skype account and 2) connecting to the username “QOLSPONY”. Once you have connected to this account, you must contact me before 9PM EST. This will give me time to setup the connection between you and the conference call. If you have questions about this setup, please respond to this message. And thanks for you participation.

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